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Chapman, D.; Coetzee, J.; Hill, M.; Hussner, A.; Netherlands, M.; Newman, J.; Pescott, O.; Stiers, I.; van Valkenburg, J.; Tanner, R.. 2017 Salvinia molesta D.S. Mitch. EPPO Bulletin, 47 (3). 531-536.

Booy, Olaf; Mill, Aileen C.; Roy, Helen E.; Hiley, Alice; Moore, Niall; Robertson, Pete; Baker, Simon; Brazier, Matt; Bue, Mathilde; Bullock, Richard; Campbell, Steve; Eyre, Dominic; Foster, Jim; Hatton-Ellis, Maggie; Long, Jo; Macadam, Craig; Morrison-Bell, Camilla; Mumford, John; Newman, Jonathan; Parrott, David; Payne, Robin; Renals, Trevor; Rodgers, Eoina; Spencer, Mark; Stebbing, Paul; Sutton-Croft, Mike; Walker, Kevin J.; Ward, Alastair; Whittaker, Stan; Wyn, Gabe. 2017 Risk management to prioritise the eradication of new and emerging invasive non-native species. Biological Invasions, 19 (8). 2401-2417.

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Anderson, L.W.J.; Fried, G.; Gunasekera, L.; Hussner, A.; Newman, J.; Starfinger, U.; Stiers, I.; Van Valkenburg, J.; Tanner, R.A.. 2016 Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. EPPO Bulletin, 46 (1). 8-13.

Naden, P.S.; Murphy, J.F.; Old, G.H.; Newman, J.; Scarlett, P.; Harman, M.; Duerdoth, C.P.; Hawczak, A.; Pretty, J.L.; Arnold, A.; Laize, C.; Hornby, D.D.; Collins, A.L.; Sear, D.A.; Jones, J.I.. 2016 Understanding the controls on deposited fine sediment in the streams of agricultural catchments. Science of the Total Environment, 547. 366-381.

Gallardo, Belinda; Zieritz, Alexandra; Adriaens, Tim; Bellard, Céline; Boets, Pieter; Britton, J. Robert; Newman, Jonathan R.; van Valkenburg, Johan L.C.H.; Aldridge, David C.. 2016 Trans-national horizon scanning for invasive non-native species: a case study in western Europe. Biological Invasions, 18 (1). 17-30.

Newman, J.R; Atherton, L.; Webb, G.; Gill, A.; Williams, H.; Creer, E.; Johnson, H.; Cox, B.; Edwards, F.; Soley, R; Duenas, M.A.; Laize, C.; Acreman, M.C.. 2016 Does an artificial alteration of flow caused by abstraction, impoundment or discharge change ecology in British rivers? Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 99pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)


Anderson, Lars W.J.; Fried, Guillaume; Gunasekera, Lalith; Hussner, Andreas; Newman, Jonathan; Starfinger, Uwe; Stiers, Iris; van Valkenburg, Johan; Tanner, Rob. 2015 Pest risk analysis for Alternanthera philoxeroides. Paris, EPPO, 43pp. (Document 15-20714)

Anderson, Lars; Fried, Guillaume; Gunasekera, Lalith; Hussner, Andreas; Newman, Jonathan; Starfinger, Uwe; Stiers, Iris; van Valkenburg, Johan; Tanner, Rob. 2015 Pest risk analysis for Myriophyllum heterophyllum. Paris, EPPO, 32pp. (Document 15-20715)

Halliday, Sarah J.; Skeffington, Richard A.; Wade, Andrew J.; Bowes, Michael J.; Gozzard, Emma; Newman, Jonathan R.; Loewenthal, Matthew; Palmer-Felgate, Elizabeth J.; Jarvie, Helen P.. 2015 High-frequency water quality monitoring in an urban catchment: hydrochemical dynamics, primary production and implications for the Water Framework Directive. Hydrological Processes, 29 (15). 3388-3407.

Bowes, M.J.; Jarvie, H.P.; Halliday, S.J.; Skeffington, R.A.; Wade, A.J.; Lowenthal, M.; Gozzard, E.; Newman, J.R.; Palmer-Felgate, E.J.. 2015 Characterising phosphorus and nitrate inputs to a rural river using high-frequency concentration-flow relationships. Science of the Total Environment, 511. 608-620.

Newman, Jonathan R.; Duenas-Lopez, Manuel A.; Acreman, Mike C.; Palmer-Felgate, Elizabeth J.; Verhoeven, Jos T.A; Scholz, Miklas; Maltby, Edward. 2015 Do on-farm natural, restored, managed and constructed wetlands mitigate agricultural pollution in Great Britain and Ireland?: a systematic review. London, UK, Defra, 81pp. (Final report WT0989, CEH Project no. C04700)


Old, G.H.; Naden, P.S.; Rameshwaran, P.; Acreman, M.C.; Baker, S.; Edwards, F.K.; Sorensen, J.P.R.; Mountford, O.; Gooddy, D.C.; Stratford, C.J.; Scarlett, P.M.; Newman, J.R.; Neal, M.. 2014 Instream and riparian implications of weed cutting in a chalk river. Ecological Engineering, 71. 290-300.

Newman, Jonathan; Duenas, Manuel. 2014 The use of adjuvants in aquatic weed control: good idea or bad practice? [Lecture] In: SCAPMS Annual Conference 2014, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, 8-10 Oct 2014. (Unpublished)

Newman, Jonathan R.; Duenas, Manuel A.. 2014 Control of Phragmites communis using low rate glyphosate applications and TopFilm adjuvant. [Poster] In: 54th Annual Meeting of the Aquatic Plant Management Society, Savannah, Georgia, USA, 13-16 July 2014. (Unpublished)

Caffrey, Joe M.; Baars, Jan-Robert; Barbour, Jenny H.; Boets, Pieter; Boon, Philip; Davenport, Keith; Dick, Jaimie T.A.; Early, John; Edsman, Lennart; Gallagher, Cathal; Gross, Jackson; Heinimaa, Petri; Horrill, Chris; Hudin, Stéphanie; Hulme, Philip E.; Hynes, Stephen; MacIsaac, Hugh J.; McLoone, Paul; Millane, Michael; Moen, Toril L.; Moore, Niall; Newman, Jonathan; O’Conchuir, Ruairi; O’Farrell, Martin; O’Flynn, Colette; Oidtmann, Birgit; Renals, Trevor; Ricciardi, Anthony; Roy, Helen; Shaw, Richard; Weyl, Olaf; Williams, Frances; Lucy, Frances E.. 2014 Tackling invasive alien species in Europe: the top 20 issues. Management of Biological Invasions, 5 (1). 1-20.

Levett, Victoria; Newman, Jonathan. 2014 Control of Ranunculus on the Rivers Spey, Dee and Don. Final report. Begbroke, APEM, 17pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Halliday, Sarah J.; Skeffington, Richard A.; Bowes, Michael J.; Gozzard, Emma; Newman, Jonathan R.; Loewenthal, Matthew; Palmer-Felgate, Elizabeth J.; Jarvie, Helen P.; Wade, Andrew J.. 2014 The water quality of the River Enborne, UK: observations from high-frequency monitoring in a rural, lowland river system. Water, 6 (1). 150-180.


Newman, Jonathan. 2013 All choked up. Planet Earth Online.

Palmer-Felgate, Elizabeth J.; Acreman, Mike C.; Verhoeven, Jos T.A.; Scholz, Miklas; Maltby, Edward; Stratford, Charlie J.; Newman, Jonathan; Miller, James; Coughlin, Deborah. 2013 How effective are reedbeds, ponds, restored and constructed wetlands at retaining nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended sediment from agricultural pollution in England? Environmental Evidence, 2 (1). 6, pp.

Newman, Jonathan R.; van Valkenburg, Johan L.C.H.. 2013 Macrophytes for aquatic toxicology testing: some alternatives for consideration (what's wrong with Lemna). [Poster] In: SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting, Glasgow, 12-16 May 2013. (Unpublished)


Newman, Jonathan. 2012 Control of algae with barley straw. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 13pp. (CEH Project Number: C02751, Information Sheet 1)

Wade, A.J.; Palmer-Felgate, E.J.; Halliday, S.J.; Skeffington, R.A.; Lowenthal, M.; Jarvie, H.P.; Bowes, M.J.; Greenaway, G.M; Haswell, S.J.; Bell, I.M; Joly, E.; Fallatah, A.; Neal, C.; Williams, R.J.; Gozzard, E.; Newman, J.R.. 2012 Hydrochemical processes in lowland rivers: insights from in situ, high-resolution monitoring. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 16 (11). 4323-4342.

Newman, Jonathan. 2012 Is there a future for aquatic herbicides? ADA Gazette, Summer 2012. 20-21.


van Valkenburg, J.L.C.H.; Lotz, L.A.P.; Roijackers, R.M.M.; Newman, J.R.. 2011 EUPHRESCO – DeCLAIM: a decision support system, for control of alien invasive macrophytes. Brussels, Euphresco, 15pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Robertson, Pete; Genovesi, Piero; Walton, Paul; McLennan, Staci; Newman, Jonathan. 2011 Eradication, Containment, Management and Restoration. A report to the European Commission Working Group 3 on Invasive Species Policy. Brussels, European Commission DGV. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Maltby, Edward; Ormerod, Steve; Acreman, Mike; Dunbar, Michael; Jenkins, Alan; Maberly, Stephen; Newman, Jonathan; Blackwell, Martin; Ward, Rob. 2011 Freshwaters : openwaters, wetlands and floodplains [chapter 9]. In: UK National Ecosystem Assessment: understanding nature's value to society. Technical Report. Cambridge, UK, UNEP-WCMC, 295-360.


Old, Gareth; Acreman, Michael; Laize, Cedric; Nottage, Albert; Overton, Ian; Mountford, Owen; Packman, John; Walton, Sam; Cowx, Ian; Thorne, Colin; Thompson, Julian; Newman, Jonathan; Ramsbottom, David; Gouldby, Ben; Lumbroso, Darren; Gowing, David. 2010 Ecological impact assessment tools for fluvial flooding and coastal inundation. Environment Agency, 114pp. (CEH Project Number: C03429) (Unpublished)

Newman, J.R.; Duenas, M.A.. 2010 Information Sheet 7: Elodea canadensis (Canadian waterweed). Wallingford, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology [leaflet]

Pieterse, A.; Newman, J.; Caffrey, J.; Ecke, F.; Ferreira, T.; Gopal, B.; Haury, J.; Janauer, G.; Kairesalo, T.; Kanninen, A.; Karttunen, K.; Sarvala, J.; Szoszkiewicz, K.; Toivonen, H.; Triest, L.; Uotila, P.; Willby, N., eds. 2010 Aquatic Invasions and Relations to Environmental Changes. Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Aquatic Weeds, European Weed Research Society. Belgium, Springer, 267pp. (Hydrobiologia, 656).

Duenas, Manuel; Newman, Jonathan. 2010 Hydrocotyle ranunculoides growth dynamics and implications for management. [Speech] In: The 42nd Robson Meeting, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, 9-10 February 2010, edited by Jonathan Newman. 16.

Newman, J.R.; Duenas, M.A.. 2010 Information sheet 25: Elodea nutallii, Nuttall's Pondweed. Wallingford, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology [leaflet]


Johnson, Andrew C.; Acreman, Mike C.; Dunbar, Michael J.; Feist, Stephen W.; Giacomello, Anna Maria; Gozlan, Rodolphe E.; Hinsley, Shelley A.; Ibbotson, Anton T.; Jarvie, Helen P.; Jones, J. Iwan; Longshaw, Matt; Maberly, Stephen C.; Marsh, Terry J.; Neal, Colin; Newman, Jonathan R.; Nunn, Miles A.; Pickup, Roger W.; Reynard, Nick S.; Sullivan, Caroline A.; Sumpter, John P.; Williams, Richard J.. 2009 The British river of the future: How climate change and human activity might affect two contrasting river ecosystems in England. Science of the Total Environment, 407 (17). 4787-4798.

Newman, Jonathan R.; Shaw, Richard; Duenas, Manuel A.. 2009 Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L.f. – Origins and Control Options. [Speech] In: 49th Annual Meeting of the Aquatic Plant Management Society, Milwaukee, Wiscosin (USA), 12th -15th July, 2009.. Aquatic Plant Management Society, 42.

Fried, Guillaume; Hussner, Andreas; Newman, Jonathan; Schrader, Gritta; Triest, Ludwig; van Valkenburg, Johan. 2009 Report of a Pest Risk Analysis for Hydrocotyle ranunculoides. Paris, EPPO, 65pp. (UNSPECIFIED)


Shaw, R.; Newman, J.R.. 2008 Potential for biological control of Hydrocotyle ranunculoides in Europe. In: Proceedings of the XII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, La Grande Motte, France, 22-27 April 2007. Wallingford, UK, CAB International, 489.

O'Hare, Matthew T.; Scarlett, Peter; Henville, Paul; Ryaba, Tetyana; Cailes, Claire; Newman, Jonathan. 2008 Variability in Manning's estimates for vegetated rivers. Core Site Study. Intra- and Inter- Annual Variability. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (UNSPECIFIED)


O'Hare, Matthew T.; Scarlett, Peter; Henville, Paul; Newman, Jonathan. 2007 Variability in Manning's estimates for vegetated rivers. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (UNSPECIFIED)


Newman, J.. 2006 Controlling algae in ponds. A trial conducted by the Aquatic Plant Management Group of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology June to September 2006. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 43pp. (CEH: Project Report Number C03176) (Unpublished)

Williams, Richard; Newman, Jonathan. 2006 The Taw River Catchment and Estuary: A case study for the effects of NVZ measures Part 1 – The Freshwater Catchment (Draft). NERC/Cente for Ecology and Hydrology, 20pp. (Defra contract NIT 18, Investigating the Effectiveness of NVZ Action Programme) (Unpublished)

Newman, J.. 2006 The 35th Robson Meeting. ADA Gazette. 2, pp.

O'Hare, Matthew T.; Scarlett, Peter; Henville, Paul; Ryaba, Tetyana; Newman, Jonathan. 2006 Variability in Manning's estimates for vegetated rivers. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (UNSPECIFIED)


Newman, J.R.; Anderson, N.J.; Bennion, H.; Bowes, M.J.; Carvalho, L.; Dawson, F.H.; Furse, M.; Gunn, I.; Hilton, J.; Hughes, R.; Johnston, A.M.; Jones, J.I.; Luckes, S.; Maitland, P.; Monteith, D.; O'Hare, M.T.; Taylor, R.; Trimmer, M.; Winder, J.. 2005 Eutrophication in rivers: an ecological perspective. ADAS, 37pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

O'Hare, Matthew T.; Scarlett, Peter; Sovic, P.; Henville, Paul; Newman, Jonathan. 2005 Variability in Manning's estimates for vegetated rivers. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (UNSPECIFIED)


Barrett, P.R.F.; Greaves, M.P.; Newman, J.R.. 1999 Aquatic weed control operation. Best practice guidelines. Bristol, Environment Agency, 132pp. (R&D Technical Report W111)

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