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Cowan, N.J.; Famulari, D.; Levy, P.E.; Anderson, M.; Reay, D.S.; Skiba, U.M.. 2014 Investigating uptake of N2O in agricultural soils using a high-precision dynamic chamber method. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7 (12). 4455-4462. 10.5194/amt-7-4455-2014

Helfter, C.; Campbell, C.; Dinsmore, K.J.; Drewer, J.; Coyle, M.; Anderson, M.; Skiba, U.; Nemitz, E.; Billett, M.F.; Sutton, M.A.. 2014 Drivers of long-term variability in CO2 net ecosystem exchange in a temperate peatland. Biogeosciences Discussions, 11 (10). 14981-15018. 10.5194/bgd-11-14981-2014

Cowan, N .J .; Famulari, D .; Levy, P.E.; Anderson, M.; Bell, M.J .; Rees, R.M.; Reay, D.S .; Skiba, U.M.. 2014 An improved method for measuring soil N2O fluxes using a quantum cascade laser with a dynamic chamber. European Journal of soil Science, 65 (5). 643-652. 10.1111/ejss.12168

Helfter, Carole; Campbell, Claire; Dinsmore, Kerry; Drewer, Julia; Coyle, Mhairi; Anderson, Margaret; Skiba, Ute; Nemitz, Eiko; Billett, Michael; Sutton, Mark. 2014 Effects of winter temperature and summer drought on net ecosystem exchange of CO2 in a temperate peatland. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 16, EGU2014-2220-1. 1, pp.

Shvaleva, Alla; Costa e Silva, Filipe ; Costa, Joaquim Miguel; Correia, Alexandra; Anderson, Margaret; Lobo-do-Vale, Raquel; Fangueiro, David; Bicho, Catarina; Pereira, Joao Santos; Chaves, Maria Manuela; Skiba, Ute; Cruz, Cristina. 2014 Comparison of methane, nitrous oxide fluxes and CO2 respiration rates from a Mediterranean cork oak ecosystem and improved pasture. Plant and Soil, 374 (1-2). 883-898. 10.1007/s11104-013-1923-6

Skiba, U.; Jones, S.K.; Drewer, J.; Helfter, C.; Anderson, M.; Dinsmore, K.; McKenzie, R.; Nemitz, E.; Sutton, M.A.. 2013 Comparison of soil greenhouse gas fluxes from extensive and intensive grazing in a temperate maritime climate [in special issue: Nitrogen and global change] Biogeosciences, 10 (2). 1231-1241. 10.5194/bg-10-1231-2013

Helfter, Carole; Campbell, Claire; Coyle, Mhairi; Anderson, Margaret; Drewer, Julia; Levy, Peter; Famulari, Daniela; Twigg, Marsailidh; Skiba, Ute; Billett, Michael; Dinsmore, Kerry; Nemitz, Eiko; Sutton, Mark. 2013 A decade of continuous NEE measurements at a Scottish peatland. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 15, EGU2013-7754. 1, pp.

Braban, Christine; Tang, Sim; van Dijk, Netty; Anderson-Dunn, Margaret; Simmons, Ivan; Storeton-West, Robert; Leaver, David; Bealey, Bill; Sutton, Mark; Cape, Neil; Fowler, David; Lawrence, Helen; Davies, Martin; Ritchie, Stuart; Colbeck, Chris; Vincent, Keith; Donovan, Brian. 2009 UK Eutrophying and Acidifying Atmospheric Pollutants (UKEAP). Annual/Interim Project Report for Period 01/01/09-31/03/09. Defra, 7pp. (CEH Project Number: C03645, AQ0616)

Wohlfahrt, Georg; Anderson-Dunn, Margaret; Bahn, Michael; Balzarolo, Manuela; Berninger, Frank; Campbell, Claire; Carrara, Arnaud; Cescatti, Alessandro; Christensen, Torben; Dore, Sabina; Eugster, Werner; Friborg, Thomas; Furger, Markus; Gianelle, Damiano; Gimeno, Cristina; Hargreaves, Ken; Hari, Pertti; Haslwanter, Alois; Johansson, Torbjorn; Marcolla, Barbara; Milford, Celia; Nagy, Zoltan; Nemitz, Eiko; Rogniers, Nele; Sanz, Maria J.; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Susiluto, Sanna; Sutton, Mark; Tuba, Zoltan; Ugolini, Francesca; Valentini, Riccardo; Zorer, Roberto; Cernusca, Alexander. 2008 Biotic, abiotic, and management controls on the net ecosystem CO2 exchange of European mountain grassland ecosystems. Ecosystems, 11 (8). 1338-1351. 10.1007/s10021-008-9196-2

Tang, Y.S.; van Dijk, N.; Simmons, I.; Anderson-Dunn, M.; Weir, N.; Sutton, M.A.. 2008 UK National Ammonia Monitoring Network. Report for period Jun - Aug08. Quarterly Progress Report to Defra. Defra, 11pp. (Quarterly Progress Report to Defra, CEH Project Number: C00503) (Unpublished)

Tang, Y.S.; van Dijk, N.; Anderson, M.; Simmons, I.; Dore, A.J.; Dragosits, U.; Bealey, W.J.; Leaver, D.; Smith, R.I.; Sutton, M.A.. 2008 Analysis of temporal and spatial patterns of NH3 and NH4+ over the UK – 2007. Annual Report to Defra. Defra, 47pp. (CEH Project Number: C03124, Defra Project No: RMP 1906) (Unpublished)

Tang, Y.S.; van Dijk, N.; Anderson, M.; Simmons, I.; Armas-Sanchez, E.; Lawrence, H.; Smith, R.I.; Cape, J.N.; Fowler, D.; Sutton, M.A.. 2008 Monitoring of nitric acid, particulate nitrate and other species in the UK-2007. Annual Report to Netcen/Defra. Edinburgh, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 53pp. (CEH Project Number: C03092) (Unpublished)

Tang, Y.S.; van Dijk, N.; Simmons, I.; Anderson, M.; Sutton, M.A.. 2008 UK National Ammonia Monitoring Network. Interim Report – Feb08 to May08. Quarterly Progress Report to Defra. Defra, 3pp. (Quarterly Progress Report to Defra, CEH Project Number: C03124) (Unpublished)

Bahn, Michael; Rodeghiero, Mirco; Anderson-Dunn, Margaret; Dore, Sabina; Gimeno, Cristina; Droesler, Matthias; Williams, Michael; Ammann, Christof; Berninger, Frank; Flechard, Chris; Jones, Stephanie; Balzarolo, Manuela; Kumar, Suresh; Newesely, Christian; Priwitzer, Tibor; Raschi, Antonio; Siegwolf, Rolf; Susiluoto, Sanna; Tenhunen, John; Wohlfahrt, Georg; Cernusca, Alexander. 2008 Soil Respiration in European Grasslands in Relation to Climate and Assimilate Supply. Ecosystems, 11 (8). 1352-1367. 10.1007/s10021-008-9198-0

Tang, Yuk; van Dijk, Neeltje; Simmons, Ivan; Anderson-Dunn, Margaret; Storeton-West, Robert; Vogt, Esther; Sutton, Mark. 2008 UK National Ammonia Monitoring Network – Sep08 to Nov08. Quarterly Progress Report to Defra. UK, Defra, 11pp. (Quarterly Progress Report to Defra, CEH Project Number: C00503NEW) (Unpublished)

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