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Publication - Article

Stanley, P.E.; Hill, M.O.; Argent, G.C.G.. 2013 A.J.E. Smith, M.A., D.Phil., D.Sc. (1935–2012). Journal of Bryology, 35 (4). 319-326. 10.1179/1743282013Y.0000000074

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Hill, Mark. 2011 Rare and interesting 10. Field Bryology, 103. 53-56.

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Hill, Mark. 2010 Sixty years a Queen: vice-county recording since 1947, with observations on where Jean Paton went and what she found. Field Bryology, 101. 46-47.

Preston, Christopher D.; Hill, Mark O.; Pilkington, Sharon; Pywell, Richard J.. 2009 The effect of disturbance on the bryophyte flora of Salisbury Plain, western Europe's largest chalk grassland. Journal of Bryology, 31 (4). 255-266. 10.1179/037366809X12523170276589

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Hill, M. O.; Bunce, R. G. H.; Shaw, M. W.. 1975 Indicator species analysis, a divisive polythetic method of classification, and its application to a survey of native pinewoods in Scotland. Journal of Ecology, 63. 597-613..

Publication - Book

Preston, C.D.; Blackstock, T.H.; Bosanquet, S.D.S.; Godfrey, M.F.; Hill, M.O.; Holyoak, D.T.; Rothero, G.P.. 2012 Bryophyte recording handbook. British Bryological Society, 42pp.

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Hill, M.O.; Mountford, J.O.; Roy, D.B.; Bunce, R.G.H.. 1999 Ellenberg's indicator values for British plants. ECOFACT Volume 2 Technical Annex. Huntingdon, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 46pp. (ECOFACT, 2a).

Hill, M.O.; Radford, G.L.. 1986 Register of permanent vegetation plots. Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 31pp.

Publication - Book Section

Bunce, R. G. H.; Barr, C. J.; Firbank, L. G.; Hill, M.O.. 1998 Land use and vegetation change. In: Scientific Report of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology 1997-1998. Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 48-53.

Hill, M. O.; Latter, P. M.; Bancroft, G.. 1988 Standardization of rotting rates by a linearizing transformation. In: Harrison, A. F.; Latter, P. M.; Walton, D. W. H., (eds.) Cotton strip assay: an index of decomposition in soils. Grange-over-Sands, NERC/ITE, 21-24. (ITE Symposium, 24).

Hill, M. O.. 1987 Opportunities for vegetation management in plantation forests. In: Good, J. E. G., (ed.) Environmental Aspects of Plantation Forestry in Wales. Grange-over-Sands, NERC/ITE, 64-69. (ITE Symposium, 22).

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Publication - Report

Hill, M .O.; Bacon, J.V.; Beckmann, B.C.; Bishop, J.D.D.; Marchant, J.H.; Musgrove, A.J.; Rathod, B.; Roy, H.E.; Sewell, J.. 2010 GB Non-native Species Information Portal: Interim report for the period February 2009 to March 2010. Defra, 16pp. (CEH Project Number: C03636) (Unpublished)

Parrott, Dave; Roy, Sugoto; Baker, Richard; Cannon, Ray; Eyre, Dominic; Hill, Mark; Wagner, Markus; Preston, Chris; Roy, Helen; Beckmann, Bjorn; Copp, Gordon H.; Edmonds, Nathan; Ellis, Jim; Laing, Ian; Britton, J. Robert; Gozlan, Rodolphe E.; Mumford, John. 2009 Horizon scanning for new invasive non-native animal species in England. Sheffield, Natural England, 111pp. (Natural England Contract No. SAE03-02-189, Natural England Commissioned Report NECR009)

Hill, M.O.; Beckmann, B.C.; Bishop, J.D.D.; Fletcher, M.R.; Lear, D.B.; Marchant, J.H.; Maskell, L.C.; Noble, D.G.; Rehfisch, M.M.; Roy, H.E.; Roy, S.; Sewell, J.. 2009 Developing an indicator of the abundance, extent and impact of invasive non-native species. Final report. Defra, 49pp. (WC0718)

Hill, M. O.; Arnold, H. R.; Broad, G. R.; Brown, P. M. J.; James, T. J.; McLean, I. F. G.; Preston, C. D.; Rowland, F.; Roy, D. B.. 2006 Biological Records Centre Annual Report 2005-2006. Peterborough, Joint Nature Conservation Committee. (JNCC Report 385)

Hill, M.O.; Arnold, H.R.; Broad, G.R.; Burton, V.J.; James, T.J.; McLean, I.F.G.; Preston, C.D.; Rowland, F.; Roy, D.B.. 2005 Biological Records Centre: Report 1999-2004. JNCC, 43pp. (JNCC Report no.370; CEH Project no.C02746)

Roy, D.B.; Hill, M.O.; Rothery, P.. 1999 Effects of urban land cover on diversity of plant species in Britain. Integrating Fund Report. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Firbank, L. G.; Smart, S. M.; Van de Poll, H. M.; Bunce, R. G. H.; Hill, M. O.; Howard, D. C.; Watkins, J. W.; Stark, G. J.. 1999 Understanding the causes of change in botanical diversity in the British countryside. ECOFACT volume 6 final report. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (ITE Project No:T02080c1) (Unpublished)

Bunce, R. G. H.; Carey, Peter; Howard, D. C.; Van de Poll, H. M.; Roy, David; Hill, Mark; Wilson, P.; Smart, S. M.; Rothery, Peter; Metcalfe, J.; Duckworth, J.. 1998 Ecological factors controlling biodiversity in the British countryside (ECOFACT). Module 6 - understanding the causes of change in biodiversity in Britain (DETR) and England and Wales (MAFF). Draft final report. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (ITE Project Number: T02080m5, ECOFACT) (Unpublished)

Bunce, R. G. H.; Carey, P.; Howard, D. C.; Van de Poll, H. M.; Roy, D.; Hill, M. O.; Wilson, P.; Smart, S. M.; Rothery, P.. 1997 Ecological factors controlling biodiversity in the British countryside (ECOFACT). Module 6A - Understanding the cause of changes in biodiversity in linear features and upland vegetation. Interim report. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (ITE Project Number: T02080m5, ECOFACT) (Unpublished)

Carey, P. D.; Hill, M. O.. 1996 A comparison of the environmental requirements of the species surveyed in Countryside Survey plots in 1978 and 1990. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (ITE Project No:T02080m5) (Unpublished)

Wyatt, B.K.; Greatorex-Davies, J.N.; Hill, M.O.; Parr, T.W.; Bunce, R.G.H.; Fuller, R.M.. 1994 Comparison of land cover definitions. Final report. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 178pp. (ITE Project No: T02071b1) (Unpublished)

Carey, P.D.; Dring, J.C.M.; Hill, M.O.; Preston, C.D.; Wright, S.M.. 1994 Biogeographical zones in Scotland. Edinburgh, Scottish Natural Heritage. (SNH Research, Survey & Monitoring Report no.26) (Unpublished)

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Parr, T.W.; Bull, K.R.; Brown, N.J.; Cox, R.; Yao, Y.; Ullyett, J.; Wallis, S.; Eversham, B.C.; Arnold, H.; Hill, M.O.; Carey, P.D.; Sparks, T.; Bunce, R.G.H. & others. 1994 The Impacts of climate change on natural and semi-natural ecosystems: core model project - 3rd interim report to the DoE. Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 52pp. (ITE Project no. T07069) (Unpublished)

Bunce, R. G. H.; Bacon, P.J.; Barr, C. J.; Evans, D.F.; Hammond, P.; Hill, M.O.; Lindley, D.K.; Wyatt, B.K.. 1987 The Ecological consequences of land use change. Progress Report. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 40pp. (ITE Project 1130) (Unpublished)

Evans, D. F.; Hill, M. O.; Ward, S. D.. 1977 A dichotomous key to British sub-montane plant communities. Bangor, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 51pp. (Bangor Occasional Paper No.1) (Unpublished)

Hill, M.O.. 1976 Quantitative changes in the flora of the Uplands following afforestation. South-west region of Scotland interim report 1975/76. Nature Conservancy Council, 87pp. (ITE Project number: 0368, Nature Conservancy Council CST Report No. 74) (Unpublished)

Publication - Other

Blockeel, T.L.; Bosanquet, S.D.S.; Hill, M.O.. 2011 BBS Interim Census Catalogue 2011. British Bryological Society [Catalogue]

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