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Publication - Article

Miles, A.J.; Graham, C.M.; Hawkesworth, C.J.; Gillespie, M.R.; Hinton, R.W.; Bromiley, G.D.. 2014 Apatite: a new redox proxy for silicic magmas? Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 132. 101-119. 10.1016/j.gca.2014.01.040

Miles, Andrew; Graham, Colin; Hawkesworth, Chris; Gillespie, Martin; Dhuime, Bruno; Hinton, Richard. 2014 Using zircon isotope compositions to constrain crustal structure and pluton evolution: the Iapetus Suture Zone granites in Northern Britain. Journal of Petrology, 55 (1). 181-207. 10.1093/petrology/egt065

Hall, A.M.; Gillespie, M.R.; Thomas, C.W.; Ebert, K.. 2013 Scottish landform examples : The Cairngorms - a pre-glacial upland granite landscape. Scottish Geographical Journal, 129 (1). 2-14. 10.1080/14702541.2012.728243

Miles, A.J.; Graham, C.M.; Hawkesworth, C.J.; Gillespie, M.R.; Hinton, R.W.. 2013 Evidence for distinct stages of magma history recorded by the compositions of accessory apatite and zircon. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 166 (1). 1-19. 10.1007/s00410-013-0862-9

Key, Roger M.; Johnson, Christopher C.; Horstwood, Matthew S.A.; Lapworth, Dan J.; Knights, Katherine V.; Kemp, Simon J.; Watts, Michael; Gillespie, Martin; Adekanmi, Michael; Arisekola, Tunde. 2012 Investigating high zircon concentrations in the fine fraction of stream sediments draining the Pan-African Dahomeyan Terrace in Nigeria. Applied Geochemistry, 27 (8). 1525-1539. 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2012.04.009

Schofield, D.I.; Horstwood, M.S.A.; Pitfield, P.E.J.; Gillespie, M.; Darbyshire, F.; O'Connor, E.A.; Abdouloye, T.B.. 2012 U–Pb dating and Sm–Nd isotopic analysis of granitic rocks from the Tiris Complex : new constaints on key events in the evolution of the Reguibat Shield, Mauritania. Precambrian Research, 204-20. 1-11. 10.1016/j.precamres.2011.12.008

Appleby, Sarah K.; Gillespie, Martin R.; Graham, Colin M.; Hinton, Richard W.; Oliver, Grahame J.H.; Kelly, Nigel M.. 2010 Do S-type granites commonly sample infracrustal sources? : new results from an integrated O, U-Pb and Hf isotope study of zircon. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 160 (1). 115-132. 10.1007/s00410-009-0469-3

Appleby, S.K.; Graham, C.M.; Gillespie, Martin; Hinton, R.W.; Oliver, G.J.H.. 2008 A cryptic record of magma mixing in diorites revealed by high-precision SIMS oxygen isotope analysis of zircons. Earth & Planetary Science Letters, 269 (1-2). 105-117. 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.02.006

Schofield, David; Gillespie, Martin. 2007 A tectonic interpretation of "Eburnean terrane" outliers in the Reguibat Shield, Mauritania. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 49 (4-5). 179-186. 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2007.08.006

Thomas, Chris; Gillespie, Martin. 2005 Understanding the Cairngorms. Planet Earth, Spring. 18-19.

Publication - Book

Milodowski, A.E.; Tullborg, E.L.; Buil, B.; Gomez, P.; Turrero, M.-J.; Haszeldine, S.; England, G.; Gillespie, M.R.; Torres, T.; Ortiz, J.; Zacharias, J.; Silar, J.; Chvatal, M.; Strnad, L.; Sebek, O.; Bouch, J.E.; Chenery, S.R.N.; Chenery, C.A.; Shepherd, T.J.. 2005 Application of mineralogical, petrological and geochemical tools for evaluating the palaeohdrogeological evolution of the PADAMOT study sites. Harwell, UK, UK Nirex Ltd, 206pp. (Padamot Project Technical Report, WP2).

Publication - Book Section

Key, Roger; Loughlin, Susan; Gillespie, Martin; Del Rio, Maria de las Mercedes; Horstwood, Matthew; Crowley, Quentin George; Darbyshire, Fiona; Pitfield, Peter; Henney, Paul. 2008 Two Mesoarchaean terranes in the Reguibat shield of NW Mauritania. In: Ennih, N.; Liegeois, J.-P., (eds.) The boundaries of the West African craton. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 33-52, 20pp. (Special Publication, 297).

Publication - Map

Auton, Clive; Gillespie, Martin; Smith, Martin. 2012 British Geological Survey 2012. Nairn 84E Scotland Sheet 84E Bedrock. 1: 50 000 Geology Series. 1:50000. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey.

Publication - Report

Gillespie, M.R.; Everett, P.A.; Albornoz-Parra, L.J.; Tracey, E.A.. 2013 A survey of building stone and roofing slate in Falkirk town centre. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 154pp. (OR/13/015) (Unpublished)

Gillespie, M.R.; Campbell, S.D.G.; Stephenson, D.. 2012 BGS classification of lithodemic units : a classification of onshore Phanerozoic intrusions in the UK. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 67pp. (RR/12/001)

Leslie, A.G.; Krabbendam, M.; Gillespie, M.R.. 2012 BGS classification of lithodemic units : proposals for classifying tectonometamorphic units and mixed-class units. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 28pp. (RR/12/002)

Gillespie, Martin R.; Tracey, Emily A.. 2012 Liddle's Quarry, Orkney : a resource evaluation and assessment of past and possible future uses of extracted stone. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (OR/12/070) (Unpublished)

Barron, H.F.; Gillespie, M.R.; Merritt, J.W.. 2011 Geodiversity of the Cairngorms National Park. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey, 35pp. (OR/10/019) (Unpublished)

Barron, H.F.; Merritt, J.W.; Gillespie, M.R.. 2011 Geological input to a Landscape Character Assessment of the Cairngorms National Park. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey, 14pp. (OR/10/003) (Unpublished)

Leslie, Alick; Burt, Elaine; Schofield, David; Wilby, Philip; Gillespie, Martin. 2011 The sedimentary succession in the Fachwen Formation, Arfon Group, North Wales. British Geological Survey, 27pp. (IR/11/019) (Unpublished)

Gillespie, M.R.; Barnes, R.P.; Milodowski, A.E.. 2011 British Geological Survey scheme for classifying discontinuities and fillings. British Geological Survey, 56pp. (RR/10/005)

Tracey, Emily A.; Albornoz-Parra, Luis J.; Everett, Paul A.; Gillespie, Martin R.. 2011 A building stone and slate survey of the Callander Conservation Area : recording, matching and sourcing for the built heritage. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 52pp. (OR/11/011) (Unpublished)

Everett, Paul A.; Tracey, Emily A.; Albornoz-Parra, Luis; Gillespie, Martin. 2011 An historical and petrological assessment of Pitairlie Quarry, Angus. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 25pp. (OR/11/009)

Gillespie, Martin; Stephenson, David; Millward, David. 2008 BGS classification of lithodemic units : proposals for classifying units of intrusive rock. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 25pp. (RR/08/005)

Styles, M.T.; Gillespie, M.R.; Bauer, W.; Lott, G.K.. 2006 Current status and future development of the BGS Rock Classification Scheme. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 29pp. (IR/06/022) (Unpublished)

Gillespie, Martin; Styles, Michael. 1999 BGS rock classification scheme, Volume 1. Classification of igneous rocks. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 31pp. (RR/99/006) (Unpublished)

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