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Schlosser, Christian; Schmidt, Katrin; Aquilina, Alfred; Homoky, William B.; Castrillejo, Maxi; Mills, Rachel A.; Patey, Matthew D.; Fielding, Sophie ORCID:; Atkinson, Angus; Achterberg, Eric P.. 2018 Mechanisms of dissolved and labile particulate iron supply to shelf waters and phytoplankton blooms off South Georgia, Southern Ocean. Biogeosciences Discussions, 15 (16). 4973-4993.

Patey, Matthew D.; Achterberg, Eric P.; Rijkenberg, Micha J.; Pearce, Richard. 2015 Aerosol time-series measurements over the tropical Northeast Atlantic Ocean: Dust sources, elemental composition and mineralogy. Marine Chemistry, 174. 103-119.

Zhang, Y.; Mahowald, N.; Scanza, R. A.; Journet, E.; Desboeufs, K.; Albani, S.; Kok, J. F.; Zhuang, G.; Chen, Y.; Cohen, D. D.; Paytan, A.; Patey, M. D.; Achterberg, E. P.; Engelbrecht, J. P.; Fomba, K. W.. 2015 Modeling the global emission, transport and deposition of trace elements associated with mineral dust. Biogeosciences, 12 (19). 5771-5792.

Painter, S.C.; Patey, M.D.; Tarran, G.A.; Torres-valdes, S.. 2014 Picoeukaryote distribution in relation to nitrate uptake in the oceanic nitracline. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 72 (3). 195-213.

Painter, Stuart C.; Patey, Matthew D.; Forryan, Alexander; Torres-Valdes, Sinhue. 2013 Evaluating the balance between vertical diffusive nitrate supply and nitrogen fixation with reference to nitrate uptake in the eastern subtropical North Atlantic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 118 (10). 5732-5749.

Savarino, J.; Morin, S.; Erbland, J.; Grannec, F.; Patey, M. D.; Vicars, W.; Alexander, B.; Achterberg, E. P.. 2013 Isotopic composition of atmospheric nitrate in a tropical marine boundary layer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (44). 17668-17673.

Morton, Peter L.; Landing, William M.; Hsu, Shih-Chieh; Milne, Angela; Aguilar-Islas, Ana M.; Baker, Alex R.; Bowie, Andrew R.; Buck, Clifton S.; Gao, Yuan; Gichuki, Susan; Hastings, Meredith G.; Hatta, Mariko; Johansen, Anne M.; Losno, Rémi; Mead, Chris; Patey, Matthew D.; Swarr, Gretchen; Vandermark, Amanda; Zamora, Lauren M.. 2013 Methods for the sampling and analysis of marine aerosols: results from the 2008 GEOTRACES aerosol intercalibration experiment. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 11 (2). 62-78.

Rijkenberg, Micha J. A.; Steigenberger, Sebastian; Powell, Claire F.; van Haren, Hans; Patey, Matthew D.; Baker, Alex R.; Achterberg, Eric P.. 2012 Fluxes and distribution of dissolved iron in the eastern (sub-) tropical North Atlantic Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 26 (3).

Gelado-Caballero, María D.; López-García, Patricia; Prieto, Sandra; Patey, Matthew D.; Collado, Cayetano; Hérnández-Brito, José J.. 2012 Long-term aerosol measurements in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands: Particle concentration, sources and elemental composition. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 117 (D3). n/a-n/a.

Rijkenberg, Micha J.A.; Langlois, Rebecca J.; Mills, Matthew M.; Patey, Matthew D.; Hill, Polly G.; Nielsdóttir, Maria Chun; Compton, Tanya J.; LaRoche, Julie; Achterberg, Eric P.. 2011 Environmental Forcing of Nitrogen Fixation in the Eastern Tropical and Sub-Tropical North Atlantic Ocean. PLoS ONE, 6 (12). e28989.

Patey, Matthew D.; Achterberg, Eric P.; Rijkenberg, Micha J.A.; Statham, Peter J.; Mowlem, Matthew. 2010 Interferences in the analysis of nanomolar concentrations of nitrate and phosphate in oceanic waters. Analytica Chimica Acta, 673 (2). 109-116.

Marañén, Emilio; Fernández, Ana; Mouriño-Carballido, Beatriz; MartÍnez-GarcÍa, Sandra; Teira, Eva; Cermeño, Pedro; Chouciño, Paloma; Huete-Ortega, MarÍa; Fernández, Emilio; Calvo-DÍaz, Alejandra; Morán, Xosé Anxelu G.; Bode, Antonio; Moreno-Ostos, Enrique; Varela, Marta M.; Patey, Matthew D.; Achterberg, Eric P.. 2010 Degree of oligotrophy controls the response of microbial plankton to Saharan dust. Limnology and Oceanography, 55 (6). 2339-2352.

Tappin, Alan D.; Barriada, Jose L.; Braungardt, Charlotte B.; Evans, E. Hywel; Patey, Matthew D.; Achterberg, Eric P.. 2010 Dissolved silver in European estuarine and coastal waters. Water Research, 44 (14). 4204-4216.

Carpenter, L. J.; Fleming, Z. L.; Read, K. A.; Lee, J. D.; Moller, S. J.; Hopkins, J. R.; Purvis, R. M.; Lewis, A. C.; Müller, K.; Heinold, B.; Herrmann, H.; Fomba, K. Wadinga; van Pinxteren, D.; Müller, C.; Tegen, I.; Wiedensohler, A.; Müller, T.; Niedermeier, N.; Achterberg, E. P.; Patey, M. D.; Kozlova, E. A.; Heimann, M.; Heard, D. E.; Plane, J. M. C.; Mahajan, A.; Oetjen, H.; Ingham, T.; Stone, D.; Whalley, L. K.; Evans, M. J.; Pilling, M. J.; Leigh, R. J.; Monks, P. S.; Karunaharan, A.; Vaughan, S.; Arnold, S. R.; Tschritter, J.; Pöhler, D.; Frieß, U.; Holla, R.; Mendes, L. M.; Lopez, H.; Faria, B.; Manning, A. J.; Wallace, D. W. R.. 2010 Seasonal characteristics of tropical marine boundary layer air measured at the Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 67 (2-3). 87-140.

Patey, M.D.; Rijkenberg, M.J.A.; Statham, P.J.; Mowlem, M.; Stinchcombe, M.C.; Achterberg, E.P.. 2008 Determination of nitrate and phosphate in seawater at nanomolar concentrations. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 27 (2). 169-182.

Rijkenberg, Micha J.A.; Powell, Claire F.; Dall'Osto, Manuel; Nielsdottir, Maria C.; Patey, Matthew D.; Hill, Polly G.; Baker, Alex R.; Jickells, Tim D.; Harrison, Roy M.; Achterberg, Eric P.. 2008 Changes in iron speciation following a Saharan dust event in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean. Marine Chemistry, 110 (1-2). 56-67.

Patey, Matthew D.; Dessent, Caroline E. H.. 2002 A PW91 Density Functional Study of Conformational Choice in 2-Phenylethanol,n-Butylbenzene, and Their Cations: Problems for Density Functional Theory? The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 106 (18). 4623-4631.

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