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Blenckner, T.; Persson, I.; Elliott, A.; Thackeray, S.. 2005 Report on the tests with the physical models in "warm world" conditions produced by the weather generator. Report on the tests with the phytoplankton model in "warm world" conditions produced by the weather generator. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 41pp. (CLIME Deliverables 6.4 and 6.5, CEH Project Number C02187) (Unpublished)

Blenckner, T.; Elliott, A.; Thackeray, S.; Persson, I.; Jones, I.; Dokulil, M.. 2004 Testing the physical and phytoplankton models under historical conditions. CLIME Consortium, 23pp. (CLIME Deliverable 6.1 and 6.2, CEH Project Number C02187) (Unpublished)


Elliott, J. Alex; May, Linda. 2008 The sensitivity of phytoplankton in Loch Leven (U.K.) to changes in nutrient load and water temperature. Freshwater Biology, 53 (1). 32-41.

Elliott, J. A.. 2007 PROTECH, a process-based lake phytoplankton model. [Lecture] In: Perspectives of Lake Modelling towards Predicting Reaction to Trophic Change, Berlin, 8-9 Nov 2007. Berlin, KWB gGmbH, 25-29.


Jones, Ian; Sahlberg, Jorgen; Persson, Irina. 2010 Modelling the impact of climate change on the thermal characteristics of lakes. In: George, Glen, (ed.) The Impact of Climate Change on European Lakes. Springer, 103-120. (Aquatic Ecology Series, 4).

Jones, I.; Kelly, J.. 2009 Using automatic monitoring to quantify the effects of weather and climate on the thermal structure of lakes in the UK. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 19pp. (CEH Project Number: C03047, Euro-limpacs Deliverable No. 217) (Unpublished)

Jankowski, T.; George, D. G.; Wilhelm, S.; Livingstone, D. M.. 2005 Extreme Events. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 25pp. (CLIME Deliverable 9.8, CEH Project Number: C02187) (Unpublished)


Livingstone, D. M.; Adrian, R.; Arvola, L.; Blenckner, T.; Dokulil, M. T.; George, D. G.; Hari, R. E.; Jankowski, T.; Järvinen, M.; Jennings, M.; Nic Aonghusa, C.; Nõges, P.; Nõges, T.; Straile, D.; Teubner, K.; Weyhenmeyer, G. A.. 2005 Long-term supra-regional coherence. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 74pp. (CLIME Deliverable 9.6, CEH Project Number: C02187) (Unpublished)

Livingstone, D. M.; George, D. G.; Jankowski, T.; Jennings, E.; Padisak, J.; Weyhenmeyer, G. A.; Wilhelm, S.. 2005 Short-term coherence. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 13pp. (CLIME Workpackage 9, Task 9.4. Deliverable 9.7, CEH Project Number C02187) (Unpublished)

Livingstone, D. M; Adrian, R; George, D. G; Järvinen, M; Nõges, P; Straile, D; Teubner, K; Weyhenmeyer, D. A.. 2004 Long-term regional coherence. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 34pp. (CLIME Deliverable 9.1, CEH Project Number: C02187) (Unpublished)


Persson, Irina; Jones, Ian D.. 2008 The effect of water colour on lake hydrodynamics: a modelling study. Freshwater Biology, 53 (12). 2345-2355.


Straile, D.; Adrian, R.; Blenckner, T.; Ivanyi, E.; Jankowski, T.; Järvinen, M.; Maberly, S.; Teubner, K.; Weyhenmeyer, G.. 2005 Regional patterns of change in phytoplankton abundance and community structure. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 35pp. (CLIME Deliverable 8.4, CEH Project Number: C02187) (Unpublished)

Straile, D.; Adrian, R.; George, D.G.; Hurley, M. A.; Jankowski, T.; Järvinen, M.; Jennings, E.; Livingstone, D.; Nõges, P.; Nõges, T.; Teubner, K.; Tolotti, M.; Weyhenmeyer, G.. 2005 Report on changes in algal abundance in relation to weather patterns. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 42pp. (CLIME Deliverable 8.1, CEH Project Number: C02187) (Unpublished)

Straile, Dietmar; Adrian, Rita; Jankowski, Thomas; Järvinen, Marko; Maberly, Stephen; Nõges, Peeter; Nõges, Tiina; Weyhenmeyer, Gesa; Wilhelm, Susann. 2005 Changes in phytoplankton species composition and functional groups. Final report. CLIME Consortium, 36pp. (CLIME Deliverable 8.3, CEH Project Number: C02187) (Unpublished)

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