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Publication - Article

Monk, Samuel A.; Schaap, Allison ORCID:; Hanz, Rudolf ORCID:; Borisov, Sergey M.; Loucaides, Socratis; Arundell, Martin; Papadimitriou, Stathys; Walk, John; Tong, Daisy; Wyatt, James; Mowlem, Matthew. 2021 Detecting and mapping a CO2 plume with novel autonomous pH sensors on an underwater vehicle. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 112, 103477.

Yin, Tianya; Papadimitriou, Stathys; Rérolle, Victoire M.C.; Arundell, Martin; Cardwell, Christopher L. ORCID:; Walk, John; Palmer, Martin R.; Fowell, Sara E. ORCID:; Schaap, Allison ORCID:; Mowlem, Matthew C.; Loucaides, Socratis. 2021 A novel lab-on-chip spectrophotometric pH sensor for autonomous in situ seawater measurements to 6000 m depth on stationary and moving observing platforms. Environmental Science & Technology, 55 (21). 14968-14978.

Schaap, Allison ORCID:; Koopmans, Dirk; Holtappels, Moritz; Dewar, Marius; Arundell, Martin; Papadimitriou, Stathys; Hanz, Rudolf ORCID:; Monk, Samuel; Mowlem, Matthew; Loucaides, Socratis. 2021 Quantification of a subsea CO2 release with lab-on-chip sensors measuring benthic gradients. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 110, 103427.

Flohr, Anita ORCID:; Schaap, Allison ORCID:; Achterberg, Erik P.; Alendal, Guttorm; Arundell, Martin; Berndt, Christian; Blackford, Jerry; Böttner, Christoph; Borisov, Sergey M.; Brown, Robin; Bull, Jonathan M.; Carter, Liam; Chen, Baixin; Dale, Andrew W.; de Beer, Dirk; Dean, Marcella; Deusner, Christian; Dewar, Marius; Durden, Jennifer; Elsen, Saskia; Esposito, Mario; Faggetter, Michael; Fischer, Jan P.; Gana, Amine; Gros, Jonas; Haeckel, Matthias; Hanz, Rudolf ORCID:; Holtappels, Moritz; Hosking, Brett; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; James, Rachael; Koopmans, Dirk; Kossel, Elke; Leighton, Timothy G.; Li, Jianghui; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Linke, Peter; Loucaides, Socratis; Martínez-Cabanas, María; Matter, Juerg M.; Mesher, Thomas; Monk, Samuel; Mowlem, Matthew; Oleynik, Anna; Papadimitriou, Efstathios; Paxton, David; Pearce, Christopher ORCID:; Peel, Kate; Roche, Ben; Ruhl, Henry; Saleem, Umer; Sands, Carla; Saw, Kevin; Schmidt, Mark; Sommer, Stefan; Strong, James ORCID:; Triest, Jack; Ungerböck, Birgit; Walk, John; White, Paul; Widdicombe, Steve; Wilson, Robert Euan ORCID:; Wright, Hannah; Wyatt, James; Connelly, Douglas. 2021 Towards improved monitoring of offshore carbon storage: A real-world field experiment detecting a controlled sub-seafloor CO2 release. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106, 103237.

McQuillan, Jonathan S.; Morris, Andrew K. ORCID:; Arundell, Martin; Pascal, Robin; Mowlem, Matthew C.. 2017 The anti-bacterial effect of an electrochemical anti-fouling method intended for the protection of miniaturised oceanographic sensors. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 141. 63-66.

McQuillan, J.S.; Hopper, D.J.; Magiopoulos, I.; Arundell, M.; Brown, R.; Shorter, S.; Mowlem, M.C.; Pascal, R.W.; Connelly, D.. 2016 Buzz off! An evaluation of ultrasonic acoustic vibration for the disruption of marine micro-organisms on sensor-housing materials. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 63 (6). 393-399.

Publication - Conference Item

Monk, Samuel; Arundell, Martin; Papadimitriou, Efstathios; Loucaides, Socratis; Schaap, Allison; Mowlem, Matthew. 2020 An autonomous in situ total dissolved inorganic carbon sensor miniaturised utilising microfluidic lab-on-chip technology. In: Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, California, 16-21 February 2020.

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