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Pelling, Mark; Amaratunga, Dilanthi; Bucher, Adrian; Buller, Stephanie; Collins, Andrew E.; Dawson, Richard; Deshpande, Tanvi; Donovan, Amy; Heintz, Maggy; Intepe, Demet; Marsden, Katherine; Morin, Julie; Murray, Virginia; Phillips, Jeremy; Sargeant, Susanne. 2023 International development and disaster risk reduction research: a UK research practitioner stocktake. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 96, 103981.


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Lyon, Aileen; Sargeant, Susanne. 2022 Geoscience for sustainable futures : partner survey and interview analysis. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 34pp. (OR/22/052) (Unpublished)


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Sargeant, S.; Finlayson, A.; Dijkstra, T.; Flinn, B.; Schofield, H.; Morel, L. Miranda; Twigg, J.; Lovell, E.; Stephenson, V.; Adhikari, B.R.. 2020 The influence of the physical environment on self-recovery after disasters in Nepal and the Philippines. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 50, 101673.

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Wilkinson, Mark; Haszeldine, R. Stuart; Mackay, Eric; Smith, Kevin; Sargeant, Susanne. 2013 A new stratigraphic trap for CO2 in the UK North Sea: appraisal using legacy information. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 12. 310-322.


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