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Amy, Sam; Pescott, Oli. 2022 Patterns of bryophyte recording in Britain and Ireland since the 2014 Atlas. Field Bryology, 128. 2-11.

Staley, J.T.; Lobley, M.; McCracken, M.E.; Chiswell, H.; Redhead, J.W.; Smart, S.M.; Pescott, O.L.; Jitlal, M.; Amy, S.R.; Dean, H.J.; Ridding, L.; Broughton, R.; Mountford, J.O.. 2018 The environmental effectiveness of the Higher Level Stewardship scheme; resurveying the baseline agreement monitoring sample to quantify change between 2009 and 2016. Full technical final report. Defra, 283pp. (Natural England Project no. ECM 6937, CEH Project no. C05610)

Staley, Joanna T.; Botham, Marc S.; Amy, Sam R.; Hulmes, Sarah; Pywell, Richard F.. 2018 Experimental evidence for optimal hedgerow cutting regimes for brown hairstreak butterflies. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 11 (2). 213-218.

Staley, J.T,; Adams, N.P.; Amy, S.R.; Botham, M.S.; Chapman, R.E.; Hulmes, L.; Hulmes, S.; Dean, H.J.; McCracken, M.; Mitschunas, N.; Peyton, J.M.; Savage, J.; Ridding, L.E.; Baldock, K.S.; Pywell, R.F.. 2018 Effects of hedgerow management and restoration on biodiversity. Defra, 93pp. (Defra Project no. BD2114, CEH Project no. 03658)

Staley, Joanna T.; Botham, Marc S.; Chapman, Roselle E.; Amy, Sam R.; Heard, Matthew S.; Hulmes, Lucy; Savage, Joanna; Pywell, Richard F.. 2016 Little and late: how reduced hedgerow cutting can benefit Lepidoptera. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 224. 22-28.

Wagner, Markus; Bullock, James M.; Hulmes, Lucy; Hulmes, Sarah; Peyton, Jodey; Amy, Sam R.; Savage, Joanna; Tallowin, Jerry B.; Heard, Matthew S.; Pywell, Richard F.. 2016 Creation of micro-topographic features: a new tool for introducing specialist species of calcareous grassland to restored sites? Applied Vegetation Science, 19 (1). 89-100.

Amy, Sam R.; Heard, Matthew S.; Hartley, Sue E.; George, Charles T.; Pywell, Richard F.; Staley, Joanna T.. 2015 Hedgerow rejuvenation management affects invertebrate communities through changes to habitat structure. Basic and Applied Ecology, 16 (5). 443-451.

Staley, Joanna T.; Amy, Sam R.; Adams, Nigel P.; Chapman, Roselle E.; Peyton, Jodey M.; Pywell, Richard F.. 2015 Re-structuring hedges: rejuvenation management can improve the long term quality of hedgerow habitats for wildlife in the UK. Biological Conservation, 186. 187-196.

Stratford, C.; Jones, L.; Robins, N.; Mountford, O.; Amy, S.; Peyton, J.; Hulmes, L.; Hulmes, S.; Jones, F.; Redhead, J.; Dean, H.; Palisse, M.. 2014 Survey and analysis of vegetation and hydrological change in English dune slack habitats. Lincoln, Natural England, 98pp. (Natural England Commissioned Report NECR153, CEH Project no. C04552)

Broughton, Richard K.; Shore, Richard F.; Heard, Matthew S.; Amy, Sam R.; Meek, William R.; Redhead, John W.; Turk, Anthony; Pywell, Richard F.. 2014 Agri-environment scheme enhances small mammal diversity and abundance at the farm-scale. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 192.

Mountford, J.O.; Cooke, A.I.; Amy, S.R.; Baker, A.; Carey, P.D.; Dean, H.J.; Kirby, V.G.; Nisbet, A.; Peyton, J.M.; Pywell, R.F.; Redhead, J.W.; Smart, S.M.. 2013 Higher Level Stewardship (HLS), the quality of agreements and evidence of progress: Results of a national survey in England. In: Boatman, Nigel; Green, Mike; Marshall, Jon; Musters, Kees; Peach, Will; Peel, Steve; Siriwardena, Gavin; Smith, Barbara, (eds.) Environmental management on farmland. Wellesbourne, Association of Applied Biologists, 55-62. (Aspects of Applied Biology, 118).

Staley, Joanna; Amy, Sam; Facey, Sarah; Pywell, Richard. 2012 Hedgerow conservation and management: a review of 50 years of applied research in the UK. In: Dover, John W., (ed.) Hedgerow Futures: Proceedings of the 1st International Hedgelink Conference. Published for Hedgelink by the Tree Council, 111-133.

Staley, Joanna T.; Sparks, Tim H.; Croxton, Philip J.; Baldock, Katherine C.R.; Heard, Matthew S.; Hulmes, Sarah; Hulmes, Lucy; Peyton, Jodey; Amy, Sam R.; Pywell, Richard F.. 2012 Long-term effects of hedgerow management policies on resource provision for wildlife. Biological Conservation, 145 (1). 24-29.

Heard, M.S.; Botham, M.; Broughton, R.; Carvell, C.; Hinsley, S.; Woodcock, B.; Pywell, R.F.. 2012 Quantifying the effects of Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) on biodiversity at the farm scale: the Hillesden Experiment. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 238pp. (CEH Project No: C03291) (Unpublished)

Wagner, M.; Peyton, J.; Hulmes, S.; Hulmes, L.; Amy, S.; Savage, J.; Heard, M.S.; Bullock, J.M.; Pywell, R.F.. 2012 Species-specific establishment requirements in calcareous grassland restoration. In: Peele, Steve; Chesterton, Chris; Cooke, Andrew; Jefferson, Richard; Martin, David; Smith, Barbara; Smith, Stuart; Tallowin, Jerry, (eds.) Restoring diverse grassland: what can be achieved where, and what will it do for us? Wellesbourne, Association of Applied Biologists, 23-30. (Aspects of Applied Biology, 115).

Wagner, Markus; Pywell, Richard F.; Knopp, Tatjana; Bullock, James M.; Heard, Matthew S.. 2011 The germination niches of grassland species targeted for restoration: effects of seed pre-treatments. Seed Science Research, 21 (2). 117-131.

Mountford, J.O.; Amy, S.; Carey, P.D.; Cooke, A.I.; Radley, G.P.. 2010 Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) – developing a standard method for evaluation of agreements against objectives. In: Agri-environment schemes – what have they achieved and where do we go from here? Association of Applied Biologists, 27-33. (Aspects of Applled Biology, 100).

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