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Publication - Article

Wajja-Musukwe, Tellie-Nelson; Wilson, Julia; Sprent, Janet I.; Ong, Chin K.; Deans, J. Douglas; Okorio, John. 2008 Tree growth and management in Ugandan agroforestry systems: effects of root pruning on tree growth and crop yield. Tree Physiology, 28 (2). 233 -242.

Deans, J.D.; Edmunds, W.M.; Lindley, D.K.; Gaye, C.B.; Dreyfus, B.; Nizinski, J.J.; Neyra, M.; Ingleby, K.; Munro, R.C.. 2005 Nitrogen in interstitial waters in the Sahel : natural baseline, pollutant or resource? Plant and Soil, 271 (1-2). 47-62.

Mulatya, J.M.; Wilson, J.; Ong, C.K.; Deans, J.D.; Sprent, J.I.. 2002 Root architecture of provenances, seedlings and cuttings of Melia volkensii: implications for crop yield in dryland agroforestry. Agroforestry Systems, 56 (1). 65-72.

Ong, C.K.; Wilson, J.; Deans, J.D.; Mulatya, J.; Raussen, T.; Wajja-Musukwe, N.. 2002 Tree-crop interactions: manipulation of water use and root function. Agricultural Water Management, 53 (1-3). 171-186.

Odhiambo, H.O.; Ong, C.K.; Deans, J.D.; Wilson, J.; Khan, A.A.H.; Sprent, J.I.. 2001 Roots, soil water and crop yield: tree crop interactions in a semi-arid agroforestry system in Kenya. Plant and Soil, 235. 221-233.

Deans, J.D.; Leith, I.D.; Cape, J.N.; Fowler, D.; Murray, M.B.; Mason, P.A.. 1990 The influence of acid mists on growth, dry matter partitioning, nutrient concentrations and mycorrhizal fruiting bodies in red spruce seedlings,. New Phytologist, 115 (3). 459-464.

Leith, I.D.; Murray, M.B.; Sheppard, L.J.; Cape, J.N.; Deans, J.D.; Smith, R.I.; Fowler, D.. 1989 Visible foliar injury of red spruce seedlings subjected to simulated acid mist. New Phytologist, 113 (3). 313 -320.

Publication - Book Section

Deans, J.D.; Diagne, O.; Edmunds, W.M.; Dreyfus, B.; Gaye, C.B.; Sutherland, J.M.; Lindley, D.K.; Dione, M.; Neyra, M.; Sprent, J.I.; Mobbs, D.C.. 1995 Tree growth and plant nutrients in the Acacia tree fallows system of land rehabilitation in the Sahel. In: Korpilahti, E.; Salonen, T.; Oja, S., (eds.) Caring for the forest: research in a changing world. Vienna, IUFRO, 118.

Leakey, R. R. B.; Wilson, J.; Newton, A. C.; Watt, A. D.; Deans, J. D.. 1992 Indigenous tropical tree species: clonal approaches and maintenance of biodiversity as keys to sustainable development. In: Kapoor-Vijay, P. J., (ed.) Proceedings of the Commonwealth Science Meeting of the Biological Diversity and Genetics Resources Programme 15-19 June 1992. London, Commonwealth Science Council, 8pp.

Deans, J.D.; Mason, P.A.. 1990 Effects of acid mist on Red Spruce root systems. In: Persson, H., (ed.) Above and below-ground interactions in forest trees in acidified soils. Brussels, Commission of the European Communities, 53-59. (CEC Air Pollution Research Report, 32).

Cape, J.N.; Sheppard, L.; Leith, I.D.; Murray, M.B.; Deans, J.D.; Fowler, D.. 1988 The effect of acid mist on the frost hardiness of red spruce seedlings. In: Environmental aspects of applied biology. Wellesbourne, Association of Applied Biologists, 141-149. (Aspects of Applied Biology, 17).

Deans, J.D.. 1981 Root growth and its relation to the water economy of a Sitka spruce plantation. In: Last, F.T.; Gardiner, A.S., (eds.) Forest and woodland ecology: an account of research being done in ITE. Cambridge, NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 58-61. (ITE Symposium, 8).

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