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Publication - Article

Carter, Gareth D.O.; Cooper, Rhys; Gafeira, Joana; Howe, John A.; Long, David. 2020 Morphology of small-scale submarine mass movement events across the northwest United Kingdom. Geomorphology, 365, 107282.

Roelofse, Chantelle; Alves, Tiago M.; Gafeira, Joana. 2020 Structural controls on shallow fluid flow and associated pockmark fields in the East Breaks area, northern Gulf of Mexico. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 112, 104074.

Jones, David G.; Vane, Christopher H. ORCID:; Lass-Evans, Solveigh; Chenery, Simon; Lister, Bob; Cave, Mark; Gafeira, Joana; Jenkins, Gareth; Leslie, Alick; Breward, Neil; Freeborough, Katy; Harrison, Ian; Kim, Alexander W.; Lacinska, Alicja; Milodowski, Tony; Ridgway, John; Riding, Jim ORCID:; Strutt, Mick; Wagner, Doris; Wilkinson, Ian. 2019 Geochemistry and related studies of Clyde Estuary sediments. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 108 (2-3). 269-288.

Roelofse, Chantelle; Alves, Tiago M.; Gafeira, Joana; Omosanya, Kamal’deen O.. 2019 An integrated geological and GIS-based method to assess caprock risk in mature basins proposed for carbon capture and storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 80. 103-122.

Gafeira, Joana; Dolan, Margaret; Monteys, Xavier. 2018 Geomorphometric characterization of pockmarks by using a GIS-based semi-automated toolbox. Geosciences, 8 (5), 154.

Picard, Kim; Radke, Lynda C.; Williams, David K.; Nicholas, William A.; Siwabessy, P. Justy; Howard, Floyd J.F.; Gafeira, Joana; Przeslawski, Rachel; Huang, Zhi; Nichol, Scott. 2018 Origin of high density seabed pockmark fields and their use in inferring bottom currents. Geosciences, 8 (6), 195.

De Clippele, L.H.; Gafeira, J.; Robert, K.; Hennige, S.; Lavaleye, M.S.; Duineveld, G.C.A.; Huvenne, V.A.I. ORCID:; Roberts, J.M.. 2017 Using novel acoustic and visual mapping tools to predict the small-scale spatial distribution of live biogenic reef framework in cold-water coral habitats. Coral Reefs, 36 (1). 255-268.

Gafeira, J.; Long, D.; Diaz-Doce, D.. 2012 Semi-automated characterisation of seabed pockmarks in the central North Sea. Near Surface Geophysics, 10 (4). 303-314.

Howe, John A.; Dove, Dayton; Bradwell, Tom; Gafeira, Joana. 2012 Corrigendum to “Submarine geomorphology and glacial history of the Sea of the Hebrides, UK”[Mar. Geol, 351-318(2012) 64-76]. Marine Geology, 329-331. 126-127.

Howe, John A.; Dove, Dayton; Bradwell, Tom; Gafeira, Joana. 2012 Submarine geomorphology and glacial history of the Sea of the Hebrides, UK. Marine Geology, 315-318. 64-76.

Gafeira, J.; Long, D.; Scrutton, R.; Evans, D.. 2010 3D seismic evidence of internal structure within Tampen Slide deposits on the North Sea Fan : are chaotic deposits that chaotic? Journal of the Geological Society, 167 (3). 605-616.

Publication - Book Section

Gafeira, J.; Bulat, J.; Evans, D.. 2007 The southern flank of the Storegga Slide: imaging and geomorphological analyses using 3d Seismic. In: Lykousis, Vasilis; Sakellariou, Dimitris; Locat, Jacques, (eds.) Submarine mass movements and their consequences : 3rd international symposium. Dordrecht, Netherlands, Springer, 57-65, 424pp. (Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, 27).

Publication - Conference Item

Stewart, Heather; Gafeira, Joana. 2016 Quantitative analysis of mini-mounds from the Explorer and Dangeard canyons area: an automated approach. [Poster] In: Marine Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping (GeoHab) 15th International Symposium, Winchester, UK, 2-6 May 2016. British Geological Survey.

Publication - Report

Dove, D.; Bradwell, T.; Carter, G.; Cotterill, C.; Gafeira Goncalves, J.; Green, S.; Krabbendam, M.; Mellett, C.; Stevenson, A.; Stewart, H.; Westhead, K.; Scott, G.; Guinan, J.; Judge, M.; Monteys, X.; Elvenes, S.; Baeten, N.; Dolan, M.; Thorsnes, T.; Bjarnadóttir, L.; Ottesen, D.. 2016 Seabed geomorphology: a two-part classification system. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey. (OR/16/001) (Unpublished)

Gafeira Goncalves, J.; Diaz Doce, D.; Long, D.. 2015 Semi-automated mapping and characterisation of coral reef mounds : Mingulay Reef proof of concept. British Geological Survey, 13pp. (IR/15/042) (Unpublished)

Gafeira, J.. 2010 A geomorphological interpretation of multibeam data from the nearshore area between Belfast Lough and Cushendun, Northern Ireland. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey, 46pp. (CR/10/075N) (Unpublished)

Dove, D.; Nanson, R.; Bjarnadóttir, L.R.; Guinan, J.; Gafeira, J.; Post, A.; Dolan, M.F.J.; Stewart, H.; Arosio, R.; Scott, G.. A two-part seabed geomorphology classification scheme : (v.2). Part 1 : morphology features glossary. British Geological Survey, 22pp. (OR/20/057) (Unpublished)

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