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Baker, P.E.; Holdgate, M.W.; Longton, R.E.; Tilbrook, P.J.; Tomblin, J.F.; Vaughan, R.W.; Wynne-Edwards, C.J.C.. 1964 A survey of the South Sandwich Islands. Nature, 203 (4946). 691-693.

Baker, P.E.; Tomblin, J.F.. 1964 A recent volcanic eruption on Bouvetoya, South Atlantic Ocean. Nature, 203 (4949). 1055-1056.

Barton, C.M.. 1964 Significance of the Tertiary fossil floras of King George Island, South Shetland Islands. In: Adie, R.J., (ed.) Antarctic Geology. Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Antarctic Geology, Cape Town, 1963. Amsterdam, North-Holland, 604-608.

Blackie, J.R.. 1964 Analysis of auroral observations, Halley Bay, 1960. London, British Antarctic Survey, 47pp. (British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, 40).

Blundell, D.J.. 1964 Orientated dolerite sample from Dronning Maud Land. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 4. 57.

Blundell, D.J.. 1964 Palaeomagnetism of some recent volcanic rocks from Tristan da Cunha (lat.37oS, long. 13oW). British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 4. 15-21.

Bonner, W. Nigel. 1964 Polygyny and super-normal clutch size in the brown skua, Catharacta skua lonnbergi (Mathews). British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 3. 41-47.


Cox, M.J.G.. 1964 Seismic refraction measurements in the Bransfield Strait. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 4. 1-12.

Cox, M.J.G.. 1964 A magnetic survey of the Lake Boeckella area, Hope Bay, Graham Land. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 3. 29-35.


Edholm, O.G.; Lewis, H.E.. 1964 Terrestrial animals in cold: man in polar regions. In: Dill, D.B.; Adolph, E.F., (eds.) Handbook of physiology. Washington, DC, American Physiological Society, 435-446.

Elliott, D.H.. 1964 The petrology of the Argentine Islands. London, British Antarctic Survey, 31pp. (British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, 41).


Fraser, A.G.. 1964 Banded gabbros of the Anagram Islands, Graham Land. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 4. 23-38.

Fuchs, V.. 1964 Exploration: men and means. In: Watson, J.W., (ed.) Proceedings of the 20th International Geographical Congress. London, International Geographical Union, 46-56.


Giles, B.D.. 1964 Upper wind frequencies at the Argentine Islands, Graham Land, 1954-58. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 4. 39-55.

Gordon, N.J. 1964 Isle of May bird observatory and field station reports for 1963. Scottish Birds, 3 (1). 14-21.

Greene, S.W.. 1964 Plants of the land. In: Priestley, R.E.; Adie, R.J.; Robin, G. de Q., (eds.) Antarctic research. London, Butterworth, 239-253.

Greene, S.W.. 1964 The vascular flora of South Georgia. London, British Antarctic Survey, 58pp. (British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, 45).

Griffiths, D.H.; Riddihough, R.P.; Cameron, H.A.D.; Kennett, P.. 1964 Geophysical investigation of the Scotia Arc. London, British Antarctic Survey, 43pp. (British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, 46).


Holdgate, M.W.. 1964 An experimental introduction of plants to the Antarctic. Brtisih Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 3. 13-16.


Koerner, R.M.. 1964 Glaciological observations in Trinity Peninsula and the islands in Prince Gustav Channel, Graham Land, 1958-60. London, British Antarctic Survey, 45pp. (British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, 42).

Koerner, R.M.. 1964 An ice caldera near Hope Bay, Trinity Peninsula, Graham Land. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 3. 37-39.


Laaspere, T.; Morgan, M.G.; Johnson, W.C.. 1964 Chorus, hiss, and other audio-frequency emissions at stations of the whistlers-east network. Proceedings of the IEEE, 52 (11). 1331-1349.

Lamb, I. Mackenzie. 1964 Antarctic lichens: I. The genera Usnea, Ramalina, Himantormia, Alectoria, Cornicularia. London, British Antarctic Survey, 34pp. (British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, 38).

Lennon, G.W.. 1964 A method of testing the accuracy of a float gauge. Liverpool, Institute of Coastal Oceanography and Tides, 3pp. (Institute of Coastal Oceanography and Tides internal report, ICOT/IR/2)

Limbert, D.W.S.. 1964 The absolute and relative movement, and regime of the Brunt Ice Shelf near Halley Bay. British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, 3. 1-11.

Loudon, T. Victor. 1964 Computer analysis of orientation data in structural geology. Northwestern University, 129pp. (Office of Naval Research Geography Branch ONR Task no. 389-135, Contract no. 1228(26) technical report) (Unpublished)


O'Gorman, F.. 1964 Observations on emperor penguin embryos. In: Brunt, D., (ed.) Royal Society International Geophysical Year Antarctic Expedition Halley Bay Coats Land, Falkland Islands Dependencies 1955-59. London, Royal Society, 353-363.


Richards, P.A.. 1964 Lenticular lee-wave clouds at Signy Island. Meteorological Magazine, 93. 117-119.

Rossiter, J.R.; Lal, P.. 1964 Frequency response of a tide well. Liverpool, Institute of Coastal Oceanography and Tides, 6pp. (Institute of Coastal Oceanography and Tides internal report, ICOT/IR/3)


Sladen, W.J.L.. 1964 Upper respiratory staphylococci and streptococci in Antarctic communities. In: Carrick, R.; Holdgate, M.; Prevost, J., (eds.) Biologie Antarctique. Proceedings of the 1st SCAR Symposium on Antarctic Biology. Paris, Hermann, 101-114.

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