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Ball, D. F.. 1980 Ecology of vegetation change in upland landscapes Part II - Study area summaries. Draft report to Department of Environment. Bangor, NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (ITE Project Number: 0522) (Unpublished)

Beven, K.. 1980 The Grendon Underwood field drainage experiment. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 30pp. (IH Report No.65) (Unpublished)

Beven, K.; Germann, P.. 1980 The role of macropores in the hydrology of field soils. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 46pp. (IH Report No.69) (Unpublished)

Boorman, D.B. ORCID: 1980 A review of the flood studies rainfall/runoff model prediction equations for northwest England. Institute of Hydrology, 48pp. (Unpublished)

Bunce, R. G. H.; Bunce, F.. 1980 Land classification for ecological survey. Bainbridge, Yorkshire Dales National Park Committee.

Bunce, R.G.H.; Munro, R.C.; Parr, T.W.. 1980 Scottish deciduous woodlands. Annual Report of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 1979. 103.


Cooper, J. D.. 1980 Measurement of moisture fluxes in unsaturated soil in Thetford Forest. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 97pp. (IH Report No.66) (Unpublished)


Drayton, R. S.; Kidd, C. H. R.; Mandeville, A. N.; Miller, J. B.. 1980 A regional analysis of river floods and low flows in Malawi. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 79pp. (IH Report No.72) (Unpublished)


Edwards, K.A.. 1980 Report of a visit to Kenya in May 1980 by Dr. K.A. Edwards. Institute of Hydrology, 36pp. (Unpublished)


Fowler, D.. 1980 Wet and dry deposition of sulphur and nitrogen compounds from the atmosphere. In: Hutchinson, T.C.; Havas, M., (eds.) Effects of acid precipitation on terrestrial ecosystems. New York, Plenum, 9-27. (NATO Conference Series I: Ecology, 4).


Gunst, R. J. M.; Kidd, C. H. R.. 1980 The application of a kinematic wave model to urban surfaces. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 28pp. (IH Report No.67) (Unpublished)


Harvey, R. A.; Kidd, C. H. R.; Lowing, M. J.. 1980 Automatic dilution gauging in storm sewers. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 24pp. (IH Report No.75) (Unpublished)

Howard, D.M.; Howard, P.J.A.. 1980 Effect of species, source of litter, type of soil, and climate on litter decomposition: microbial decomposition of tree and shrub leaf litter 3. Oikos, 34 (1). 115-124.

Howard, P. J. A.; Hornung, M.; Howard, D. M.. 1980 Recording soil profile descriptions for computer retrieval. Grange-over-Sands, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 51pp. (Merlewood Research and Development Paper No.78)


Jeffers, J. N. R.. 1980 Modelling. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 7pp. (Statistical Checklist, 3).

Jenkins, D.. 1980 Conserving otters. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 14pp.

Jones, H. E.. 1980 Experimental observations on competition in grasses. Grange-over-Sands, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 20pp. (Merlewood Research and Development Paper No.79) (Unpublished)


Kidd, C. H. R.; Packman, J. C.. 1980 Selection of design storm and antecedent condition for urban drainage design. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 54pp. (IH Report No.61) (Unpublished)


May, L.. 1980 On the ecology of Notholca squamula Muller in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland. Hydrobiologia, 73 (1-3). 177-180.

Millar, A.. 1980 Annual rings of birch (Betula pubescens ssp tortuosa (Ledeb) (Nyman)), climate and defoliation: an exploratory study. Grange-over-Sands, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 37pp. (Merlewood Research and Development Paper No.77)


Nicholson, I. A.; Paterson, I. S.; Last, F. T.. 1980 Methods for studying acid precipitation in forest ecosystems: definitions and research requirements. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 36pp.


Osborn, D.. 1980 Toxic metals in puffins Fratercula arctica from the Isle of May and St Kilda. Annual Report of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 1979. 72.


Packman, J. C.. 1980 The effects of urbanisation on flood magnitude and frequency. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 117pp. (IH Report No.63) (Unpublished)

Price, G. A.; Packman, J. C.; Kidd, C. H. R.. 1980 A simplified model for sewered catchments. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 49pp. (IH Report No.62) (Unpublished)


Robinson, M.. 1980 The effect of pre-afforestation drainage on the stream-flow and water quality of a small upland catchment. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 67pp. (IH Report No.73) (Unpublished)


Sargent, Caroline; Mountford, J.O.. 1980 Biological Survey of British Rail Property. Appendix 4: Biological Interest Sites - 1979 London Midland Region. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 222pp. (ITE Project Number: 0466) (Unpublished)

Sargent, Caroline; Mountford, J.O.. 1980 Biological Survey of British Rail Property. Fourth interim report to Nature Conservancy Council. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 97pp. (ITE Project Number: 0466, CST Report 293) (Unpublished)

Sheail, J.. 1980 Historical ecology: The documentary evidence. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 22pp.

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