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Allen, S. E.. 1978 Chemistry in the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 31pp.

Arnold, Henry R.. 1978 Provisional atlas of the mammals of the British Isles. Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon, Biological Records Centre Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 71pp.


Bailey-Watts, A. E.. 1978 The monitoring of Loch Leven macrophytes - final report. ITE. (ITE Project 497, NCC CST Report 284) (Unpublished)

Bailey-Watts, A.E.. 1978 The monitoring of Loch Leven macrophytes - second interim report. Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (NCC CST Report 176)

Bailey-Watts, A.E.. 1978 A nine-year study of the phytoplankton of the eutrophic and non-stratifying Loch Leven (Kinross, Scotland). Journal of Ecology, 66 (3). 741-771.

Ball, D.F.; Helliwell, R.; Sheail, J.; Radford, K.E.; Williams, W.M.. 1978 Ecology of vegetation change in upland landscapes. Interim Report, 1.5.78. Bangor, NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 114pp. (ITE Project Number: 0522) (Unpublished)

Barr, C.J.; Bunce, R.G.H.. 1978 UK Ecological Survey, Handbook of Field Methods. Grange-over-Sands, UK, NERC/ Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (ITE Project Number: 0424) (Unpublished)

Bishop, I.. 1978 Land use in rural Cumbria - a linear programming model. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. (Merlewood Research and Development Paper No.75) (Unpublished)

Bunce, R. G. H.. 1978 Ecological survey of Cumbria. Annual Report of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 1977. 30.

Bunce, R. G. H.; Munro, R. C.. 1978 Scottish deciduous woodlands. Annual Report of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 1977. 31.

Bunce, R. G. H.; Smith, R. S.. 1978 An ecological survey of Cumbria. Kendal, Cumbria County Council and Lake District Special Planning Board, 51pp. (Structure Plan Working Paper, 4).

Bunce, R.G.H.; Munro, R.C.; Parr, T.W.. 1978 Deciduous woodland survey of Scotland. Nature Conservancy Council. (CST Report no.173, ITE0483)

Bunce, Robert. 1978 Land classification for regional surveys. In: Barrow, G. C., (ed.) The assessment of ecological and recreational resources at the regional and national scales. Recreation Ecology Research Group, 11-14.


Eeles, C. W. O.. 1978 A conceptual model for the estimation of historic flows. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 60pp. (IH Report No.55) (Unpublished)


Fowler, David. 1978 Dry deposition of SO2 on agricultural crops. Atmospheric Environment, 12. 369-373.


Harding, P.T.. 1978 The invertebrate fauna of the mature timber habitat. Survey of areas - site reports - England. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 210pp. (ITE Project No.: ITE0405, CST Report no.162) (Unpublished)

Harding, P.T.. 1978 The invertebrate fauna of the mature timber habitat. Survey of areas - site reports - Scotland. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 38pp. (ITE Project Number: ITE0405, CST Report no.163) (Unpublished)

Harding, P.T.. 1978 The invertebrate fauna of the mature timber habitat. Survey of areas - site reports - Wales. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 10pp. (ITE Project No. 0405, CST Report no.164) (Unpublished)

Heath, John; Perring, Franklyn. 1978 Biological Records Centre. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 19pp.


Jeffers, J. N. R.. 1978 Design of experiments. Cambridge, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 7pp. (Statistical Checklist, 1).


Kidd, C. H. R.. 1978 Rainfall-runoff processes over urban surfaces. Proceedings of an international workshop held at IH, April 1978. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 84pp. (IH Report No.53) (Unpublished)


Lobley, A. P. J.. 1978 Software package for simultaneous access to plotting facilities on Univac 1108. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 56pp. (IH Report No.54) (Unpublished)


Neal, C.; Jordan, P.. 1978 Iodide and lithium tracers in chemical dilution gauging of storm sewers. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 11pp. (IH Report No.50) (Unpublished)

Newson, M. D.; Harrison, J. G.. 1978 Channel studies in the Plynlimon experimental catchments. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 62pp. (IH Report No.47) (Unpublished)


O'Connell, P. E.; Gurney, R. J.; Jones, D. A.; Miller, J. B.; Nicholass, C. A.; Senior, M. R.. 1978 Rationalization of the Wessex Water Authority raingauge network. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 179pp. (IH Report No.51) (Unpublished)


Potter, H. R.. 1978 The use of historic records for the augmentation of hydrological data. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 59pp. (IH Report No.46) (Unpublished)


Rawes, M.. 1978 Botanical species lists for Moor House National Nature Reserve. Nature Conservancy Council, 58pp. (Aspects of the ecology of the northern Pennines, Moor House Occasional Papers, no. 12 (1978)) (Unpublished)


Stevens, M. J.; Lynn, P. P.. 1978 Regional growth curves. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 21pp. (IH Report No.52) (Unpublished)

Sutcliffe, J. V.. 1978 Methods of flood estimation: a guide to the Flood Studies Report. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 50pp. (IH Report No.49) (Unpublished)


Templeman, R. F.. 1978 The translation of microdata style automatic weather station data. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 18pp. (IH Report No.48) (Unpublished)


Walton, K.C.. 1978 Fluoride in predatory mammals. Preliminary report July 1978. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 32pp. (ITE Project Number: 0524) (Unpublished)

Way, J.M.; Mountford, J.O.; Sheail, J.. 1978 British Rail Land - Biological Survey. Second interim report to the Nature Conservancy Council. NERC/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 98pp. (ITE Project Number: 0466) (Unpublished)

Wells, T.C.E.. 1978 Establishment of herb rich swards - interim report. NERC, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 16pp. (ITE Project no: ITE0242) (Unpublished)

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