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Beamish, D.; Smythe, D.K.. 1986 Geophysical images of the deep crust: the Iapetus suture. Journal of the Geological Society, 143 (3). 489-497.

Beamish, D.; Tzanis, A.. 1986 High resolution spectral characteristics of the Earth-ionosphere cavity resonances. Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, 48 (2). 187-203.

Beamish, David. 1986 Deep crustal geoelectric structure beneath the Northumberland Basin. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 84 (3). 619-640.

Beamish, David. 1986 Geoelectric structural dimensions from magnetotelluric data : Methods of estimation, old and new. Geophysics, 51 (6). 1298-1309.

Beer, K.E.; Ball, T.K.; Bennett, M.J.. 1986 Mineral investigations near Bodmin, Cornwall. Part 5, the Castle-an-Dinas wolfram lode. British Geological Survey, 43pp. (WF/MR/86/083) (Unpublished)

Beer, K.E.; Mountford, B.R.; Ball, T.K.; Turton, K.; Tombs, J.M.C.; Rollin, K.E.. 1986 Investigations for tin around Wheal Reeth, Godolphin, Cornwall. British Geological Survey, 40pp. (WF/MR/86/081) (Unpublished)

Beer, K.E.; Turton, K.; Ball, T.K.. 1986 Mineral investigations near Bodmin, Cornwall. Part 4, drilling at Royalton Farm. British Geological Survey, 20pp. (WF/MR/86/082) (Unpublished)

Bristow, C.R.; Freshney, E.C.. 1986 Geology of Sheets SY 99 NE and SE and parts of SY 99 NW and SW Corfe Mullen - Lytchett Minster, Dorset: part of 1:50 000 sheet 329 (Bournemouth). Exeter, UK, British Geological Survey, 117pp. (WA/VG/86/004) (Unpublished)

Bristow, C.R.; Freshney, E.C.. 1986 Geology of the Poole-Bournemouth area: part of 1:50 000 Sheet 329 (Bournemouth). Exeter, UK, British Geological Survey, 138pp. (WA/VG/86/005) (Unpublished)

Brook, M.; Pankhurst, R.J.; Shepherd, T.J.; Spiro, B.. 1986 ANDCHRON : Andean geochronology and metallogenesis. Final report for the Overseas Development Administration Research and Development Project on the application of geochronology, isotope geology and fluid inclusion studies to understanding the geological evolution of the Southern Andes and the setting and formation of metallic ore deposits therein. British Geological Survey, 137pp. (British Geological Survey, Analytical & Applied Geochemistry Series, Technical Report WI/IG/86/001)

Burgess, W.G.. 1986 Kenya Rift Valley Geothermal Project: hydrogeology and geothermics of the Magadi-Longonot Sector. British Geological Survey, 63pp. (WD/OS/86/005) (Unpublished)


Carruthers, R.M.. 1986 Report on the application of geophysical surveys to groundwater exploration in crystalline basement terrains, 1985. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 88pp. (WK/RG/85/012) (Unpublished)

Charalambous, M.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Northmore, K.J.. 1986 Supplementary geotechnical and mineralogical data for cohesive soil samples from selected sites across Cyprus. British Geological Survey, 26pp. (WN/RR/86/005) (Unpublished)

Cooper, A.H.. 1986 Subsidence and foundering of strata caused by the dissolution of Permian gypsum in the Ripon and Bedale areas, North Yorkshire. In: Harwood, G.M.; Smith, D.B., (eds.) The English Zechstein and related topics. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 127-139. (Geological Society Special Publication, 22).

Cornwell, J.D.; Cave, R.. 1986 An airborne geophysical survey of part of west Dyfed, South Wales, and some related ground surveys. British Geological Survey, 45pp. (WF/MR/86/084) (Unpublished)


Greenbaum, D.. 1986 Tectonic investigation of Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe: preliminary report. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey. (WC/MP/86/002) (Unpublished)


Haslam, H.W.. 1986 Mineral investigations in the Ben Nevis and Ballachulish areas of the Scottish Highlands. British Geological Survey, 18pp. (WF/MR/86/080) (Unpublished)


Jozwiak, W.; Beamish, D.. 1986 A thin-sheet model of electromagnetic induction in northern England and southern Scotland. Geophysical Journal International, 85 (3). 629-643.


Kimbell, G.S.. 1986 Geophysical surveys near Strontian, Highland Region. British Geological Survey, 28pp. (WF/MR/86/085) (Unpublished)


Lawrence, A.R.. 1986 Impact of rural development on groundwsater quality in Ghana. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 18pp. (WD/OS/86/003) (Unpublished)

Lawrence, D.J.D.; Jackson, I.. 1986 Geology of the Ponteland-Morpeth district: 1:10,000 sheets NZ 17 NE, SE and NZ 18 NE, SE: parts of 1:50,000 Sheets 9 (Rothbury) and 14 (Morpeth). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, British Geological Survey, 40pp. (WA/DM/86/006) (Unpublished)

Loudon, T.V.. 1986 Digital spatial models and geological maps. In: Blakemore, M., (ed.) Proceedings Auto Carto London, Volume 2: Digital mapping and spatial information systems. London, UK, Auto Carto London Ltd, 60-65, 6pp.


Mennim, Keith C.. 1986 Raster techniques in geological map production. Proceedings of Auto Carto London, 1. 267-271.


Northmore, K.J.; Charalambous, M.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Petrides, G.. 1986 Engineering geology of the Kannaviou, 'Melange' and Mamonia Complex formations : Phiti/Statos area, S W Cyprus : engineering geology of cohesive soils associated with ophiolites, with particular reference to Cyprus. British Geological Survey, 205pp. (WN/RR/86/004) (Unpublished)

Nutt, M.J.C.; Lowe, D.J.. 1986 Aspects of the drift geoloqy of the Crosby, BootIe, Aintree area: part of 1:50 000 Sheets 83 (Formby) and 84 (Wigan). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey. (WA/VG/86/002) (Unpublished)


Simpson, F.. 1986 Descriptions of 44 cored sequences through the Broom Formation (Middle Jurassic) and associated strata, Northern North Sea. British Geological Survey, 138pp. (WB/MI/86/011) (Unpublished)

Smedley, Pauline. 1986 The relationship between calc-alkaline volcanism and within-plate continental rift volcanism : evidence from Scottish Palaeozoic lavas. Earth & Planetary Science Letters, 77 (1). 113-128.

Smith, I.F.; Jewell, C.M.; Negussie, Y.; Tilahun, K.. 1986 Hydrogeophysical studies in Wollo Province, Ethiopia. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 177pp. (WK/RG/86/015) (Unpublished)


Wright, E.P.; Herbert, R.; Murray, K.H.; Carruthers, R.M.; Kitching, R.; Macfarlane, M.; Hindson, L.L.; Mainala, S.. 1986 Collector well programme, Zimbabwe and Malawi, 1986-7. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 30pp. (WD/86/012) (Unpublished)

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