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Arkhipkin, Alexander I.; Rodhouse, Paul G. K.; Pierce, Graham J.; Sauer, Warwick; Sakai, Mitsuo; Allcock, Louise; Arguelles, Juan; Bower, John R.; Castillo, Gladis; Ceriola, Luca; Chen, Chih-Shin; Chen, Xinjun; Diaz-Santana, Mariana; Downey, Nicola; González, Angel F.; Granados Amores, Jasmin; Green, Corey P.; Guerra, Angel; Hendrickson, Lisa C.; Ibáñez, Christian; Ito, Kingo; Jereb, Patrizia; Kato, Yoshiki; Katugin, Oleg N.; Kawano, Mitsuhisa; Kidokoro, Hideaki; Kulik, Vladimir V.; Laptikhovsky, Vladimir V.; Lipinski, Marek R.; Liu, Bilin; Mariátegui, Luis; Marin, Wilbert; Medina, Ana; Miki, Katsuhiro; Miyahara, Kazutaka; Moltschaniwskyj, Natalie; Moustahfid, Hassan; Nabhitabhata, Jaruwat; Nanjo, Nobuaki; Nigmatullin, Chingis M.; Ohtani, Tetsuya; Pecl, Gretta; Perez, J. Angel A.; Piatkowski, Uwe; Saikliang, Pirochana; Salinas-Zavala, Cesar A.; Steer, Michael; Tian, Yongjun; Ueta, Yukio; Vijai, Dharmamony; Wakabayashi, Toshie; Yamaguchi, Tadanori; Yamashiro, Carmen; Yamashita, Norio; Zeidberg, Louis D.. 2015 World squid fisheries. Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, 23 (2). 92-252. 10.1080/23308249.2015.1026226

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Rodhouse, Paul G.K.; Lu, Chung-Cheng; Roper, Clyde F.E.. 2014 Malcolm Roy Clarke, FRS. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 1-6. 10.1017/S0025315414000204

Rodhouse, Paul G.K.; Pierce, Graham J.; Nichols, Owen C.; Sauer, Warwick H.H.; Arkhipkin, Alexander I.; Laptikhovsky, Vladimir V.; Lipiński, Marek R.; Ramos, Jorge E.; Gras, Michaël; Kidokoro, Hideaki; Sadayasu, Kazuhiro; Pereira, João; Lefkaditou, Evgenia; Pita, Cristina; Gasalla, Maria; Haimovici, Manuel; Sakai, Mitsuo; Downey, Nicola. 2014 Environmental effects on cephalopod population dynamics. In: Vidal , Erica A.G., (ed.) Advances in Cephalopod Science: Biology, Ecology, Cultivation and Fisheries. Elsevier, 99-233. (Advances in Marine Biology, 67, 67).

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Rosa, Rui; Yamashiro, Carmen; Markaida, Unai; Rodhouse, Paul; Waluda, Claire M.; Salinas-Zavala, Cesar A.; Keyl, Friedemann; O'Dor, Ron; Stewart, Julia S.; Gilly, William F.. 2013 Dosidicus gigas, Humboldt squid. In: Rosa, R.; Pierce, G.; O'Dor, R.K., (eds.) Advances in squid biology, ecology and fisheries. Part II - Oegopsid squids. New York, Nova Science Publishers, 169-206.

Rodhouse, Paul G.K.; Arkhipkin, Alexander I.; Laptikhovsky, Vladimir; Nigmatullin, Chingis; Waluda, Claire M.. 2013 Illex argentinus, Argentine shortfin squid. In: Rosa, Rui; Pierce, Graham; O'Dor, Ron, (eds.) Advances in Squid Biology, Ecology and Fisheries. Part II - Oegopsid squids. New York, Nova Science Publishers, 109-148.

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