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Crook, Julia; Klein, Cornelia; Folwell, Sonja; Taylor, Christopher M.; Parker, Douglas J.; Stratton, Rachel; Stein, Thorwald. 2019 Assessment of the representation of West African storm lifecycles in convection‐permitting simulations. Earth and Space Science, 6 (5). 818-835.

Adegoke, Jimmy; Sylla, Mouhamadou Bamba; Taylor, Christopher; Klein, Cornelia; Bossa, Aymar; Ogunjobi, Kehinde; Adounkpe, Julien. 2019 On the 2017 rainy season intensity and subsequent flood events over West Africa. In: Adegoke, Jimmy; Sylla, Mouhamadou Bamba; Bossa, Aymar Yaovi; Ogunjobi, Kehinde; Adounkpe, Julien, (eds.) Regional climate change series: floods. Accra, Ghana, WASCAL Publishing, 10-14.

Taylor, Christopher M.; Fink, Andreas H.; Klein, Cornelia; Parker, Douglas J.; Guichard, Francoise; Harris, Philip P.; Knapp, Kenneth R.. 2018 Earlier seasonal onset of intense mesoscale convective systems in the Congo Basin since 1999. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (24). 13458-13467.

Bliefernicht, J.; Berger, S.; Salack, S.; Guug, S.; Hingerl, L.; Heinzeller, D.; Mauder, M.; Steinbrecher, R.; Steup, G.; Bossa, A.Y.; Waongo, M.; Quansah, E.; Balogun, A.A.; Yira, Y.; Arnault, J.; Wagner, S.; Klein, C.; Gessner, U.; Knauer, K.; Straub, A.; Schönrock, R.; Kunkel, R.; Okogbue, E.C.; Rogmann, A.; Neidl, F.; Jahn, C.; Diekkrüger, B.; Aduna, A.; Barry, B.; Kunstmann, H.. 2018 The WASCAL hydrometeorological observatory in the Sudan Savanna of Burkina Faso and Ghana. Vadose Zone Journal, 17 (1), 180065. 20, pp.

Heinzeller, Dominikus; Dieng, Diarra; Smiatek, Gerhard; Olusegun, Christiana; Klein, Cornelia; Hamann, Ilse; Salack, Seyni; Bliefernicht, Jan; Kunstmann, Harald. 2018 The WASCAL high-resolution regional climate simulation ensemble for West Africa: concept, dissemination and assessment. Earth System Science Data, 10 (2). 815-835.

Klein, Cornelia; Belušić, Danijel; Taylor, Christopher M.. 2018 Wavelet scale analysis of mesoscale convective systems for detecting deep convection from infrared imagery. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 123 (6). 3035-3050.

Visman, Emma; Audia, Camilla; Crowley, Francis; Ilboudo, Justin; Sanou, Patricia; Henley, Edmund; Malick, Victor; Ritchie, Alexander; Fox, Gino; Traore, Maimouna Bologo; Tazen, Fowe; Diarra, Aboulaye; Warnaars, Tanya; Klein, Cornelia; Fitzpatrick, Rory; Pelling, Mark; McOmber, Chesney. 2017 Developing decision-relevant climate information and supporting its appropriate application. London, King's College, 12pp. (Learning Paper 6)

Klein, Cornelia; Bliefernicht, Jan; Heinzeller, Dominikus; Gessner, Ursula; Klein, Igor; Kunstmann, Harald. 2017 Feedback of observed interannual vegetation change: a regional climate model analysis for the West African monsoon. Climate Dynamics, 48 (9). 2837-2858.

Taylor, Christopher M.; Belusic, Danijel; Guichard, Francoise; Parker, Douglas J.; Vischel, Theo; Bock, Olivier; Harris, Phil P.; Janicot, Serge; Klein, Cornelia; Panthou, Geremy. 2017 Frequency of extreme Sahelian storms tripled since 1982 in satellite observations. Nature, 544 (7651). 475-478.

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