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Publication - Article

Tilot, Virginie C.; Cabrol, Nathalie A.; Parro, Victor; Fairén, Alberto G.; Ormond, Rupert F. G.; Moreno-Ostos, Enrique; Lopez-Gonzalez, Nieves; Figueroa, Fabián A.; Gallardo-Carreño, Ignacio; Smith, Eric W.; Sobrón, Pablo; Demergasso, Cecilia; Tambley, Cristian; Robidart, Julie. 2019 A test in a high altitude lake of a multi-parametric rapid methodology for assessing life in liquid environments on planetary bodies: A potential new freshwater polychaete Tubeworm community. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 7.

Polyviou, Despo; Baylay, Alison J.; Hitchcock, Andrew; Robidart, Julie; Moore, C.M.; Bibby, Thomas S.. 2018 Desert dust as a source of iron to the globally important diazotroph Trichodesmium. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8. 2683.

Crise, Alessandro; Ribera d’Alcalà, Maurizio; Mariani, Patrizio; Petihakis, George; Robidart, Julie; Iudicone, Daniele; Bachmayer, Ralf; Malfatti, Francesca. 2018 A Conceptual Framework for Developing the Next Generation of Marine OBservatories (MOBs) for Science and Society. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5.

Robidart, J. C.; Magasin, J. D.; Shilova, I. N.; Turk-Kubo, K. A.; Wilson, S. T.; Karl, D. M.; Scholin, C. A.; Zehr, J. P.. 2018 Effects of nutrient enrichment on surface microbial community gene expression in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. The ISME Journal.

McQuillan, Jonathan S.; Robidart, Julie C.. 2017 Molecular-biological sensing in aquatic environments: recent developments and emerging capabilities. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 45. 43-50.

Shilova, I. N.; Mills, M. M.; Robidart, J.C.; Turk-Kubo, K. A.; Björkman, K. M.; Kolber, Z.; Rapp, I.; van Dijken, G. L.; Church, M. J.; Arrigo, K. R.; Achterberg, E. P.; Zehr, J. P.. 2017 Differential effects of nitrate, ammonium, and urea as N sources for microbial communities in the North Pacific Ocean. Limnology and Oceanography, 62 (6). 2550-2574.

Bench, Shellie R.; Frank, Ildiko; Robidart, Julie; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2016 Two subpopulations of Crocosphaera watsonii have distinct distributions in the North and South Pacific. Environmental Microbiology, 18 (2). 514-524.

Shilova, Irina N.; Robidart, Julie C.; DeLong, Edward F.; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2016 Genetic diversity affects the daily transcriptional oscillations of marine microbial populations. PLOS ONE, 11 (1). e0146706.

Bombar, Deniz; Taylor, Craig D.; Wilson, Samuel T.; Robidart, Julie C.; Rabines, Ariel; Turk-Kubo, Kendra A.; Kemp, John N.; Karl, David M.; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2015 Measurements of nitrogen fixation in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre using a free-drifting submersible incubation device. Journal of Plankton Research, 37 (4). 727-739.

Varaljay, Vanessa A.; Robidart, Julie; Preston, Christina M.; Gifford, Scott M.; Durham, Bryndan P.; Burns, Andrew S.; Ryan, John P.; Marin, Roman; Kiene, Ronald P.; Zehr, Jonathan P.; Scholin, Christopher A.; Ann Moran, Mary. 2015 Corrigendum: Single-taxon field measurements of bacterial gene regulation controlling DMSP fate. Correction to: The ISME Journal (2015) 1677–1686. The ISME Journal, 9 (7). 1692.

Varaljay, V.; Robidart, J.; Preston, C.; Gifford, S.; Durham, B.; Burns, A.; Ryan, J.; Marin, R.; Kiene, R.; Zehr, J.; Scholin, C.; Moran, M.. 2015 Single-taxon field measurements of bacterial gene regulation controlling DMSP fate. The ISME Journal, 9. 1677-1686.

Wilson, Samuel T.; del Valle, Daniela A.; Robidart, Julie C.; Zehr, Jonathan P.; Karl, David M.. 2014 Erratum: Dissolved hydrogen and nitrogen fixation in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 6 (1). p122.

Robidart, Julie C.; Church, Matthew J.; Ryan, John P.; Ascani, François; Wilson, Samuel T.; Bombar, Deniz; Marin, Roman; Richards, Kelvin J.; Karl, David M.; Scholin, Christopher A.; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2014 Ecogenomic sensor reveals controls on N2-fixing microorganisms in the North Pacific Ocean. The ISME Journal, 8 (6). 1175-1185.

Shilova, Irina N.; Robidart, Julie C.; James Tripp, H.; Turk-Kubo, Kendra; Wawrik, Boris; Post, Anton F.; Thompson, Anne W.; Ward, Bess; Hollibaugh, James T.; Millard, Andy; Ostrowski, Martin; J Scanlan, David; Paerl, Ryan W.; Stuart, Rhona; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2014 A microarray for assessing transcription from pelagic marine microbial taxa. The ISME Journal, 8 (7). 1476-1491.

Wilson, Samuel T.; del Valle, Daniela A.; Robidart, Julie C.; Zehr, Jonathan P.; Karl, David M.. 2013 Dissolved hydrogen and nitrogen fixation in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 5 (5). 697-704.

Bombar, Deniz; Turk-Kubo, Kendra A.; Robidart, Julie; Carter, Brandon J.; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2013 Non-cyanobacterial nifH phylotypes in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre detected by flow-cytometry cell sorting. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 5 (5). 705-715.

Robidart, Julie; Callister, Stephen J.; Song, Pengfei; Nicora, Carrie D.; Wheat, Charles G.; Girguis, Peter R.. 2013 Characterizing microbial community and geochemical dynamics at hydrothermal vents using osmotically-driven continuous fluid samplers. Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (9). 4399-4407.

Bruno, B.; Rii, Y.; Robidart, J.; Viviani, D.. 2013 The young scientist and the sea (of microbes). Current: The Journal of Marine Education, 28. 3-8.

Robidart, Julie C.; Preston, Christina M.; Paerl, Ryan W.; Turk, Kendra A.; Mosier, Annika C.; Francis, Christopher A.; Scholin, Christopher A.; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2012 Seasonal Synechococcus and Thaumarchaeal population dynamics examined with high resolution with remote in situ instrumentation. The ISME Journal, 6 (3). 513-523.

Robidart, Julie C.; Roque, Annelys; Song, Pengfei; Girguis, Peter R.. 2011 Linking hydrothermal geochemistry to organismal physiology: Physiological versatility in Riftia pachyptila from sedimented and basalt-hosted vents. PLoS ONE, 6 (7). e21692.

Zehr, Jonathan P.; Robidart, Julie; Scholin, Chris. 2011 Marine microorganisms, biogeochemical cycles, and global climate change. Microbe Magazine, 6. 169-175.

Nyholm, Spencer V.; Robidart, Julie; Girguis, Peter R.. 2008 Coupling metabolite flux to transcriptomics: insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying primary productivity by the hydrothermal vent tubeworm Ridgeia piscesae. Biological Bulletin, 214 (3). 255-265.

Robidart, Julie C.; Bench, Shellie R.; Feldman, Robert A.; Novoradovsky, Alexey; Podell, Sheila B.; Gaasterland, Terry; Allen, Eric E.; Felbeck, Horst. 2008 Metabolic versatility of the Riftia pachyptila endosymbiont revealed through metagenomics. Environmental Microbiology, 10 (3). 727-737.

Markert, S.; Arndt, C.; Felbeck, H.; Becher, D.; Sievert, S.M.; Hugler, M.; Albrecht, D.; Robidart, J.; Bench, S.; Feldman, R.A.; Hecker, M.; Schweder, T.. 2007 Physiological Proteomics of the Uncultured Endosymbiont of Riftia pachyptila. Science, 315 (5809). 247-250.

Duplessis, M.R.; Ziebis, W.; Gros, O.; Caro, A.; Robidart, J.; Felbeck, H.. 2004 Respiration strategies utilized by the gill endosymbiont from the host lucinid Codakia orbicularis (Bivalvia: Lucinidae). Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 70 (7). 4144-4150.

Publication - Book Section

Robidart, Julie C.; Shilova, Irina N.; Zehr, Jonathan P.. 2012 “Omics”-Enabled Microbial Sensors on Ocean Platforms. In: Tiquia-Arashio, Sonia M., (ed.) Molecular Biological Technologies for Ocean Sensing. New York, Humana Press/Springer, 1-32, 295pp. (Springer Protocols Handbooks).

Publication - Report

Leinen, M.; Ausubel, J.; Jaffe, J.; Scholin, C.; Shirayama, Y.; Wilson, W.; Chavez, F.; Davies, N.; Robidart, J.. 2018 Report of the POGO task force for biological observations. Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean. (UNSPECIFIED)

Benedetti-Cecchi, L.; Crowe, T.; Boehme, L.; Boero, F.; Christensen, A.; Grémare, A.; Hernandez, F.; Kromkamp, J.C.; Nogueira García, E.; Petihakis, G.; Robidart, J.; Sousa Pinto, I.; Zingone, A.. 2018 Strengthening Europe’s capability in biological ocean observations. Ostend, Belgium, European Marine Board, 75pp. (Future Science Brief 3 of the European Marine Board)

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