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Publication - Article

Attias, Eric; Amalokwu, Kelvin; Watts, Millie; Falcon-Suarez, Ismael Himar; North, Laurence; Hu, Gao Wei; Best, Angus I.; Weitemeyer, Karen; Minshull, Tim A.. 2019 Gas hydrate quantification at a pockmark offshore Norway from joint effective medium modelling of resistivity and seismic velocity. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 113. 104151.

Sahoo, Sourav K; North, Laurence J; Marin Moreno, Hector; Minshull, Tim A; Best, Angus I. 2019 Laboratory observations of frequency-dependent ultrasonic P-wave velocity and attenuation during methane hydrate formation in Berea sandstone. Geophysical Journal International, 219 (1). 713-723.

Gehrmann, R. A. S.; North, L. J.; Graber, S.; Szitkar, F.; Petersen, S.; Minshull, T. A.; Murton, B. J.. 2019 Marine mineral exploration with controlled source electromagnetics at the TAG Hydrothermal Field, 26°N Mid‐Atlantic Ridge. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (11). 5808-5816.

Murton, Bramley J.; Lehrmann, Berit; Dutrieux, Adeline M.; Martins, Sofia; de la Iglesia, Alba Gil; Stobbs, Iain J.; Barriga, Fernando J.A.S.; Bialas, Jörg; Dannowski, Anke; Vardy, Mark E.; North, Laurence J.; Yeo, Isobel A.L.M.; Lusty, Paul A.J.; Petersen, Sven. 2019 Geological fate of seafloor massive sulphides at the TAG hydrothermal field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Ore Geology Reviews, 107. 903-925.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Papageorgiou, Georgios; Chadwick, Andy; North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.; Chapman, Mark. 2018 CO2-brine flow-through on an Utsira Sand core sample: experimental and modelling. implications for the Sleipner storage field. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 68. 236-246.

Bayrakci, G.; Falcon Suarez, I. H.; Minshull, T.A.; North, L.; Barker, A.; Zihlmann, B.; Rouméjon, S.; Best, A.I.. 2018 Anisotropic Physical Properties of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks From an Oceanic Core Complex. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19 (11). 4366-4384.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael Himar; Amalokwu, Kelvin; Delgado-Martin, Jordi; Callow, Ben; Robert, Katleen; North, Laurence; Sahoo, Sourav K.; Best, Angus I.. 2018 Comparison of stress-dependent geophysical, hydraulic and mechanical properties of synthetic and natural sandstones for reservoir characterization and monitoring studies. Geophysical Prospecting, 67 (4). 784-803.

Sahoo, Sourav K.; Madhusudhan, B. N.; Marin Moreno, Hector; North, Laurence J.; Ahmed, Sharif; Falcon Suarez, Ismael Himar; Minshull, Tim A.; Best, Angus I.. 2018 Laboratory insights into the effect of sediment-hosted methane hydrate morphology on elastic wave velocity from time-lapse 4D synchrotron X-ray computed tomography. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19 (11). 4502-4521.

Sahoo, Sourav K.; Marin Moreno, Héctor; North, Laurence J.; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Madhusudhan, Bangalore N.; Best, Angus I.; Minshull, Tim A.. 2018 Presence and consequences of coexisting methane gas with hydrate under two phase water-hydrate stability conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123 (5). 3377-3390.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Bayrakci, Gaye; Minshull, Tim A.; North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.; Rouméjon, Stéphane; IODP Expedition 357 Science Party, .. 2017 Elastic and electrical properties and permeability of serpentinites from Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Geophysical Journal International, 211 (2). 686-699.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; Canal-Vila, Jacobo; Delgado-Martin, Jordi; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. 2017 Characterisation and multifaceted anisotropy assessment of Corvio sandstone for geological CO2 storage studies. Geophysical Prospecting, 65 (5). 1293-1311.

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Marin Moreno, Hector; Browning, Fraser; Lichtschlag, Anna; Robert, Katleen; North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.. 2017 Experimental assessment of pore fluid distribution and geomechanical changes in saline sandstone reservoirs during and after CO2 injection. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 63. 356-369.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; North, Laurence; Amalokwu, Kelvin; Best, Angus. 2016 Integrated geophysical and hydromechanical assessment for CO2 storage: shallow low permeable reservoir sandstones. Geophysical Prospecting, 64 (4). 828-847.

Falcon-Suarez, Ismael; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. 2014 Experimental rig to improve the geophysical and geomechanical understanding of CO2 reservoirs. Energy Procedia, 59. 75-81.

North, Laurence J.; Best, Angus I.. 2014 Anomalous electrical resistivity anisotropy in clean reservoir sandstones. Geophysical Prospecting, 62 (6). 1315-1326.

Publication - Book Section

Clare, M.A.; Cartigny, M.J.B.; North, L.J.; Talling, P.J.; Vardy, M.E.; Hizzett, J.L.; Sumner, E.J.; Hughes Clarke, J.E.; Spinewine, B.. 2015 Quantification of near-bed dense layers and implications for seafloor structures: new insights into the most hazardous aspects of turbidity currents. In: Offshore Technology Conference 2015. Richardson, Texas, OnePetro/Society of Petroleum Engineers, OTC-25705-MS, 16pp.

Publication - Report

Best, A.I.; North, L.J.; Sothcott, J.; Sinha, M.C.. 2013 Upscaling of elastic wave and electrical properties of reservoir rocks (Commercial in Confidence). Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 68pp. (National Oceanography Centre Research and Consultancy Report, 29) (Unpublished)

Output (Electronic)

North, Laurence; Best, Angus; Sothcott, Jeremy. Joint elastic-electrical rock physics properties dataset: a laboratory study. National Oceanography Centre February 2012, [Output (Electronic)]

Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Canal-Vila, Jacobo; Delgado-Martin, Jordi; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. Physical, geochemical, geomechanical, geophysical and hydrodynamic characterization and anisotropy assessment of corvio sandstone. PANGAEA 2017, 10.1594/PANGAEA.863858 [Output (Electronic)]

Bayrakci, Gaye; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Minshull, Tim; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. (Table 1) Description of IODP rock samples from the Atlantis Massif, near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. PANGAEA 2017, 10.1594/PANGAEA.873533 [Output (Electronic)]

Bayrakci, Gaye; Falcon Suarez, Ismael; Minshull, Tim; North, Laurence; Best, Angus. (Table 2) Physical properties of IODP rock samples measured under various confining pressures. PANGAEA 2017, 10.1594/PANGAEA.873534 [Output (Electronic)]

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