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Publication - Article

McCracken, Morag E.; Woodcock, Ben A.; Lobley, Matt; Pywell, Richard F.; Saratsi, Eirini; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Mortimer, Simon R.; Harris, Stephanie J.; Winter, Michael; Hinsley, Shelley; Bullock, James M.. 2015 Social and ecological drivers of success in agri-environment schemes: the roles of farmers and environmental context. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52 (3). 696-705.

Meek, William R.; Burman, Peter J.; Nowakowski, Marek; Sparks, Tim H.; Hill, Ross A.; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Burman, Niall J.. 2009 Habitat does not influence breeding performance in a long-term Barn Owl Tyto alba study. Bird Study, 56 (9). 369-380.

Whittingham, Mark J.; Krebs, John R.; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Thewlis, Richard M.; Wilson, Jeremy D.; Freckleton, Robert P.. 2009 Habitat associations of British breeding farmland birds. Bird Study, 56 (1). 43-52.

Thomson, A. G.; Manchester, S. J.; Swetnam, R. D.; Smith, G. M.; Wadsworth, R. A.; Petit, S.; Gerard, F. F.. 2007 The use of digital aerial photography and CORINE-derived methodology for monitoring recent and historic changes in land cover near UK Natura 2000 sites for the BIOPRESS project. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28 (23). 5397-5426.

Swetnam, R. D.. 2007 Rural land use change in England and Wales, 1930-2000: a spatial and temporal analysis. Society for Landscape Studies Newsletter (Spring/Summer 20). 7-9.

Swetnam, Ruth D.. 2007 Rural land use in England and Wales between 1930 and 1998: Mapping trajectories of change with a high resolution spatio-temporal dataset. Landscape and Urban Planning, 81 (1-2). 91-103.

Whittingham, Mark J.; Krebs, John R.; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Vickery, Juliet A.; Wilson, Jeremy D.; Freckleton, Robert P.. 2007 Should conservation strategies consider spatial generality? Farmland birds show regional not national patterns of habitat association. Ecology Letters, 10 (1). 25-35.

Tindall, C. Isabella; Moore, Roger V.; Bosley, John D.; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Bowie, Rod; De Rudder, Anne. 2006 Creating and using the URGENT metadata catalogue and thesaurus. Science of the Total Environment, 360 (1-3). 223-232.

Mountford, J. O.; Roy, D. B.; Cooper, J. M.; Manchester, S. J.; Swetnam, R. D.; Warman, E. A.; Treweek, J. R.. 2006 Methods for targeting the restoration of grazing marsh and wet grassland communities at a national, regional and local scale. Journal for Nature Conservation, 14. 46-66.

Culshaw, M. G.; Nathanail, C. P.; Leeks, G. J. L.; Alker, S.; Bridge, D.; Duffy, T.; Fowler, D.; Packman, J. C.; Swetnam, R.; Wadsworth, R.; Wyatt, B.. 2006 The role of web-based environmental information in urban planning - the environmental information system for planners. Science of the Total Environment, 360. 233-245.

Publication - Book

Olschofsky, K.; Kohler, P.; Gerard, F.; Thomson, A.; Manchester, S.; Smith, G.; Wadsworth, R.; Swetnam, R.; Petit, S.; Gregor, M.; Sandra, L.; Huitu, H.; Hazeu, G.; Mucher, S.; Halada, L.; Bugar, G.; Pino, J.. 2006 Land cover change in Europe from the 1950'ies to 2000. Aerial photo interpretation and derived statistics from 59 samples distributed across Europe. Hamburg, Institute of World Forestry (BIOPRESS), 364pp.

Publication - Book Section

Swetnam, Ruth D.; Hill, Dorothy; Alker, S.K.; Duffy, Tim. 2005 Ecology and the UK planner : providing tools for sustainable landscapes. In: McCollin, D.; Jackson, J.I., (eds.) Planning, People and Practice : the landscape ecology of sustainable landscapes : proceedings of the 13th annual IALE (UK) Conference. University of Northampton, 177-185.

Rehfisch, M. M.; Holloway, S. J.; Yates, M. G.; Clarke, R. T.; Austin, G.; Clark, N. A.; Le V. dit Durell, S. E. A.; Eastwood, J. A.; Goss-Custard, J. D.; Swetnam, R.; West, J. R.. 1997 Predicting the effect of habitat change on waterfowl communities: a novel empirical approach. In: Goss-Custard, J. D.; Rufino, R.; Luis, A., (eds.) Effect of habitat loss and change on waterbirds. London, The Stationery Office, 116-126, 144pp. (ITE Symposium, 30).

Publication - Conference Item

Bellamy, P. E.; Sage, R.; Swetnam, R. D.. 2007 Landscape effects of growing biomass crops on farmland bird populations in England. [Poster] In: 25 Years of Landscape Ecology:Scientific principles in practice. Proceedings of the 7th IALE World Congress, Wageningen, Netherlands, 8-12 July 2007. Wageningen, Netherlands, International Association for Landscape Ecology, 895.

Publication - Report

Emmett, B.E.; Abdalla, M.; Anthony, S.; Astbury, S.; August, T.; Barrett, G.; Beckmann, B.; Biggs, J.; Botham, M.; Bradley, D.; Chadwick, D.; Collier, R.; Cooper, D.; Cooper, J.; Cosby, B.J.; Creer, S.; Cross, P.; Dadam, D.; Edwards, F.; Edwards, M.; Evans, C.; Ewald, N.; Garbutt, A.; Giampieri, C.; Goodwin, A.; Grebby, S.; Greene, S.; Halfpenney, I.; Hall, J.; Harrower, C.; Henrys, P.; Hobson, R.; Hughes, P.; Hughes, S.; Isaac, N.; Jackson, B.; Jarvis, S.; Jones, D.L.; Jones, P.; Keith, A.; Kelly, M.; Kneebone, N.; Lallias, D.; Lebron, I.; Malcolm, H.; Maskell, L.; MacDonald, J.; Maxwell, D.; Moxley, J.; Norton, L.; Oliver, T.; Owen, A.; Parkhill, K.A.; Pereira, M.G.; Peyton, J.; Powney, G.; Prochorskaite, A.; Rawlins, B.; Reuland, O.; Robinson, D.A.; Rorke, S.; Rowland, C.; Roy, D.; Scarlett, P.; Scholefield, P.; Scott, L.; Smith, G.R.; Siriwardena, G.; Smart, S.; Smith, P.; Swetnam, R.; Taft, H.; Taylor, R.; Tebbs, E.; Thomas, A.; Tordoff, G.; Turner, G.; Van Breda, J.; Vincent, H.; Wagner, M.; Waters, E.; Walker-Springett, K.; Wallace, H.; Webb, G.; Williams, B.; Williams, P.; Wood, C.. 2015 Glastir Monitoring & Evaluation Programme. Second year annual report. Bangor, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 1001pp. (CEH Project no. C04780)

Pywell, R.; Swetnam, R.; Walker, K.; Roy, D.. 2006 Assessing floristic change on Salisbury Plain between 1996 and 2004. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 64pp. (CEH: Project Report Number C02849) (Unpublished)

Carey, Peter; Maskell, Lindsay; Palmer, Steve; Smith, Geoff; Stuart, Rick; Swetnam, Ruth; Ullyett, Jackie; Wadsworth, Richard. 2006 Preparing for Countryside Survey 2006: Phase 1. Final report, Version 9 8.02.06. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 114pp. (CEH Project Number: C02754) (Unpublished)

Publication - Thesis

Swetnam, R.D.. 2007 The dynamics of land use change in England and Wales, 1930-2000: a spatial and temporal analysis. University of Exeter, PhD Thesis.

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