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Publication - Article

Meek, William R.; Burman, Peter J.; Nowakowski, Marek; Sparks, Tim H.; Hill, Ross A.; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Burman, Niall J.. 2009 Habitat does not influence breeding performance in a long-term Barn Owl Tyto alba study. Bird Study, 56 (9). 369-380. 10.1080/00063650902937339

Hinsley, S.A.; Hill, R.A.; Fuller, R.J.; Bellamy, P.E.; Rothery, P.. 2009 Bird species distributions across woodland canopy structure gradients. Community Ecology, 10 (1). 99-110. 10.1556/ComEc.10.2009.1.12

Patenaude, G; Milne, R.; Van Oijen, M.; Rowland, C. S.; Hill, R. A.. 2008 Integrating remote sensing datasets into ecological modelling: a Bayesian approach. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 29 (5). 1295-1315. 10.1080/01431160701736414

Smith, G. M.; Thomson, A. G.; Wilson, A. K.; Hill, R. A.; Purcell, P. W.. 2007 Airborne remote sensing for monitoring the impact of coastal zone management. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28 (7-8). 1433-1435. 10.1080/01431160701325341

Fuller, Robin M.; Devereux, Bernard J.; Gillings, Simon; Hill, Ross A.; Amable, Gabriel S.. 2007 Bird distributions relative to remotely sensed habitats in Great Britain: Towards a framework for national modelling. Journal of Environmental Management, 84. 586-605. 10.1016/j.jenvman.2006.07.001

Hill, Ross A.; Grancia, Klaus; Smith, Geoff M.; Schardt, Mathias. 2007 Representation of an alpine treeline ecotone in SPOT 5 HRG data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 110 (4). 458-467. 10.1016/j.rse.2006.11.031

Broughton, Richard K.; Hinsley, Shelley A; Bellamy, Paul E; Hill, Ross A.; Rothery, Peter. 2006 Marsh Tit Poecile palustris territories in a British broad-leaved wood. Ibis, 148. 744-752. 10.1111/j.1474-919X.2006.00583.x

Hinsley, Shelley A.; Hill, Ross A.; Bellamy, P. E.; Balzter, Heiko. 2006 The application of Lidar in woodland bird ecology: climate, canopy structure and habitat quality. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 72. 1399-1406.

Hill, R. A.; Smith, G. M.. 2005 Land cover heterogeneity in Great Britain as identified in Land Cover Map 2000. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 26. 5467-5473. 10.1080/01431160500259931

Publication - Book

Haines-Young, R. H.; Barr, C. J.; Black, H. I. J.; Briggs, D. J.; Bunce, R. G. H.; Clarke, R. T.; Cooper, A.; Dawson, F. H.; Firbank, L. G.; Fuller, R. M.; Furse, M. T.; Gillespie, M. K.; Hill, R.; Hornung, M.; Howard, D. C.; McCann, T.; Morecroft, M. D.; Petit, S.; Sier, A. R. J.; Smart, S. M.; Smith, G. M.; Stott, A. P.; Stuart, Rick; Watkins, J. W.. 2000 Accounting for nature: assessing habitats in the UK countryside. London, DETR.

Publication - Book Section

Hinsley, Shelley A; Hill, Ross A; Bellamy, Paul E; Ferns, Peter N; Harrison, Nancy M; Speakman, John R. 2007 Effects of nest site location on energy expenditure and reproductive success in tits. In: Hole using: adaptations and constraints. University of Podlasie, Wroclaw University, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Museum and Institute of Zoology, 15.

Hinsley, S. A.; Hill, R. A; Bellamy, P. E.; Ferns, P. N; Harrison, N. M. 2007 Structural, functional and temporal fragmentation: the impossibility of pleasing everyone. In: Bunce, R. G. H.; Jongman, R. H. G.; Hojas, L.; Weel, S., (eds.) 25 Years of Landscape Ecology: Scientific Principles in Practice. Proceedings of the 7th IALE World Congress. International Association for Landscape Ecology, 979-980.

Publication - Report

Carvell, C.; Pywell, R.; Heard, M.; Hill, R.; Arnold, H.. 2003 Restoration and management of bumblebee habitat in agricultural landscapes: project feasibility study. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 34pp. (CEH Project numbers: C02192;C01731) (Unpublished)

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