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Benoist, Noëlie M.A.; Bett, Brian J.; Morris, Kirsty J.; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2019 A generalised volumetric method to estimate the biomass of photographically surveyed benthic megafauna. Progress in Oceanography, 178. 102188.

Ardron, Jeff A.; Simon Lledo, Erik; Jones, Daniel O. B.; Ruhl, Henry. 2019 Detecting the effects of deep-seabed nodule mining: simulations using Megafaunal Data From the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

Levin, Lisa A.; Bett, Brian J.; Gates, Andrew R.; Heimbach, Patrick; Howe, Bruce M.; Janssen, Felix; McCurdy, Andrea; Ruhl, Henry A.; Snelgrove, Paul; Stocks, Karen I.; Bailey, David; Baumann-Pickering, Simone; Beaverson, Chris; Benfield, Mark C.; Booth, David J.; Carreiro-Silva, Marina; Colaço, Ana; Eblé, Marie C.; Fowler, Ashley M.; Gjerde, Kristina M.; Jones, Daniel O. B.; Katsumata, K.; Kelley, Deborah; Le Bris, Nadine; Leonardi, Alan P.; Lejzerowicz, Franck; Macreadie, Peter I.; McLean, Dianne; Meitz, Fred; Morato, Telmo; Netburn, Amanda; Pawlowski, Jan; Smith, Craig R.; Sun, Song; Uchida, Hiroshi; Vardaro, Michael F.; Venkatesan, R.; Weller, Robert A.. 2019 Global observing needs in the deep ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

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Benoist, Noëlie M.A.; Morris, Kirsty J.; Bett, Brian J.; Durden, Jennifer M.; Huvenne, Veerle A.I.; Le Bas, Tim P.; Wynn, Russell B.; Ware, Suzanne J.; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2019 Monitoring mosaic biotopes in a marine conservation zone by autonomous underwater vehicle. Conservation Biology. (In Press)

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Brasier, Madeleine J.; Harle, James; Wiklund, Helena; Jeffreys, Rachel M.; Linse, Katrin ORCID:; Ruhl, Henry A.; Glover, Adrian G.. 2017 Distributional patterns of polychaetes across the Western Antarctic based on DNA barcoding and particle tracking analyses. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4. 00356.

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Gubili, Chrysoula; Ross, Elizabeth; Billett, David S.M.; Yool, Andrew; Tsairidis, Charalampos; Ruhl, Henry A.; Rogacheva, Antonina; Masson, Doug; Tyler, Paul A.; Hauton, Chris. 2017 Species diversity in the cryptic abyssal holothurian Psychropotes longicauda (Echinodermata). Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 137. 288-296.

Main, C.E.; Yool, A.; Holliday, N.P.; Popova, E.E.; Jones, D.O.B.; Ruhl, H.A.. 2017 Simulating pathways of subsurface oil in the Faroe–Shetland Channel using an ocean general circulation model. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 114 (1). 315-326.

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Cristini, Luisa; Lampitt, Richard S.; Cardin, Vanessa; Delory, Eric; Haugan, Peter; O'Neill, Nick; Petihakis, George; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2016 Cost and value of multidisciplinary fixed-point ocean observatories. Marine Policy, 71. 138-146.

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Publication - Book Section

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Publication - Conference Item

Osterloff, Jonas; Schoening, Timm; Bergmann, Melanie; Durden, Jennifer M.; Ruhl, Henry A.; Nattkemper, Tim W.. 2014 Ranking color correction algorithms using cluster indices. In: 2014 ICPR Workshop on Computer Vision for Analysis of Underwater Imagery, Stockholm, Sweden, 24-24 Aug 2014. IEEE, 41-48.

Morris, Kirsty; Jones, Daniel; Bett, Brian; Billett, David; Huvenne, Veerle; McPhail, Stephen; Ruhl, Henry. 2013 Autonomous Ecological Surveying of the Abyss (AESA):Towards a landscape scale perspective in deep-sea ecology. [Poster] In: UK-IMON International Workshop on New Monitoring Technologies:A Workshop to Prioritise Future Investment, Southampton, 10-12 Sep 2013. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Ruhl, Henry; et al, .. 2019 RRS James Cook Cruise 165 19 May - 12 Jun 2018. Water column and seafloor time-series studies at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 158pp. (National Oceanography Centre Cruise Report, 57)

Ruhl, H.A.; et al, .. 2016 RRS Discovery Cruise DY034, 06 Aug - 02 Sep 2015, Southampton to Southampton. Shelf sea biogeochemistry. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 121pp. (National Oceanography Centre Cruise Report 39)

Ruhl, H.A.; et al, .. 2015 RRS Discovery Cruise DY008, 18 Mar - 13 Apr 2014, Southampton to Southampton. Shelf sea biogeochemistry. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 133pp. (National Oceanography Centre Cruise Report 33)

Ruhl, H.A.; et al, .. 2013 RRS Discovery Cruise 377 & 378, 05 - 27 Jul 2012, Southampton to Southampton. Autonomous ecological surveying of the abyss: understanding mesoscale spatical heterogeneity at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 73pp. (National Oceanography Centre Cruise Report, 23)

Ruhl, H.A.; et al, .. 2012 RRS James Cook Cruise 62, 24 Jul-29 Aug 2011. Porcupine Abyssal Plain – sustained observatory research. Southampton, UK, National Oceanography Centre Southampton, 119pp. (National Oceanography Centre Cruise Report 12)

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