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Publication - Article

Moat, B. I. ORCID:; Sinha, B.; Josey, S. A.; Robson, J.; Ortega, P.; Sévellec, F.; Holliday, N. P.; McCarthy, G. D.; New, A. L.; Hirschi, J. J.-M.. 2019 Insights into decadal North Atlantic sea surface temperature and ocean heat content variability from an eddy-permitting coupled climate model. Journal of Climate, 32 (18). 6137-6161.

Grist, Jeremy P.; Sinha, Bablu; Hewitt, Helene. T.; Duchez, Aurélie; MacLachlan, Craig; Hyder, Patrick; Josey, Simon A.; Hirschi, Joël J.-M.; Blaker, Adam T.; New, Adrian. L.; Scaife, Adam A.; Roberts, Chris D.. 2019 Re-emergence of North Atlantic subsurface ocean temperature anomalies in a seasonal forecast system. Climate Dynamics. 22, pp.

Durgadoo, Jonathan V.; Biastoch, Arne; New, Adrian L.; Rühs, Siren; Nurser, Aylmer J.G.; Drillet, Yann; Bidlot, Jean-Raymond. 2019 Strategies for simulating the drift of marine debris. Journal of Operational Oceanography. 1-12. (In Press)

Grist, Jeremy P.; Josey, Simon A.; New, Adrian L.; Roberts, Malcolm; Koenigk, Torben; Iovino, Doroteaciro. 2018 Increasing Atlantic Ocean Heat Transport in the Latest Generation Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Models: The Role of Air-Sea Interaction. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 123 (11). 8624-8637.

Robson, Jon; Sutton, Rowan T.; Archibald, Alex; Cooper, Fenwick; Christensen, Matthew; Gray, Lesley J.; Holliday, N. Penny; Macintosh, Claire; McMillan, Malcolm; Moat, Ben ORCID:; Russo, Maria; Tilling, Rachel; Carslaw, Ken; Desbruyeres, Damien; Embury, Owen; Feltham, Daniel L.; Grosvenor, Daniel P.; Josey, Simon; King, Brian; Lewis, Alastair; McCarthy, Gerard D.; Merchant, Chris; New, Adrian L.; O'Reilly, Christopher H.; Osprey, Scott M.; Read, Katie; Scaife, Adam; Shepherd, Andrew; Sinha, Bablu; Smeed, David; Smith, Doug; Ridout, Andrew; Woollings, Tim; Yang, Mingxi. 2018 Recent multivariate changes in the North Atlantic climate system, with a focus on 2005-2016. International Journal of Climatology, 38 (14). 5050-5076.

Hewitt, Helene T.; Bell, Michael J.; Chassignet, Eric P.; Czaja, Arnaud; Ferreira, David; Griffies, Stephen M.; Hyder, Pat; McClean, Julie L.; New, Adrian L.; Roberts, Malcolm J.. 2017 Will high-resolution global ocean models benefit coupled predictions on short-range to climate timescales? Ocean Modelling, 120. 120-136.

Robinson, J.; New, A.L.; Popova, E.E.; Srokosz, M.A.; Yool, A.. 2017 Far-field connectivity of the UK's four largest marine protected areas: Four of a kind? Earth's Future, 5 (5). 475-494.

Holt, Jason; Hyder, Pat; Ashworth, Mike; Harle, James; Hewitt, Helene T.; Liu, Hedong; New, Adrian L.; Pickles, Stephen; Porter, Andrew; Popova, Ekaterina; Allen, J. Icarus; Siddorn, John; Wood, Richard. 2017 Prospects for improving the representation of coastal and shelf seas in global ocean models. Geoscientific Model Development, 10. 499-523.

Freychet, Nicolas; Duchez, Aurelie; Wu, Chi-Hua; Chen, Chao-An; Hsu, Huang-Hsiung; Hirschi, Joel; Forryan, Alex; Sinha, Bablu; New, Adrian L.; Graham, Tim; Andrews, Martin B.; Tu, Chia-Ying; Lin, Shian-Jiann. 2017 Variability of hydrological extreme events in East Asia and their dynamical control: a comparison between observations and two high-resolution global climate models. Climate Dynamics, 48 (3). 745-766.

Hewitt, Helene T.; Roberts, Malcolm J.; Hyder, Pat; Graham, Tim; Rae, Jamie; Belcher, Stephen E.; Bourdallé-Badie, Romain; Copsey, Dan; Coward, Andrew; Guiavarch, Catherine; Harris, Chris; Hill, Richard; Hirschi, Joël J.-M.; Madec, Gurvan; Mizielinski, Matthew S.; Neininger, Erica; New, Adrian L.; Rioual, Jean-Christophe; Sinha, Bablu; Storkey, David; Shelly, Ann; Thorpe, Livia; Wood, Richard A.. 2016 The impact of resolving the Rossby radius at mid-latitudes in the ocean: results from a high-resolution version of the Met Office GC2 coupled model. Geoscientific Model Development, 9 (10). 3655-3670.

New, A.L.; Magalhaes, J.M.; da Silva, J.C.B.. 2013 Internal solitary waves on the Saya de Malha bank of the Mascarene Plateau: SAR observations and interpretation. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 79. 50-61.

Magalhaes, J.M.; da Silva, J.C.B.; Batista, M.; Gostiaux, L.; Gerkema, T.; New, A.L.; Jeans, D.R.G.. 2013 On the detectability of internal waves by an imaging lidar. Geophysical Research Letters, 40 (13). 3429-3434.

Persechino, A.; Marsh, R.; Sinha, B.; Megann, A.P.; Blaker, A.T.; New, A.L.. 2012 Decadal-timescale changes of the Atlantic overturning circulation and climate in a coupled climate model with a hybrid-coordinate ocean component. Climate Dynamics, 39 (3-4). 1021-1042.

Zuo, Hao; Naveira Garabato, Alberto C.; New, Adrian L.; Oschlies, Andreas. 2012 Mechanisms of subantarctic mode water upwelling in a hybrid-coordinate global GCM. Ocean Modelling, 45-46. 59-80.

da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.; Magalhaes, J.M.. 2011 On the structure and propagation of internal solitary waves generated at the Mascarene Plateau in the Indian Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 58 (3). 229-240.

Megann, A.P.; New, A.L.; Blaker, A.T.; Sinha, B.. 2010 The sensitivity of a coupled climate model to its ocean component. Journal of Climate, 23 (19). 5126-5150.

Grist, Jeremy P.; Josey, Simon A.; Marsh, Robert; Good, Simon A.; Coward, Andrew C.; de Cuevas, Beverly A.; Alderson, Steven G.; New, Adrian L.; Madec, Gurvan. 2010 The roles of surface heat flux and ocean heat transport convergence in determining Atlantic Ocean temperature variability. Ocean Dynamics, 60 (4). 771-790.

da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.; Magalhaes, J.M.. 2009 Internal solitary waves in the Mozambique Channel: Observations and interpretation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114 (C5). C05001.

Shaffrey, L.C.; Norton, W.A.; Vidale, P.L.; Demory, M.E.; Donners, J.; Cole, J.W.; Wilson, S.S.; Slingo, J.M.; Steenman-Clark, L.; Stevens, I.; Stevens, D.P.; Roberts, M.J.; Clayton, A.; Johns, T.C.; Martin, G.M.; Harle, J.D.; New, A.L.; Jrrar, A.; Connolley, W.M.; King, J.C.; Woodage, J.; Slingo, A.; Clark, D.B.; Davies, T.M.; Iwi, A.M.. 2009 UK-HiGEM: The New U.K. High Resolution Global Environment Model - Model description and basic evaluation. Journal of Climate, 22 (8). 1861-1896.

New, A.L.; Alderson, S.G.; Smeed, D.A.; Stansfield, K.L.. 2007 On the circulation of water masses across the Mascarene Plateau in the South Indian Ocean. Deep-Sea Research I, 54 (1). 42-74.

Da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.; Azevedo, A.. 2007 On the role of SAR for observing 'local generation' of internal solitary waves off the Iberian Peninsula. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 33 (5). 388-403.

Azevedo, A.; da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.. 2006 On the generation and propagation of internal solitary waves in the southern Bay of Biscay. Deep-Sea Research I, 53 (6). 927-941.

New, A.L.; Stansfield, K.; Smythe-Wright, D.; Smeed, D.A.; Evans, A.J.; Alderson, S.G.. 2005 Physical and biochemical aspects of the flow across the Mascarene Plateau in the Indian Ocean. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A, 363 (1826). 151-168.

Smythe-Wright, D.; Boswell, S.M.; Lucas, C.H.; New, A.L.; Varney, M.S.. 2005 Halocarbon and dimethyl sulphide production around the Mascarene Plateau. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A, 363 (1826). 169-185.

Smeed, D.A.; New, A.L.; Alderson, S.G.; Stansfield, K.L.. 2003 Internal tides and mixing in the Indian Ocean (abstract of paper to be presented at: AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, 26-30 January 2004, Portland, Oregon). EOS: Transactions American Geophysical Union, 84 (52, Supplement). OS39.

New, A.L.; Da Silva, J.C.B.. 2002 Remote-sensing evidence for the local generation of internal soliton packets in the central Bay of Biscay. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 49 (5). 915-934.

Da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.; Srokosz, M.A.; Smyth, T.J.. 2002 On the observability of internal tidal waves in remotely-sensed ocean colour data. Geophysical Research Letters, 29 (12). Art 1569-[4pp].

New, A.L.; Smythe-Wright, D.. 2001 Aspects of the circulation in the Rockall Trough. Continental Shelf Research, 21 (8/10). 777-810.

Willebrand, Jürgen; Barnier, Bernard; Böning, Claus; Dieterich, Christian; Killworth, Peter D.; Le Provost, Christian; Jia, Yanli; Molines, Jean-Marc; New, Adrian L.. 2001 Circulation characteristics in three eddy-permitting models of the North Atlantic. Progress in Oceanography, 48 (2/3). 123-161.

New, A.L.; Barnard, S.; Herrmann, P.; Molines, J.-M.. 2001 On the origin and pathway of the saline inflow to the Nordic Seas: insights from models. Progress in Oceanography, 48 (2/3). 255-287.

New, A.L.; Jia, Y.; Coulibaly, M.; Dengg, J.. 2001 On the role of the Azores Current in the ventilation of the North Atlantic Ocean. Progress in Oceanography, 48 (2-3). 163-194.

Megann, A.; New, A.. 2001 The effects of resolution and viscosity in an isopycnic-coordinate model of the equatorial Pacific. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 31 (8). 1993-2018.<1993:TEORAV>2.0.CO;2

Marsh, R.; Nurser, A.J.G.; Megann, A.P.; New, A.L.. 2000 Water mass transformation in the Southern Ocean of a global isopycnal coordinate GCM. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 30 (5). 1013-1045.<1013:WMTITS>2.0.CO;2

New, A.L.; Pingree, R.D.. 2000 An intercomparison of internal solitary waves in the Bay of Biscay and resulting from Korteweg-de Vries-Type theory. Progress in Oceanography, 45 (1). 1-38.

Publication - Book Section

Azevedo, A.; Correia, S.; da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.. 2004 Hot-spots of internal wave activity off Iberia revealed by multisensor remote sensing satellite observations - SPOTIWAVE. In: Lacoste, H., (ed.) Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR, Svalbard, Norway, 8-12 Sep 2003. Noordwijk, Netherlands, European Space Agency, 125-132. (ESA Special Publication, SP-565).

Publication - Report

Holt, Jason; New, Adrian; Liu, Hedong; Coward, Andrew; Pickles, Stephen; Ashworth, Mike. 2013 Next generation ocean dynamical core roadmap project: final report. Report for the NERC Ocean Roadmap exercise. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 39pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Holt, Jason; New, Adrian; Liu, Hedong; Coward, Andrew; Pickles, Stephen; Ashworth, Mike. 2013 Next generation ocean dynamical core roadmap project: summary and recommendations. Report for the NERC Ocean Roadmap exercise. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 8pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

New, A.L.. 2003 RRS Charles Darwin Cruise 141, 01 Jun-11 Jul 2002. Satellite Calibration and Interior Physics of the Indian Ocean: SCIPIO. Southampton, UK, Southampton Oceanography Centre, 92pp. (Southampton Oceanography Centre Cruise Report 41)

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