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Fischer, Anke; van der Wal, Rene. 2007 Invasive plant suppresses charismatic seabird – the construction of attitudes towards biodiversity management options. Biological Conservation, 135 (2). 256-267. 10.1016/j.biocon.2006.10.026

Scott, David; Welch, David; van der Wal, Rene; Elston, David A.. 2007 Response of the moss Racomitrium lanuginosum to changes in sheep grazing and snow-lie due to a snow-fence. Applied Vegetation Science, 10 (2). 229-238. 10.1658/1402-2001(2007)10[229:ROTMRL]2.0.CO;2

van der Wal, Rene; Sjogersten, Sofie; Woodi, Sarah J.; Cooper, Elizabeth J.; Jonsdottir, Ingibjorg S.; Kuijpers, Dries; Fox, Tony A.D.; Huiskes, A.D.. 2007 Spring feeding by pink-footed geese reduces carbon stocks and sink strength in tundra ecosystems. Global Change Biology, 13 (2). 539-545. 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2006.01310.x


van der Wal, R.. 2006 The management of tree mallow and puffin habitat on Craigleith: a first proposal. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 11pp. (CEH: Project Report Number C02823) (Unpublished)

Keith, Aidan M.; van der Wal, Rene; Brooker, Rob W.; Ostler, Graham H. R.; Chapman, Stephen J.; Burslem, David F. R. P.. 2006 Birch invasion of heather moorland increases nematode diversity and trophic complexity. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 38. 3421-3430. 10.1016/j.soilbio.2006.05.013

Ayres, Edward; van der Wal, Rene; Sommerkorn, Martin; Bardgett, Richard D.. 2006 Direct uptake of soil nitrogen by mosses. Biology Letters, 2 (2). 286-288. 10.1098/rsbl.2006.0455

Van Der Wal, Rene. 2006 Do herbivores cause habitat degradation or vegetation state transition? Evidence from the tundra. Oikos, 114. 177-186. 10.1111/j.2006.0030-1299.14264.x

Preston, C. D.; van der Wal, R.; Welch, D.; Hill, M. O.. 2006 Scottish trends in vascular plants (2005). Inverness, Scottish Natural Heritage. (Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No. 169, ROAME No. F01NB0).

Sjogersten, Sofie; van der Wal, Rene; Woodin, Sarah. 2006 Small-scale hydrological variation determines landscape CO2 fluxes in the high arctic. Biogeochemistry, 80. 205-216. 10.1007/s10533-006-9018-6

van der Wal, R.. 2006 Winter hare help spring brent. In: Drent, R.H., (ed.) Seeking nature's limits. Leiden, KNNV Publishers, 7-11.

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