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Publication - Article

Dejardin, Rowan; Kender, Sev; Allen, Claire S. ORCID:; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Swann, George E.A.; Peck, Victoria L.. 2018 “Live” (stained) benthic foraminiferal living depths, stable isotopes, and taxonomy offshore South Georgia, Southern Ocean: implications for calcification depths. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 37. 25-71.

Swann, G.E.A.; Kendrick, C.P.; Dickson, A.J.; Worne, Savannah. 2018 Late Pliocene marine pCO2 reconstructions from the Subarctic Pacific Ocean. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 33 (5). 457-469.

Smith, Andrew C.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Swann, George E.A.; Barker, Philip A.; Mackay, Anson W.; Ryves, David B.; Sloane, Hilary J.; Chenery, Simon R.N.; Hems, Mike. 2015 An experiment to assess the effects of diatom dissolution on oxygen isotope ratios. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 30 (2). 293-300.

Swann, George E.A.; Pike, Jennifer; Snelling, Andrea M.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Williams, Maria C.. 2013 Seasonally resolved diatom δ18O records from the West Antarctic Peninsula over the last deglaciation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 364. 12-23.

Snelling, Andrea Marie; Swann, George E.A.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Pike, Jennifer. 2013 A micro-manipulation technique for the purification of diatoms for isotope and geochemical analysis. Silicon, 5 (1). 13-17.

Swann, George E.A.. 2010 Salinity changes in the North West Pacific Ocean during the late Pliocene/early Quaternary from 2.73 Ma to 2.52 Ma. Earth and planetary science letters, 297 (1-2). 332-338.

Vane, C.H.; Kim, A.W.; McGowan, S.; Leng, M.J. ORCID:; Heaton, T.H.E.; Kendrick, C.P.; Coombs, P.; Yang, H.; Swann, G.E.A.. 2010 Sedimentary records of sewage pollution using faecal markers in contrasting peri-urban shallow lakes. Science of the Total Environment, 409 (2). 345-356.

Swann, George E.A.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Juschus, Olaf; Melles, Martin; Brigham-Grette, Julie; Sloane, Hilary J.. 2010 A combined oxygen and silicon diatom isotope record of Late Quaternary change in Lake El’gygytgyn, North East Siberia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29 (5-6). 774-789.

Swann, George E.A.. 2010 A comparison of the Si/Al and Si/time wet-alkaline digestion methods for measurement of biogenic silica in lake sediments. Journal of Paleolimnology, 44 (2). 375-385.

Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Swann, George E.A.; Hodson, Martin J.; Tyler, Jonathan J.; Patwardhan, Siddharth V.; Sloane, Hilary J.. 2009 The potential use of silicon isotope composition of biogenic silica as a proxy for environmental change. Silicon, 1 (2). 65-77.

Swann, George E.A.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Sloane, Hilary J.; Maslin, Mark A.. 2008 Isotope offsets in marine diatom [delta]18O over the last 200 ka. Journal of Quaternary Science, 23 (4). 389-400.

Swann, George; Leng, Melanie ORCID:; Sloane, Hilary; Maslin, M.A.; Onodera, J.. 2007 Diatom oxygen isotopes : evidence of a species effect in the sediment record. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 8 (6). 10.

Swann, George E.A.; Mackay, Anson W.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Demory, Francois. 2005 Climatic change in central Asia during MIS 3/2 : a case study using biological responses from Lake Baikal. Global and Planetary Change, 46 (1-4). 235-253.

Swann, George; Leng, Melanie ORCID:; Maslin, Mark. 2005 Ice everywhere : but how did it get there? Planet Earth, Autumn. 18.

Haug, Gerald H.; Ganopolski, Andrey; Sigman, Daniel M.; Rosell-Mele, Antoni; Swann, George E.A.; Tiedemann, Ralf; Jaccard, Samuel L.; Bollmann, Jorg; Maslin, Mark A.; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Eglinton, Geoffrey. 2005 North Pacific seasonality and the glaciation of North America 2.7 million years ago. Nature, 433 (7028). 821-825.

Publication - Book Section

Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Swann, George E.A.. 2010 Stable isotopes in diatom silica. In: Smol, J.P.; Stoermer, E.F., (eds.) The diatoms : applications for the environmental and earth sciences. Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press, 127-143.

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