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Pinto, Patricia I.S.; Andrade, André R.; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Estêvão, M. Dulce; Canario, Adelino V.M.; Power, Deborah M.. 2019 Estradiol and genistein effects on the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) scales: Transcriptome dataset. Data in Brief, 27, 104587.

Pinto, Patricia I.S.; Andrade, André R.; Moreira, Catarina; Zapater, Cinta; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Santos, Soraia; Estêvão, M. Dulce; Gomez, Ana; Canario, Adelino V.M.; Power, Deborah M.. 2019 Genistein and estradiol have common and specific impacts on the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) skin-scale barrier. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 195, 105448.

Schiffer, Philipp H.; Danchin, Etienne G.J.; Burnell, Ann M.; Creevey, Christopher J.; Wong, Simon; Dix, Ilona; O'Mahony, Georgina; Culleton, Bridget A.; Rancurel, Corinne; Stier, Gary; Martinez-Salazar, Elizabeth A.; Marconi, Aleksandra; Trivedi, Urmi; Kroiher, Michael; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Schierenberg, Einhard; Wiehe, Thomas; Blaxter, Mark. 2019 Signatures of the evolution of parthenogenesis and cryptobiosis in the genomes of panagrolaimid nematodes. iScience, 21. 587-602.

Clark, Melody S. ORCID:; Suckling, Coleen C. ORCID:; Cavallo, Alessandro ORCID:; Mackenzie, Clara L.; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Davies, Andrew J.; Peck, Lloyd S.. 2019 Molecular mechanisms underpinning transgenerational plasticity in the green sea urchin Psammechinus miliaris. Scientific Reports, 9, 952. 12, pp.

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Seybold, Anna C.; Wharton, David A.; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Marshall, Craig J.. 2017 Investigating trehalose synthesis genes after cold acclimation in the Antarctic nematode Panagrolaimus sp. DAW1. Biology Open, 6 (12). 1953-1959.

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Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID: 2016 Beyond connectedness: why pairwise metrics cannot capture community stability. Ecology and Evolution, 6 (20). 7199-7206.

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Clark, M.S. ORCID:; Thorne, M.A.S. ORCID:; Burns, G.; Peck, L.S.. 2016 Age-related thermal response: the cellular resilience of juveniles. Cell Stress and Chaperones, 21 (1). 75-85.

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Artigaud, Sébastien; Richard, Joëlle; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Lavaud, Romain; Flye-Sainte-Marie, Jonathan; Jean, Fred; Peck, Lloyd S.; Clark, Melody S. ORCID:; Pichereau, Vianney. 2015 Deciphering the molecular adaptation of the king scallop (Pecten maximus) to heat stress using transcriptomics and proteomics. BMC Genomics, 16 (1), 988. 14, pp.

Clark, Melody ORCID:; Thorne, Michael ORCID: 2015 Transcriptome of the Antarctic brooding gastropod mollusc Margarella antarctica. Marine Genomics, 24. 231-232.

Lüchmann, Karim H.; Clark, Melody S. ORCID:; Bainy, Afonso C.D.; Gilbert, Jack A.; Craft, John A.; Chipman, J.Kevin; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Mattos, Jacó J.; Siebert, Marília N.; Schroeder, Declan C.. 2015 Key metabolic pathways involved in xenobiotic biotransformation and stress responses revealed by transcriptomics of the mangrove oyster Crassostrea brasiliana. Aquatic Toxicology, 166. 10-20.

Peck, Lloyd S.; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Hoffman, Joseph I.; Morley, Simon A. ORCID:; Clark, Melody S. ORCID: 2015 Variability among individuals is generated at the gene expression level. Ecology, 96 (7). 2004-2014.

Suckling, Coleen C. ORCID:; Clark, Melody S. ORCID:; Richard, Joelle; Morley, Simon A. ORCID:; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Harper, Elizabeth M.; Peck, Lloyd S.. 2015 Adult acclimation to combined temperature and pH stressors significantly enhances reproductive outcomes compared to short-term exposures. Journal of Animal Ecology, 84 (3). 773-784.

Sleight, Victoria ORCID:; Thorne, Michael ORCID:; Peck, Lloyd; Clark, Melody ORCID: 2015 Transcriptomic response to shell damage in the Antarctic clam, Laternula elliptica: time scales and spatial localisation. Marine Genomics, 20. 45-55.

Gomes, A.S.; Alves, R.N.; Stueber, K.; Thorne, M.A.S. ORCID:; Smáradóttir, H.; Reinhard, R.; Clark, M.S. ORCID:; Rønnestad, I.; Power, D.M.. 2014 Transcriptome of the Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus). Marine Genomics, 18 (B). 101-103.

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Toullec, Jean-Yves; Corre, Erwan; Bernay, Benoît; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Cascella, Kévin; Ollivaux, Céline; Henry, Joël; Clark, Melody S. ORCID: 2013 Transcriptome and peptidome characterisation of the main neuropeptides and peptidic hormones of a Euphausiid: the ice krill Euphausia crystallorophias. PLoS One, 8 (8). e71609.

Hoffman, Joseph I.; Thorne, Michael A. S. ORCID:; McEwing, Rob; Forcada, Jaume ORCID:; Ogden, Rob. 2013 Cross-amplification and validation of SNPs conserved over 44 million years between seals and dogs. PLoS ONE, 8 (7). e68365.

Clark, Melody S. ORCID:; Husmann, Gunnar; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID:; Burns, Gavin; Truebano Garcia, Manuela ORCID:; Peck, Lloyd S.; Abele, Doris; Philipp, Eva E.R.. 2013 Hypoxia impacts large adults first: consequences in a warming world. Global Change Biology, 19 (7). 2251-2263.

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Thorne, M.A.S. ORCID:; Worland, M.R.; Feret, R.; Deery, M.J.; Lilley, K.S.; Clark, Melody ORCID: 2011 Proteomics of cryoprotective dehydration in Megaphorura arctica Tullberg 1876 (Onychiuridae: Collembola). Insect Molecular Biology, 20 (3). 303-310.

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Roberts, Stephen J.; Hodgson, Dominic A. ORCID:; Shelley, Samantha; Royles, Jessica ORCID:; Griffiths, Huw J. ORCID:; Deen, Tara J.; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID: 2010 Establishing lichenometric ages for nineteenth- and twentieth-century glacier fluctuations on South Georgia (South Atlantic). Geografiska Annaler Series A Physical Geography, 92A (1). 125-139.

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Publication - Book Section

Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID: 2017 Symmetry, asymmetry and beyond: the crucial role of interaction strength in the complexity-stability debate. In: Moore, John C.; de Ruiter, Peter C.; McCann, Kevin S.; Wolters, Volkmar, (eds.) Adaptive food webs: stability and transitions of real and model ecosystems. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 31-44.

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