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Kennicutt, M.C.; Kim, Y.D.; Rogan-Finnemore, M.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Chown, S.L.; Colwell, S.; Cowan, D.; Escutia, C.; Frenot, Y.; Hall, J.; Liggett, D.; Mcdonald, A.J.; Nixdorf, U.; Siegert, M.J.; Storey, J.; Wåhlin, A.; Weatherwax, A.; Wilson, G.S.; Wilson, T.; Wooding, R.; Ackley, S.; Biebow, N.; Blankenship, D.; Bo, S.; Baeseman, J.; Cárdenas, C.A.; Cassano, J.; Danhong, C.; Dañobeitia, J.; Francis, J.; Guldahl, J.; Hashida, G.; Corbalán, L. Jiménez; Klepikov, A.; Lee, J.; Leppe, M.; Lijun, F.; López-Martinez, J.; Memolli, M.; Motoyoshi, Y.; Bueno, R. Mousalle; Negrete, J.; Cárdenes, M.A. Ojeda; Silva, M. Proaño; Ramos-Garcia, S.; Sala, H.; Shin, H.; Shijie, X.; Shiraishi, K.; Stockings, T.; Trotter, S.; Vaughan, D.G.; De Menezes, J. Viera Da Unha; Vlasich, V.; Weijia, Q.; Winther, J.-G.; Miller, H.; Rintoul, S.; Yang, H.. 2016 Delivering 21st century Antarctic and Southern Ocean science. Antarctic Science, 28 (6). 407-423. 10.1017/S0954102016000481

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Colwell, Steve R.; Cayette, Arthur M.; Lazzara, Matthew A.; Powers, Jordan G.; Bromwich, David H.; Cassano, John J.; Carpentier, Scott. 2016 The 10th Antarctic meteorological observation, modeling, and forecasting workshop. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 33 (5). 656-658. 10.1007/s00376-016-6012-3

Deb, Pranab; Orr, Andrew; Hosking, J. Scott; Phillips, Tony; Turner, John; Bannister, Daniel; Pope, James O.; Colwell, Steve. 2016 An assessment of the Polar Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model representation of near-surface meteorological variables over West Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 121 (4). 1532-1548. 10.1002/2015JD024037


Colwell, S.; Keller, L.M.; Lazzara, M.A.; Setzer, A.; Fogt, R.L.. 2015 Surface staffed and automatic weather station observations. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 96 (7), supplement State of the climate 2014. S151-S153.


Colwell, S.; Keller, L.M.; Lazzara, M.A.; Setzer, A.. 2014 Surface manned and automatic weather stations. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 95 (7), supplement State of the climate 2013. S145-S147.


Moffat-Griffin, T.; Jarvis, M.J.; Colwell, S.R.; Kavanagh, A.J.; Manney, G.L.; Daffer, W.H.. 2013 Seasonal variations in lower stratospheric gravity wave energy above the Falkland Islands. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118. 10861-10869. 10.1002/jgrd.50859


Campanelli, M.; Estelles, V.; Smyth, T.; Tomasi, C.; Martìnez-Lozano, M.P.; Claxton, B.; Muller, P.; Pappalardo, G.; Pietruczuk, A.; Shanklin, Jonathan; Colwell, Steve; Wrench, C.; Lupi, A.; Mazzola, M.; Lanconelli, C.; Vitale, V.; Congeduti, F.; Dionisi, D.; Cardillo, F.; Cacciani, M.; Casasanta, G.; Nakajima, T.. 2012 Monitoring of Eyjafjallajokull volcanic aerosol by the new European Skynet Radiometers (ESR) network. Atmospheric Environment, 48. 33-45. 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.09.070


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Jones, Anna E.; Anderson, Philip S.; Wolff, Eric W.; Roscoe, Howard K.; Marshall, Gareth J.; Richter, A.; Brough, Neil; Colwell, Steven R.. 2010 Vertical structure of Antarctic tropospheric ozone depletion events: characteristics and broader implications. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10 (16). 7775-7794. 10.5194/acp-10-7775-2010


Lachlan-Cope, Thomas A.; Connolley, W.M.; Turner, John; Roscoe, Howard K.; Marshall, Gareth J.; Colwell, Steve R.; Höpfner, M.; Ingram, W.. 2009 Antarctic winter tropospheric warming - the potential role of polar stratospheric clouds, a sensitivity study. Atmospheric Science Letters, 10 (4). 262-266. 10.1002/asl.237

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Shanklin, Jonathan; Moore, Catherine; Colwell, Steve. 2009 Meteorological observing and climate in the British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia: Part 2. Weather, 64 (7). 171-177.

Turner, John; Anderson, Philip; Lachlan-Cope, Thomas; Colwell, Steven; Phillips, Tony; Kirchgaessner, Amelie; Marshall, Gareth; King, John; Bracegirdle, Thomas; Vaughan, David; Lagun, V; Orr, Andrew. 2009 Record low surface air temperature at Vostok Station, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 114 (D24). 14, pp. 10.1029/2009JD012104


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Roscoe, H.K.; Colwell, S.R.; Shanklin, J.D.; Karhu, J.A.; Taalas, P.; Gil, M.; Yela, M.; Rodriguez, S.; Rafanelli, C.; Cazeneuve, H.; Villanueva, C.A.; Ginsburg, M.; Diaz, S.B.; de Zafra, R.L.; Muscari, G.; Redaelli, G.; Dragani, R.. 2005 Measurements from ground and balloons during APE-GAIA – A polar ozone library. Advances in Space Research, 36 (5). 835-845. 10.1016/j.asr.2005.03.016

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Turner, John; Harangozo, Stephen A.; Marshall, Gareth J.; King, John C.; Colwell, Steve R.. 2002 Anomalous atmospheric circulation over the Weddell Sea, Antarctica during the austral summer of 2001/02 resulting in extreme sea ice conditions. Geophysical Research Letters, 29 (24). 4, pp. 10.1029/2002GL015565


Colwell, Steven; Turner, John. 1999 Antarctic meteorological observations on the GTS during the FROST project. Weather and Forecasting, 14 (6). 811-816. 10.1175/1520-0434(1999)014<0811:AMOOTG>2.0.CO;2

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Turner, John; Colwell, Steven; Leonard, Steven. 1999 Data collected during the FROST project [in special issue: Special edition] Australian Meteorological Magazine. 9-14.


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