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Publication - Article

Heath, M.R.; Rasmussen, J.; Ahmed, Y.; Allen, J.; Anderson, C.I.H.; Brierley, A.S.; Brown, L.; Bunker, A.; Cook, K.; Davidson, R.; Fielding, S.; Gurney, W.S.C.; Harris, R.; Hay, S.; Henson, S.; Hirst, A.G.; Holliday, N.P.; Ingvarsdottir, A.; Irigoien, X.; Lindeque, P.; Mayor, D.J.; Montagnes, D.; Moffat, C.; Pollard, R.; Richards, S.; Saunders, R.A.; Sidey, J.; Smerdon, G.; Speirs, D.; Walsham, P.; Waniek, J.; Webster, L.; Wilson, D.. 2008 Spatial demography of Calanus finmarchicus in the Irminger Sea. Progress in Oceanography, 76 (1). 39-88.

Kimmerer, W.J.; Hirst, A.G.; Hopcroft, R.R.; McKinnon, A.D.. 2007 Estimating juvenile copepod growth rates: corrections, inter-comparisons and recommendations. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 336. 187-202.

Cook, K.B.; Bunker, A.; Hay, S.; Hirst, Andrew G.; Speirs, D.C.. 2007 Naupliar development times and survival of the copepods Calanus helgolandicus and Calanus finmarchicus in relation to food and temperature. Journal of Plankton Research, 29 (9). 757-767.

Ward, Peter; Hirst, Andrew. 2007 Oithona similis in a high latitude ecosystem: abundance, distribution and temperature limitation of fecundity rates in a sac spawning copepod. Marine Biology, 151 (3). 1099-1110.

Hirst, Andrew G.; Bonnet, D.; Harris, R.P.. 2007 Seasonal dynamics and mortality rates of Calanus helgolandicus over two years at a station in the English Channel. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 340. 189-205.

Buitenhuis, Erik; Le Quere, Corinne; Aumont, Olivier; Beaugrand, Gregory; Bunker, Adrian; Hirst, Andrew; Ikeda, Tsutomu; O'Brien, Todd; Piontkovski, Sergey; Straile, Dietmar. 2006 Biogeochemical fluxes through mesozooplankton. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 20 (2), GB2003. 18, pp.

Hirst, Andrew; Lopez-Urrutia, Angel. 2006 Effects of evolution on egg development time. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 326. 29-35.

Tarling, Geraint A. ORCID:; Shreeve, Rachael S.; Hirst, Andrew G.; Atkinson, Angus; Pond, Dave W.; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Watkins, Jon L.. 2006 Natural growth rates in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba): I. Improving methodology and predicting intermolt period. Limnology and Oceanography, 51 (2). 959-972.

Atkinson, Angus; Shreeve, Rachael S.; Hirst, Andrew G.; Rothery, Peter; Tarling, Geraint A. ORCID:; Pond, David W.; Korb, Rebecca E.; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Watkins, Jonathon L.. 2006 Natural growth rates in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba): II. Predictive models based on food, temperature, body length, sex, and maturity stage. Limnology and Oceanography, 51 (2). 973-987.

Hirst, A.G.; Peterson, W.T.; Rothery, P.. 2005 Errors in juvenile copepod growth rate estimates are widespread: problems with the Moult Rate method. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 296. 263-279.

Bonnet, Delphine; Richardson, Anthony; Harris, Roger; Hirst, Andrew; Beaugrand, Gregory; Edwards, Martin; Ceballos, Sara; Diekman, Rabea; Lopez-Urrutia, Angel; Valdes, Luis; Carlotti, Francois; Molinero, Juan Carlos; Weikert, Horst; Greve, Wulf; Lucic, Davor; Albaina, Aitor; Daly Yahai, Nejib; Fonda Umani, Serena; Miranda, Ana; dos Santos, Antonina; Cook, Kathryn; Robinson, Susan; Fernandez de Puelles, Marie Luz. 2005 An overview of Calanus helgolandicus ecology in European waters. Progress in Oceanography, 65 (1). 1-53.

Bunker, A.J.; Hirst, A.G.. 2004 Fecundity of marine planktonic copepods: global rates and patterns in relation to chlorophyll a, temperature and body weight. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 279. 161-181.

Hirst, Andrew G.; Rodhouse, Paul G.. 2000 Impacts of geophysical seismic surveying on fishing success. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 10 (1). 113-118.

Publication - Book Section

Atkinson, D.; Hirst, Andrew G.. 2007 Life histories and body size. In: Hildrew, A.G.; Raffaelli, D.G.; Edmonds-Brown, R., (eds.) Body size: the structure and function of aquatic systems. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 33-54.

Hirst, A.G.; Roff, J.C.; Lampitt, R.S.. 2003 A synthesis of growth rates in marine epipelagic invertebrate zooplankton. In: Southward, A.J.; Tyler, P.A.; Young, C.M.; Fuiman, L.A., (eds.) Advances in Marine Biology. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1-142. (Advances in Marine Biology, 44).

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