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Publication - Article

Lunt, Daniel J.; Valdes, Paul J.; Dunkley Jones, Tom; Ridgwell, Andy; Haywood, Alan M.; Schmidt, Daniela N.; Marsh, Robert; Maslin, Mark. 2010 CO2-driven ocean circulation changes as an amplifier of Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum hydrate destabilization. Geology, 38 (10). 875-878.

Williams, Mark; Nelson-Laloë, Anna E.; Smellie, John L.; Leng, Melanie J.; Johnson, Andrew L.A.; Jarram, Daniel R.; Haywood, Alan M.; Peck, Victoria L.; Zalasiewicz, Jan; Bennett, Carys; Schöne, Bernd R.. 2010 Sea ice extent and seasonality for the Early Pliocene northern Weddell Sea. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 292 (1-2). 306-318.

Salzmann, U.; Haywood, A.M.; Lunt, D.J.. 2009 The past is a guide to the future? Comparing Middle Pliocene vegetation with predicted biome distributions for the twenty-first century. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 367 (1886). 189-204.

Haywood, Alan M.; Chandler, Mark A.; Valdes, Paul J.; Salzmann, Ulrich; Lunt, Daniel J.; Dowsett, Harry J.. 2009 Comparison of mid-Pliocene climate predictions from the HadAM3 and GCMAM3 General Circulation Models. Global and Planetary Change, 66 (3-4). 208-224.

Bonham, Sarah G.; Haywood, Alan M.; Lunt, Daniel J.; Collins, Mathew; Salzmann, Ulrich. 2009 El Niño–Southern Oscillation, Pliocene climate and equifinality. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 367 (1886). 127-156.

Smellie, John L.; Haywood, Alan M.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Lunt, Daniel J.; Valdes, Paul J.. 2009 Nature of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet during the Pliocene: geological evidence and modelling results compared. Earth-Science Reviews, 94 (1-4). 79-94.

Lunt, Daniel J.; Valdes, Paul J.; Haywood, Alan; Rutt, Ian C.. 2008 Closure of the Panama Seaway during the Pliocene: implications for climate and Northern Hemisphere glaciation. Climate Dynamics, 30 (1). 1-18.

Araújo, Miguel B.; Nogués-Bravo, David; Diniz-Filho, José Alexandre F.; Haywood, Alan M.; Valdes, Paul J.; Rahbek, Carsten. 2008 Quaternary climate changes explain diversity among reptiles and amphibians. Ecography, 31 (1). 8-15.

Lunt, Daniel J.; Flecker, Rachel; Valdes, Paul J.; Salzmann, Ulrich; Gladstone, Rupert; Haywood, Alan M.. 2008 A methodology for targeting palaeo proxy data acquisition: a case study for the terrestrial late Miocene. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 271 (1-4). 53-62.

Salzmann, U.; Haywood, A.M.; Lunt, D. J.; Valdes, P. J.; Hill, D.J.. 2008 A new global biome reconstruction and data-model comparison for the Middle Pliocene. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 17 (3). 432-447.

Williams, Mark; Haywood, Alan M.; Vautravers, Maryline; Sellwood, Bruce W.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Wilkinson, Ian P.; Miller, C. Giles. 2007 Relative effect of taphonomy on calcification temperature estimates from fossil planktonic foraminfera. Geobios, 40 (6). 861-874.

Haywood, A.M.; Williams, M.. 2006 Forecasting future weather from rocks. Rockwatch, 42. 8-9.

Haywood, Alan; Valdes, Paul; Peck, Victoria. 2006 The future of El Niño? Planet Earth, Winter 2006. 30.

Williams, Mark; Haywood, Alan M.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Wilkinson, Ian P.. 2005 Efficacy of δ18O data from Pliocene planktonic foraminifer calcite for spatial sea surface temperature reconstruction : comparison with a fully coupled ocean–atmosphere GCM and fossil assemblage data for the mid-Pliocene. Geological Magazine, 142 (4). 399-417.

Williams, Mark; Haywood, Alan M.; Taylor, Steve P.; Valdes, Paul J.; Sellwood, Bruce W.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter. 2005 Evaluating the efficacy of planktonic foraminifer calcite δ18O data for sea surface temperature reconstruction for the Late Miocene. Geobios, 38 (6). 843-863.

Haywood, Alan M.; Cook, Samantha R.. 2005 Evidence for stasis in the regional wind pattern of the western Mediterranean since the mid-Pleistocene. Quaternary Newsletter, 106. 9-23.

Haywood, Alan; Williams, Mark. 2005 Warm worlds. Planet Earth, Autumn 2005. 31.

Haywood, Alan M.; Dekens, Petra; Ravelo, Ana Christina; Williams, Mark. 2005 Warmer tropics during the mid-Pliocene? Evidence from alkenone paleothermometry and a fully coupled ocean-atmosphere GCM. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 6 (3), Q03010. 20, pp.

Haywood, Alan; Williams, Mark. 2005 The climate of the future: clues from three million years ago. Geology Today, 21 (4). 138-143.

Haywood, Alan M.; Valdes, Paul J.; Markwick, Paul J.. 2004 Cretaceous (Wealden) climates: a modelling perspective. Cretaceous Research, 25 (3). 303-311.

Haywood, Alan M.; Valdes, Paul J.. 2004 Modelling Pliocene warmth: contribution of atmosphere, oceans and cryosphere. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 218 (3-4). 363-377.

Haywood, Alan; Williams, Mark. 2004 Reconstructing the oceans of the Late Miocene: how the shell chemistry of fossils reveals ancient patterns of ocean circulation. Teaching Earth Sciences, 29 (2). 25-27.

Taylor, Steve P.; Haywood, Alan M.; Valdes, Paul J.; Sellwood, Bruce W.. 2004 An evaluation of two spatial interpolation techniques in global sea-surface temperature reconstructions: Last Glacial Maximum and Pliocene case studies. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23 (9-10). 1041-1051.

Publication - Book

Florindo, Fabio; Nelson, Anna E.; Haywood, Alan M., eds. 2008 Antarctic cryosphere and Southern Ocean climate evolution (Cenozoic-Holocene): Selected papers from the EGU Meeting, Vienna, April 2006 and XXIX SCAR Meeting, Hobart, July 2006. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 298pp. (Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 260).

Publication - Book Section

Haywood, Alan M.; Smellie, John L.; Ashworth, A.C.; Cantrill, D.J.; Florindo, F.; Hambrey, M.J.; Hill, D.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Hunter, S.J.; Larter, Robert D.; Lear, C.H.; Passchier, S.; Van De Wal, R.S.W.. 2009 Middle Miocene to Pliocene history of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. In: Florindo, F.; Siegert, M.J., (eds.) Antarctic climate evolution. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 401-463. (Developments in earth and environmental sciences, 8).

Vaughan, A.P.M.. 2007 Climate and geology – a Phanerozoic perspective. In: Williams, M.; Haywood, A.M.; Gregory, F.J.; Schmidt, D.N., (eds.) Deep-time perspectives on climate change: marrying the signal from computer models and biological proxies. London, Geological Society of London, 5-59. (Micropalaeontological Society Special Publications).

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