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Publication - Article

Clarke, Ellen; Baillie, Orsi; Reay, Sarah J.; Turbitt, Chris W.. 2013 A method for the near real-time production of quasi-definitive magnetic observatory data [in special issue: Swarm Science Data Processing and Products — the Swarm Satellite Constellation Application and Research Facility, SCARF] Earth, Planets and Space, 65 (11). 1363-1374. 10.5047/eps.2013.10.001

Borodin, Pavel; Brenes, Jorge; Daudi, Elias; Efendi, Noor; Flower, Simon; Hidayat, Muhammad; Husni, Muhammad; Kampine, Manuel; Kusonski, Oleg; Lang, Artur; Monge, Iván; Mucussete, Antonio; Nhatsave, Armindo; Santika, I Kadek Oca; Rasson, Jean; Riddick, John; Suharyadi, Didik; Turbitt, Christopher; Yusuf, Mahmud. 2011 INDIGO: better geomagnetic observatories where we need them. Data Science Journal, 10. IAGA91-IAGA94. 10.2481/dsj.IAGA-15

Turbitt, C.; Baillie, O.; Kerridge, D.; Clarke, E.. 2011 An investigation into techniques for isolating noise in observatory data. Data Science Journal, 10. IAGA174-IAGA182. 10.2481/dsj.IAGA-25

Macmillan, Susan; Turbitt, Christopher; Thomson, Alan. 2009 Ascension and Port Stanley geomagnetic observatories and monitoring the South Atlantic anomaly. Annals of Geophysics, 52 (1). 83-96. 10.4401/ag-4632

Kerridge, David; Macmillan, Susan; Turbitt, Christopher; Clarke, Ellen. 2005 Navigating the subsurface. Earthwise, 22. 28-29.

Lesur, V.; Clark, T.; Turbitt, C.; Flower, S.. 2005 A technique for estimating the absolute vector geomagnetic field from a marine vessel. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 1 (2). 109-115. 10.1088/1742-2132/1/2/002

Publication - Book Section

Reda, Jan; Fouassier, Danielle; Isac, Anca; Linthe, Hans-Joachim; Matzka, Jurgen; Turbitt, Christopher William. 2011 Improvements in geomagnetic observatory data quality. In: Mandea, M.; Korte, M., (eds.) Geomagnetic observations and models. Springer, 127-148. (IAGA Special Sopron Book Series, 5).

Publication - Conference Item

Macmillan, Susan; Turbitt, Chris; Flower, Simon; Ridley, Victoria. 2014 Developments in geomagnetic field data relevant for deep Earth research. [Poster] In: UKSEDI 2014: The frontiers of deep-Earth research, London, UK, 14 March 2014. (Unpublished)

Shanahan, Tom; Macmillan, Susan; Swan, Anthony; Turbitt, Chris. 2013 The making of ground-based vector magnetic field observations and the application of results. [Poster] In: IAGA 12th Scientific Assembly , Merida, Mexico, 26-31 August 2013. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Turbitt, C.; Matzka, J.; Rasson, J.; St-Louis, B.; Stewart, D.. 2012 An instrument performance and data quality standard for INTERMAGNET one-second data exchange. [Poster] In: XVth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments and Data Processing, Cadiz, Spain, 4-14 June 2012. (Unpublished)

Shanahan, Thomas; Turbitt, Christopher; Flower, Simon. 2012 Experiences in designing a low-cost temperature controlled variometer enclosure. [Poster] In: XVth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments and Data Processing, Cadiz, Spain, 4-14 June 2012. (Unpublished)

Reay, Sarah; Hamilton, Brian; Clarke, Ellen; Macmillan, Susan; Turbitt, Chris. 2012 Improving directional drilling accuracy using magnetic referencing techniques. [Poster] In: DEVEX 2012, Aberdeen, UK, 9-10 May 2012. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Hamilton, B.; Macmillan, S.; Beggan, C.; Thomson, A.; Turbitt, C.. 2011 Predicting the South Atlantic Anomaly. [Poster] In: Magnetic Relaxation 2012, Liverpool, UK, 4-5 Jan 2012. (Unpublished)

Baillie, Orsi; Clarke, Ellen; Reay, Sarah; Thomson, Alan; Turbitt, Christopher; Flower, Simon. 2011 Ingredients for a successful Space Weather service. [Poster] In: European Space Weather Week 8, Namur, Belguin, 28 Nov - 2 Dec. British Geological Survey. (Unpublished)

Macmillan, S.; Beggan, C.; Clarke, E.; Hamilton, B.; Thomson, A.; Turbitt, C.. 2011 Space weather impacts of the developing South Atlantic Anomaly. [Poster] In: RAS Specialist Meeting UK Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior, London, UK, 11 Nov 2011. (Unpublished)

Clarke, E.; Parkinson, S.; Turbitt, C.W.; Baillie, O.; Reay, S.J.; Schiermeier, P.. 2011 Jim Carrigan Observatory and directional drilling in Alaska. [Poster] In: IUGG XXV General Assembly 2011, Melbourne, Australia, 28 June - 7 July 2011. (Unpublished)

Harris, T.; Flower, S.; Swan, A.; Turbitt, C.; Clarke, E.; Bishop, N.; Shanahan, T.; Reay, S.; Baillie, O.; Macmillan, S.. 2011 South Georgia Magnetic Observatory. [Poster] In: IUGG XXV General Assembly : Earth on the Edge : Science for a Sustainable Planet, Melbourne, Australia, 28 June - 7 July 2011. (Unpublished)

Ameen, A.; Ashfaque, M.; Borodin, P.; Brenes, J.; Daudi, E.; Efendi, N.; Flower, S.; Hidayat, M.; Husni, M.; Kampine, M.; Kusonski, O.; Langa, A.; Monge, I.; Mucussete, A.; Ghulam Murtaza, M.; Nhatsave, A.; Kadek Oca Santika, I.; Rasson, J.; Riddick, J.; Suharyadi, D.; Turbitt, C.; Yusuf, M.. 2009 INDIGO : better geomagnetic observatories where we need them. [Poster] In: IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly, Sopron, Hungary, 23-30 Aug 2009. (Unpublished)

Turbitt, Christopher; Shanahan, Tom; Flower, Simon. 2006 Experiences in maintaining a stable variometer temperature in a small enclosure. [Poster] In: XIIth IAGA Workshop, Belsk, 19-24 June 2006. (Unpublished)

Turbitt, C.W.; Baillie, O.; Flower, S.M.. 2005 BGS remote magnetic observatories in the South Atlantic : an operational history. [Poster] In: IAGA Scientific Assembly 2005, Toulouse, France, 18-29 July 2005. (Unpublished)

Reay, Sarah; Turbitt, Christopher; Flower, Simon; Riddick, John; Clarke, Ellen. 2003 Results from the BGS South Atlantic Observatories : Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands. [Poster] In: XXIII IUGG General Assembly, Sapporo, Japan, 30 June- 11 July 2003. (Unpublished)

Turbitt, Christopher W.; Flower, Simon M.; Riddick, John C.. 2003 The United Kingdom Geomagnetic Observatory Network : disseminating one-second data in near real-time. [Poster] In: XXIII IUGG General Assembly, Sapporo, Japan, 30 June- 11 July 2003. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Turbitt, C.W.. 2005 Port Stanley Observatory Service report 6 - 11 September 2004. British Geological Survey, 25pp. (IR/05/093) (Unpublished)

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