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Publication - Article

Lofi, Johanna; Smith, David; Delahunty, Chris; Le Ber, Erwan; Brun, Laurent; Henry, Gilles; Paris, Jehanne; Tikoo, Sonia; Zylberman, William; Pezard, Philippe A.; Célérier, Bernard; Schmitt, Douglas R.; Nixon, Chris. 2018 Drilling-induced and logging-related features illustrated from IODP–ICDP Expedition 364 downhole logs and borehole imaging tools. Scientific Drilling, 24. 1-13.

Taylor, Peter; Stahl, Henrik; Vardy, Mark E.; Bull, Jonathan M.; Akhurst, Maxine; Hauton, Chris; James, Rachael H.; Lichtschlag, Anna; Long, David; Aleynik, Dmitry; Toberman, Matthew; Naylor, Mark; Connelly, Douglas; Smith, David; Sayer, Martin D.J.; Widdicombe, Steve; Wright, Ian C.; Blackford, Jerry. 2015 A novel sub-seabed CO2 release experiment informing monitoring and impact assessment for geological carbon storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 38. 3-17.

Blackford, Jerry; Stahl, Henrik; Bull, Jonathan M.; Bergès, Benoît J.P.; Cevatoglu, Melis; Lichtschlag, Anna; Connelly, Douglas; James, Rachael H.; Kita, Jun; Long, Dave; Naylor, Mark; Shitashima, Kiminori; Smith, Dave; Taylor, Peter; Wright, Ian; Akhurst, Maxine; Chen, Baixin; Gernon, Tom M.; Hauton, Chris; Hayashi, Masatoshi; Kaieda, Hideshi; Leighton, Timothy G.; Sato, Toru; Sayer, Martin D.J.; Suzumura, Masahiro; Tait, Karen; Vardy, Mark E.; White, Paul R.; Widdicombe, Steve. 2014 Detection and impacts of leakage from sub-seafloor deep geological carbon dioxide storage. Nature Climate Change, 4. 1011-1016.

Jones, D.G.; Lister, T.R.; Smith, D.J.; West, J.M.; Coombs, P.; Gadalia, A.; Brach, M.; Annunzialellis, A.; Lombardi, S.. 2011 In Salah Gas CO2 storage JIP : surface gas and biological monitoring. Energy Procedia, 4. 3566-3573.

Smith, D.J.; Noy, D.J.; Holloway, S.; Chadwick, R.A.. 2011 The impact of boundary conditions on CO2 storage capacity estimation in aquifers. Energy Procedia, 4. 4828-4834.

Gatliff, Robert; Stevenson, Alan; Johnson, Howard; Long, Dave; Richards, Phil; Smith, Dave. 2010 Marine exploration. Earthwise, 26. 30-31.

Publication - Book Section

Tapster, S.; Petterson, M.G.; Jenkin, G.R.T.; Saunders, A.D.; Smith, D.J.; Naden, J.. 2011 Preliminary petrogenetic and geodynamic controls on magmatic-hydrothermal Cu and Au mineralisation of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. In: Barra, F., (ed.) Let's talk ore deposits. Ediciones Universidad Catolica del Norte, 73-75.

Publication - Report

Smith, D.J.. 2006 BGS cruise to Rockall-Hatton-Faroes region Project 06/02 RRS Charles Darwin Cruise CD180 Operations Report. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 48pp. (IR/06/076) (Unpublished)

Smith, D.J.. 2005 Operations Report : BGS Project 04/04 marine geophysics survey 2004 Outer Bristol Channel. British Geological Survey, 34pp. (IR/05/082) (Unpublished)

Brettle, C.P.; Smith, D.J.. 2005 Summer Isles geophysical survey, BGS Project 05/04 RV Calanus operations report. British Geological Survey, 25pp. (IR/05/139) (Unpublished)

Smith, D.J.. 2004 Operations report : BGS project 03/03 marine geophysics survey 2003 RV Prince Madog : Outer Bristol Channel marine habitat study. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 53pp. (IR/04/012) (Unpublished)

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