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Publication - Article

Marsh, R.; Hickman, A.E.; Sharples, J.. 2015 S2P3-R (v1.0): a framework for efficient regional modelling of physical and biological structures and processes in shelf seas. Geoscientific Model Development, 8 (10). 3163-3178.

Davis, Clare E.; Mahaffey, Claire; Wolff, George A.; Sharples, Jonathan. 2014 A storm in a shelf sea: Variation in phosphorus distribution and organic matter stoichiometry. Geophysical Research Letters, 41 (23). 8452-8459.

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Palmer, Matthew Robert; Polton, Jeff A.; Inall, Mark E; Rippeth, Tom; Green, Mattias; Sharples, Jonathan; Simpson, John. 2013 Variable behavior in pycnocline mixing over shelf seas. Geophysical Research Letters, 40 (1). 161-166.

Panton, Anouska; Mahaffrey, Claire; Greenwood, Naomi; Hopkins, Joanne; Montagnes, David; Sharples, Jonathan. 2012 Short-term and seasonal variation in metabolic balance in Liverpool Bay [in special issue: UK National Oceanography Centre's Irish Sea Coastal Observatory] Ocean Dynamics, 62 (2). 295-306.

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Inall, Mark; Aleynik, Dimitry; Boyd, Tim; Palmer, Matthew; Sharples, Jonathan. 2011 Internal tide coherence and decay over a wide shelf sea. Geophysical Research Letters, 38. L23607.

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Sharples, Jonathan. 2010 From physics to fish: at the shelf edge. Ocean Challenge, 17 (1). 23-28.

Rippeth, Tom P.; Wiles, Phil; Palmer, Matt R.; Sharples, Jonathan; Tweddle, Jacqueline. 2009 The diapcynal nutrient flux and shear-induced diapcynal mixing in the seasonally stratified western Irish Sea. Continental Shelf Research, 29 (13). 1580-1587.

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Johnk, K. D.; Huisman, J.; Sharples, J.; Sommeijer, B.; Visser, P. M.; Stroom, J. M.. 2008 Summer heatwaves promote blooms of harmful cyanobacteria. Global Change Biology, 14 (3). 495-512.

Sharples, Jonathan. 2008 Potential impacts of the spring-neap tidal cycle on shelf sea primary production. Journal of Plankton Research, 30 (2). 183-197.

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Ross, O. N.; Sharples, J. 2007 Phytoplankton motility and the competition for nutrients in the thermocline. Marine Ecology - Progress Series, 347. 21-38.

Sharples, Jonathan; Ross, Oliver N.; Scott, Beth E.; Greenstreet, Simon P.R.; Fraser, Helen. 2006 Inter-annual variability in the timing of stratification and the spring bloom in the North-western North Sea. Continental Shelf Research, 26 (6). 733-751.

Moore, C. M.; Suggett, D. J.; Hickman, A. E.; Kim, Y.-N.; Tweddle, J. F.; Sharples, Jonathan; Geider, R. J.; M., Holligan. P.. 2006 Phytoplankton photoacclimation and photoadaptation in response to environmental gradients in a shelf sea. Limnology and Oceanography, 51 (2). 936-949.

Greenstreet, S.; Armstrong, E.; Mosegaard, H.; Jensen, H.; Gibb, I.; Fraser, H.; Scott, B.; Holland, G.; Sharples, J.. 2006 Variation in the abundance of sandeels Ammodytes marinus off southeast Scotland: an evaluation of area-closure fisheries management and stock abundance assessment methodS. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 63 (8). 1530-1550.

Huisman, Jef; Sharples, Jonathan; Stroom, Jasper M.; Visser, Petra M.; Kardinaal, W. Edwin A.; Verspagen, Jolanda M. H.; Sommeijer, Ben. 2004 Changes in turbulent mixing shift competition for light between phytoplankton species. Ecology, 85 (11). 2960-2970.

Publication - Book Section

Sharples, J.; Holt, J.; Dye, S.. 2013 Impacts of climate change on shelf sea stratification. In: Baxter, J.M.; Buckley, P.J.; Wallace, C.J., (eds.) Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership Science Review 2013. Lowestoft, UK, MCCIP Secretariat, 67-70.

Publication - Conference Item

Palmer, M.R.; Simpson, J. H.; Rippeth, T.P.; Sharples, J.. 2007 Internal mixing processes in a seasonally stratified shelf sea. In: 39th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics and 3rd Warnemunde Turbulence Days (7-11 May 2007), Liege, 7-11 May 2007.

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