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Longden, Nicola; Chisham, Gareth; Freeman, Mervyn P.; Abel, Gary A.; Sotirelis, Tom. 2010 Estimating the location of the open-closed magnetic field line boundary from auroral images. Annales Geophysicae, 28 (9). 1659-1678.

Chisham, G.; Freeman, M.P.; Abel, G.A.; Bristow, W.A.; Marchaudon, A.; Ruohoniemi, J.M.; Sofko, G.J.. 2009 Spatial distribution of average vorticity in the high-latitude ionosphere and its variation with interplanetary magnetic field direction and season. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, A09301. 14, pp.

Boakes, P. D.; Milan, S. E.; Abel, G. A.; Freeman, M. P.; Chisham, G.; Hubert, B.. 2009 A statistical study of the open magnetic flux content of the magnetosphere at the time of substorm onset. Geophysical Research Letters, 36 (4), L04105. 5, pp.

Abel, Gary; Bunce, Emma; Griffin, Eoghan; Rees, Adam. 2008 Autumn MIST. Astronomy and Geophysics, 49 (1). 1.19-1.21.

Boakes, P.D.; Milan, S.E.; Abel, G.A.; Freeman, M.P.; Chisham, G.; Hubert, B.; Sotirelis, T.. 2008 On the use of IMAGE FUV for estimating the latitude of the open/closed magnetic field line boundary in the ionosphere. Annales Geophysicae, 26 (9). 2759-2769.

Chisham, G.; Freeman, M.P.; Abel, G.A.; Lam, M. M.; Pinnock, M.; Coleman, I. J.; Milan, S. E.; Lester, M.; Bristow, W. A.; Greenwald, R. A.; Sofko, G. J.; Villain, J.-P.. 2008 Remote sensing of the spatial and temporal structure of magnetopause and magnetotail reconnection from the ionosphere. Reviews of Geophysics, 46 (1), RG1004. 27, pp.

Abel, Gary A.; Freeman, Mervyn P.; Chisham, Gareth; Watkins, Nicholas W.. 2007 Investigating the turbulent structure of ionospheric plasma velocities on open and closed magnetic field lines. In: Shaikh, Dastgeer; Zank, Gary P., (eds.) Turbulence and nonlinear processes in astrophysical plasmas. Melville, New York, American Institute of Physics, 307-312. (AIP conference proceedings, 932).

Abel, Gary; Wild, Jim; Denton, Mick. 2007 Taking issue with PPARC over STP. Astronomy and Geophysics, 48 (1). 1.8-1.9.

Abel, G. A.; Freeman, M. P.; Chisham, G.; Watkins, N. W.. 2007 Investigating turbulent structure of ionospheric plasma velocity using the Halley SuperDARN radar. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 14 (6). 799-809.

Abel, G.A.; Freeman, M.P.; Smith, A.J.; Reeves, G.D.. 2006 Association of substorm chorus events with drift echoes. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111 (A11), A11220. 8, pp.

Abel, G.A.; Freeman, M.P.; Chisham, G.. 2006 Spatial structure of ionospheric convection velocities in regions of open and closed magnetic field topology. Geophysical Research Letters, 33 (24). L24103.

Abel, G.A.; Freeman, M.P.; Chisham, G.. 2005 Comment on “Location of the reconnection line for northward interplanetary magnetic field” by K. J. Trattner, S. A. Fuselier, and S. M. Petrinec. Journal of Geophysical Research, 110 (A10), A10208. 2, pp.

Chisham, G.; Freeman, M.P.; Lam, M.M.; Abel, G.A.; Sotirelis, T.; Greenwald, R.A.; Lester, M.. 2005 A statistical comparison of SuperDARN spectral width boundaries and DMSP particle precipitation boundaries in the afternoon sector ionosphere. Annales Geophysicae, 23 (12). 3645-3654.

Abel, G.A.; Smith, A.J.; Meredith, N.P.; Anderson, R.R.. 2004 The temporal evolution of substorm-enhanced whistler-mode waves: relationship between space-based observations, ground-based observations and energetic electrons. Journal of Geophysical Research, 109 (A10), A10207. 11, pp.

Abel, G.A.; Freeman, M.P.. 2002 A statistical analysis of ionospheric velocity and magnetic field power spectra at the time of pulsed ionospheric flows. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 107 (A12), 1470. 12, pp.

Rymer, A.M.; Coates, A.J.; Svenes, K.; Abel, G.A.; Linder, D.R.; Narheim, B.; Thomsen, M.; Young, D.T.. 2001 Cassini Plasma Spectrometer electron spectrometer measurements during the Earth swing-by on August 18, 1999. Journal of Geophysical Research, 106 (A12). 30,177-30,198.

Abel, G.A.; Coates, A.J.; Rymer, A.M.; Linder, D.R.; Thomsen, M.F.; Young, D.T.; Dougherty, M.K.. 2001 Cassini Plasma Spectrometer observations of bidirectional lobe electrons during the Earth flyby, August 18, 1999. Journal of Geophysical Research, 106 (A12). 30,199-30,208.

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