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Publication - Article

Newell, A.J.; Kirby, G.A.; Sorensen, J.P.R.; Milodowski, A.E.. 2015 The Cretaceous Continental Intercalaire in central Algeria: subsurface evidence for a fluvial to aeolian transition and implications for the onset of aridity on the Saharan Platform. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 438. 146-159.

Pearce, J.M.; Hannis, S.J.; Kirby, G.A.; Delprat-Jannaud, F.; Akhurst, M.C.; Nielsen, C.; Frykmann, P.; Dalhoff, F.. 2013 How to submit a CO2 storage permit: identifying appropriate geological site characterisation to meet European regulatory requirements. Energy Procedia, 37. 7783-7792.

Evans, D.J.; Kirby, G.A.; Hulbert, A.G.. 2011 New insights into the structure and evolution of the Isle of Wight monocline. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 122 (5). 764-780.

Publication - Book

Barton, C.M.; Woods, M.A.; Bristow, C.R.; Newell, A.J.; Westhead, R.K.; Evans, D.J.; Kirby, G.A.; Warrington, G.. 2011 Geology of south Dorset and south-east Devon and its World Heritage Coast : Special Memoir for 1:50 000 geological sheets 328 Dorchester, 341/342 West Fleet and Weymouth and 342/343 Swanage, and parts of sheets 326/340 Sidmouth, 327 Bridport, 329 Bournemouth and 339 Newton Abbot. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 161pp. (Description (England & Wales Sheet) British Geological Survey).

Riddick, Andy; Laxton, John; Cave, Mark; Wood, Ben; Duffy, Tim; Bell, Patrick; Evans, Chris; Howard, Andy; Armstrong, Bob; Kirby, Gary; Monaghan, Alison; Ritchie, Calum; Jones, Dave; Napier, Bruce; Jones, Neil; Millward, David; Clarke, Stuart; Leslie, Graham; Mathers, Steve; Royse, Kate; Kessler, Holger; Newell, Andy; Dumpleton, Steve; Loudon, Vic; Aspden, John. 2005 Digital geoscience spatial model project final report. Keyworth, British Geological Survey, 56pp. (BGS Occasional Publication No. 9).

Smith, N.J.P.; Kirby, G.A.; Pharaoh, T.C.. 2005 Structure and evolution of the south-west Pennine Basin and adjacent areas : subsurface memoir. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 129pp.

Publication - Book Section

Taylor, M.E.; Morecroft, M.D.; Oliver, H.R.. 2010 The physical environment. In: Savill, P.S.; Perrins, C.M.; Kirby, K.J.; Fisher, N, (eds.) Wytham Woods: Oxford’s ecological laboratory. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 19-28.

Chadwick, R.A.; Arts, R.; Bentham, M.; Eiken, O.; Holloway, S.; Kirby, G.A.; Pearce, J.M.; Williamson, J.P.; Zweigel, P.. 2009 Review of monitoring issues and technologies associated with the long-term underground storage of carbon dioxide. In: Evans, D.J.; Chadwick, R.A., (eds.) Underground gas storage : worldwide experiences and future development in the UK and Europe. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 257-275. (Geological Society Special Publications, 313).

Pearce, Jonathan; Chadwick, Andy; Kirby, Gary; Holloway, Samuel. 2006 The objectives and design of generic monitoring protocols for CO2 storage. In: 8th International Conference on greenhouse gas control technologies [proceedings]. Trondheim, Norway, Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, [6 ].

Bentham, M.; Kirby, G.A.. 2005 CO2 storage in saline aquifers. In: Le Thiez, P., (ed.) CO2 capture and geological storage : state-of-the-art = Capture et stockage geologique du CO2 : etat de l'art. Paris, France, Editions Technip, 559-567. (Oil & gas science and technology : revue de l'Institut Francais du Petrole, 60/3).

Chadwick, R.A.; Arts, R.; Eiken, O.; Kirby, G.A.; Lindeberg, E.; Zweigel, P.. 2004 4D seismic imaging of an injected CO2 plume at the Sleipner Field, central North Sea. In: Davies, Richard J., (ed.) 3D seismic technology : application to the exploration of sedimentary basins. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 311-320. (Geological Society of London Memoir, 29).

Publication - Report

Quinn, M.; Hannis, S.; Williams, J.; Kirby, G.; McCormac, M.. 2018 Multiscale whole systems modelling and analysis project : a description of the selection, building and characterisation of a set of 3D generic CO₂ storage models. Edinburgh, UK, British Geological Survey, 88pp. (OR/18/013) (Unpublished)

Barnes, R.P.; Chadwick, R.A.; Darling, W.G.; Gale, I.N.; Kirby, G.A.; Kirk, K.L.. 2005 Contribution to Nirex review of a deep brine repository concept. British Geological Survey, 65pp. (CR/05/230N) (Unpublished)

Chadwick, R.A.; Kirby, G.A.; Holloway, S.; Gregersen, U.; Johannessen, P.N.; Zweigel, P.; Arts, R.. 2002 Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS2). Final report, geological characterisation of the Utsira Sand reservoir and caprocks (Work Area 1). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 79pp. (CR/02/153N) (Unpublished)

Chadwick, R.A.; Kirby, G.R.; Holloway, S.; Pearce, J.M.; Gregersen, U.; Johannessen, P.N.; Bidstrup, T.; Zweigel, P.. 2001 Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage phase 2 (SACS2) : a demonstration project at the Sleipner Field : work area 1 (Geology). Progress report 1 April to 31 December 2000. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 23pp. (CR/01/011N) (Unpublished)

Holloway, S.; Chadwick, R.A.; Kirby, G.A.; Pearce, J.M.; Gregersen, U.; Johannessen, P.N.; Kristensen, L.; Zweigel, P.; Lothe, A.; Arts, R.. 2000 Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage : a demonstration project at the Sleipner Field. Work area 1 (geology). British Geological Survey, 31pp. (WH/00/021) (Unpublished)

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