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Publication - Article

Lu, Hua; Gray, Lesley J.; White, Ian P.; Bracegirdle, Thomas J.. 2017 Stratospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle: Breaking planetary waves, internal reflection and resonance. Journal of Climate, 30 (18). 7169-7190. 10.1175/JCLI-D-17-0023.1

Lu, Hua; Scaife, Adam A.; Marshall, Gareth J.; Turner, John; Gray, Lesley J.. 2017 Downward wave reflection as a mechanism for the stratosphere-troposphere response to the 11-year Solar Cycle. Journal of Climate, 30 (7). 2395-2414. 10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0400.1

White, Ian P.; Lu, Hua; Mitchell, Nicholas J.. 2016 Seasonal evolution of the QBO-induced wave forcing and circulation anomalies in the northern winter stratosphere. Journal of Geophysical Research, 121 (18). 10411-10431. 10.1002/2015JD024507

Turner, John; Lu, Hua; White, Ian; King, John C.; Phillips, Tony; Hosking, J. Scott; Bracegirdle, Thomas J.; Marshall, Gareth J.; Mulvaney, Robert; Deb, Pranab. 2016 Absence of 21st century warming on Antarctic Peninsula consistent with natural variability. Nature, 535 (7612). 411-415. 10.1038/nature18645

Cnossen, Ingrid; Liu, Hanli; Lu, Hua. 2016 The whole-atmosphere response to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field from 1900 to 2000: an example of “top-down” vertical coupling. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 121 (13). 7781-7800. 10.1002/2016JD024890

White, Ian P.; Lu, Hua; Mitchell, Nicholas J.; Phillips, Tony. 2015 Dynamical Response to the QBO in the Northern Winter Stratosphere: Signatures in Wave Forcing and Eddy Fluxes of Potential Vorticity. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 72 (12). 4487-4507. 10.1175/JAS-D-14-0358.1

Shao, Yaping; Nickling, William; Bergametti, Gilles; Butler, Harry; Chappell, Adrian; Findlater, Paul; Gillies, John; Ishizuka, Masahide; Klose, Martina; Kok, Jasper F.; Leys, John; Lu, Hua; Marticorena, Beatrice; McTainsh, Grant; McKenna-Neumann, Cheryl; Okin, Gregory S.; Strong, Craig; Webb, Nicholas. 2015 A tribute to Michael R. Raupach for contributions to aeolian fluid dynamics. Aeolian Research, 19 (A). 37-54. 10.1016/j.aeolia.2015.09.004

Lu, Hua; Bracegirdle, Thomas J.; Phillips, Tony; Turner, John. 2015 A comparative study of wave forcing derived from the ERA-40 and ERA-interim reanalysis data sets. Journal of Climate, 28 (6). 2291-2311. 10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00356.1

Lu, Hua; Bracegirdle, Thomas J.; Phillips, Tony; Bushell, Andrew; Gray, Lesley. 2014 Mechanisms for the Holton-Tan relationship and its decadal variation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 119 (6). 2811-2830. 10.1002/2013JD021352

Lu, Hua; Franzke, Christian; Martius, Olivia; Jarvis, Martin; Phillips, Tony. 2013 Solar wind dynamic pressure effect on planetary wave propagation and synoptic-scale Rossby Wave Breaking. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118 (10). 4476-4493. 10.1002/jgrd.50374

Seppälä, A.; Lu, H.; Clilverd, M.A.; Rodger, C.J.. 2013 Geomagnetic activity signatures in wintertime stratosphere wind, temperature, and wave response. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118 (5). 2169-2183. 10.1002/jgrd.50236

Lu, Hua; Pancheva, Dora; Mukhtarov, Plamen; Cnossen, Ingrid. 2012 QBO modulation of traveling planetary waves during northern winter. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres), 117, D09104. 15, pp. 10.1029/2011JD016901

Lu, Hua; Li, Yun; Clilverd, Mark A.; Jarvis, Martin J.. 2012 Trend and abrupt changes in long-term geomagnetic indices. Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics), 117, A05318. 14, pp. 10.1029/2011JA017422

Lu, Hua; Jarvis, Martin; Gray, Lesley J,; Baldwin, Mark P.. 2011 High- and low-frequency 11-year solar cycle signatures in the Southern Hemispheric winter and spring. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 137 (659). 1641-1656. 10.1002/qj.852

Lu, Hua; Jarvis, Martin J.. 2011 Is the stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillation affected by solar wind dynamic pressure via an annual cycle modulation? Journal of Geophysical Research, 116 (D6), D06117. 14, pp. 10.1029/2010JD014781

Li, Yun; Lu, Hua; Jarvis, Martin J.; Clilverd, Mark A.; Bates, Bryson. 2011 Nonlinear and nonstationary influences of geomagnetic activity on the winter North Atlantic Oscillation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116 (D13), D16109. 15, pp. 10.1029/2011JD015822

Cnossen, Ingrid; Lu, Hua; Bell, C.J.; Gray, L.J.; Joshi, M.M.. 2011 Solar signal propagation: the role of gravity waves and stratospheric sudden warmings. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116 (D2), D02118. 14, pp. 10.1029/2010JD014535

Cnossen, Ingrid; Lu, Hua. 2011 The vertical connection of the quasi-biennial oscillation- modulated 11 year solar cycle signature in geopotential height and planetary waves during Northern Hemisphere early winter. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116 (D13), D13101. 15, pp. 10.1029/2010JD015427

Lu, Hua; Gray, Lesley J.; Baldwin, Mark P.; Jarvis, Martin J.. 2009 Life cycle of the QBO modulated 11-year solar cycle signals in the northern hemispheric winter. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 135 (641). 1030-1043. 10.1002/qj.419

Lu, Hua; Baldwin, Mark P.; Gray, Lesley J.; Jarvis, Martin J.. 2008 Decadal-scale changes in the effect of the QBO on the northern stratospheric polar vortex. Journal of Geophysical Research, 113 (D10), D10114. 14, pp. 10.1029/2007JD009647

Lu, Hua; Clilverd, Mark A.; Seppälä, Annika; Hood, Lon L.. 2008 Geomagnetic perturbations on stratospheric circulation in late winter and spring. Journal of Geophysical Research, 113 (D16), D16106. 16, pp. 10.1029/2007JD008915

Lu, Hua; Jarvis, Martin J.; Hibbins, Robert E.. 2008 Possible solar wind effect on the Northern Annular Mode and northern hemispheric circulation during winter and spring. Journal of Geophysical Research, 113 (D23), D23104. 15, pp. 10.1029/2008JD010848

Lu, Hua; Jarvis, Martin J.; Graf, Hans-F.; Young, Peter C.; Horne, Richard B.. 2007 Atmospheric temperature responses to solar irradiance and geomagnetic activity. Journal of Geophysical Research, 112 (D11), D11109. 18, pp. 10.1029/2006JD007864

Lu, Hua; Raupach, Michael R.; Richards, Keith S.. 2005 Modeling entrainment of sedimentary particles by wind and water: A generalized approach. Journal of Geophysical Research, 110 (D24), D24114. 17, pp. 10.1029/2005JD006418

Publication - Book Section

Lu, Hua; Richards, Keith. 2008 Sediment delivery: new approaches to modelling an old problem. In: Rice, Stephen; Roy, Andre; Rhoads, Bruce, (eds.) River confluences, tributaries and the fluvial network. Chichester, Wiley, 337-366, 474pp.

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