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Lister, L.J.; Svendsen, C.; Wright, J.; Hooper, H.L.; Spurgeon, D.J.. 2011 Modelling the joint effects of a metal and a pesticide on reproduction and toxicokinetics in Lumbricid earthworms. Environment International, 37 (4). 663-670.


Pereira, M. Gloria; Walker, Lee A.; Wright, Julian; Best, Jennifer; Shore, Richard F.. 2009 Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the eggs of predatory birds in Britain. Environmental Science & Technology, 43 (23). 9010-9015.

Long, Sara M.; Reichenberg, Fredrik; Lister, Lindsay J.; Hankard, Peter K.; Townsend, Joanna; Mayer, Philipp; Wright, Julian; Holmstrup, Martin; Svendsen, Claus; Spurgeon, David J.. 2009 Combined chemical (Fluoranthene) and drought effects on Lumbricus rubellus demonstrates the applicability of the independent action model for multiple stressor assessment. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 28 (3). 629-636.


Dell'Omo, Giacomo; Costantini, David; Wright, Julian; Casagrande, Stefania; Shore, Richard F.. 2008 PCBs in the eggs of Eurasian Kestrels indicate exposure to local pollution. Ambio, 37 (6). 452-456.[455:PITEOE]2.0.CO;2

Long, Sara; Lister, Lindsay; Hankard, Peter; Rothery, Peter; Ainsworth, Gillian; Rowland, Phil; Walker, Lee; Wright, Julian; Turk, Tony; Bealey, Bill; Leith, Ian; Cape, Neil; Spurgeon, Dave. 2008 The use of biomonitoring tools to detect ecosystem response following exposure to contaminants emitted from a regulated industrial source. Bristol, Environment Agency, 41pp. (Science Report - SC030175/SR3)


Martinez-Lopez, Emma; Maria-Mojica, Pedro; Martinez, Jose E.; Calvo, Jose F.; Wright, Julian; Shore, Richard F.; Romero, Diego; Garcia-Fernandez, Antonio J.. 2007 Organochlorine residues in booted eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus) and goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) eggs from southeastern Spain. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 26 (11). 2373-2378.

Walker, L. A.; Lister, L. J.; Long, S. M.; Dos Santos Pereira, M. G.; Turk, A.; Townsend, J.; Wienburg, C. L.; Wright, J.A.; Shore, R. F.. 2007 Wildlife and Pollution 2005/06 Annual report. Joint Nature Conservation Committee. (JNCC Report No. 399)


Shore, R. F.; Malcolm, H. M.; Turk, A.; Walker, L. A.; Wienburg, C. L.; Wright, J. A.; Broughton, R. K.; Wadsworth, R. A.. 2006 Wildlife and pollution: 2002-03 Annual Report. Peterborough, JNCC, 77pp. (JNCC Report No.390)

Shore, R. F.; Walker, L. A.; Turk, A.; Wienburg, C. L.; Wright, J. A.; Murk, A.; Wanless, S.. 2006 Wildlife and pollution: 2003-04 Annual Report. Peterborough, JNCC, 91pp. (JNCC Report No.391)

Heywood, Elizabeth; Wright, Julian; Weinberg, Claire L.; Black, Helaina I. J.; Long, Sara M.; Osborn, Dan; Spurgeon, David J.. 2006 Factors influencing the national distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls in British soils. Environmental Science & Technology, 40. 7629-7635.


Black, H. I. J.; Garnett, J. S.; Ainsworth, G.; Coward, P. A.; Creamer, R.; Ellwood, S.; Horne, J.; Hornung, M.; Kennedy, V. H.; Monson, F.; Raine, L.; Osborn, D.; Parekh, N. R.; Parrington, J.; Poskitt, J.; Potter, E.; Reeves, N.; Rowland, A. P.; Self, P.; Turner, S.; Watkins, J.; Woods, C.; Wright, J.. 2002 MASQ: Monitoring And Assessing Soil Quality in Great Britain. Survey Model 6: Soils and Pollution. Bristol, Environment Agency, 200pp. (CEH Project Number: C01229, R&D Technical Report E1-063/TR)


Newton, I.; Afsar, A.; Dale, L.; Finnie, J. K.; Horne, J. A.; Shore, R. F.; Wright, J.; Wyatt, C.; Wylie, L.. 2000 Wildlife and pollution: 1998/1999 Annual Report. Peterborough, JNCC, 27pp. (JNCC Report No.305)


Newton, I.; Dale, L.; Finnie, J. K.; Freestone, P; Wright, J.; Wyatt, C.; Wylie, L.. 1998 Wildlife and pollution: 1997/1998 Annual Report. Peterborough, JNCC, 61pp. (JNCC Report No.285)

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