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Publication - Article

Appleton, J.D.; Daraktchieva, Z.; Young, M.E.. 2015 Geological controls on radon potential in Northern Ireland. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 126 (3). 328-345. 10.1016/j.pgeola.2014.07.001

McKinley,, J.M.; Deutsch, C.V.; Neufeld, C.; Patton, M.; Cooper, M.; Young, M.E.. 2014 Use of geostatistical Bayesian updating to integrate airborne radiometrics and soil geochemistry to improve mapping for mineral exploration. Journal of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 114. 575-586.

Howard, Andy; Young, Mike; Cowan, Marie. 2014 Valuing and realising our natural capital assets : Tellus all about it. Science in Parliament, 71 (3). 28-30.

Cox, Siobhan F; Chelliah, Merlyn C.M.; McKinley, Jennifer M.; Palmer, Sherry ; Ofterdinger, Ulrich; Young, Michael E.; Cave, Mark R.; Wragg, Joanna. 2013 The importance of solid-phase distribution on the oral bioaccessibility of Ni and Cr in soils overlying Palaeogene basalt lavas, Northern Ireland. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 35 (5). 553-567. 10.1007/s10653-013-9539-6

McKinley, Jennifer M.; Ofterdinger, Ulrich; Young, Michael; Barsby, Amy ; Gavin, Anna . 2013 Investigating local relationships between trace elements in soils and cancer data. Spatial Statistics, 5. 25-41. 10.1016/j.spasta.2013.05.001

Barsby, Amy; McKinley, Jennifer M.; Ofterdinger, Ulrich; Young, Mike; Cave, Mark R.; Wragg, Joanna. 2012 Bioaccessibility of trace elements in soils in Northern Ireland. Science of The Total Environment, 433. 398-417. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.05.099

Cooper, M.R.; Anderson, H.; Walsh, J.J.; Van Dam, C.L.; Young, M.E.; Earls, G.; Walker, A.. 2012 Palaeogene Alpine tectonics and Icelandic plume-related magmatism and deformation in Northern Ireland. Journal of the Geological Society, 169 (1). 29-36. 10.1144/​0016-76492010-182

Appleton, J.D.; Miles, J.C.H.; Young, M.. 2011 Comparison of Northern Ireland radon maps based on indoor radon measurements and geology with maps derived by predictive modelling of airborne radiometric and ground permeability data. Science of the Total Environment, 409 (8). 1572-1583. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2011.01.023

Rawlins, B.G.; Scheib, C.; Beamish, D.; Webster, R.; Tyler, A.N.; Young, M.E.. 2011 Landscape-scale controls on the spatial distribution of caesium 137: a study based on an airborne geophysical survey across Northern Ireland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 36 (2). 158-169. 10.1002/esp.2026

Earls, Garth; Young, Michael. 2010 North American liaisons. Earthwise, 26. 16-17.

Beamish, David; Young, Michael. 2009 The geophysics of Northern Ireland: the Tellus effect. First Break, 27. 43-49.

Young, Mike. 2007 New data release in NI [Northern Ireland]. Earth Science Ireland, 2. 25.

Young, Mike. 2007 Tellus. Earthwise, 25. 16-17.

Young, Mike; Smyth, Dermot. 2005 New geoscience surveys in Northern Ireland. European Geologist (19). 24-26.

Publication - Book

Young, Mike; Donald, Alex, eds. 2013 A guide to the Tellus data. Belfast, UK, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, 233pp.

Publication - Book Section

Beamish, David. 2016 Mapping the terrestrial gamma radiation dose. In: Young, M.E., (ed.) Unearthed: impacts of the Tellus surveys of the north of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, 235-244.

Publication - Conference Item

Young, M.E.; Cowan, M.T.; Scanlon, R.P.; Glennon, M.M.. 2013 Stimulating exploration by government-sponsored regional geoscience surveys. In: Exploration, Resource and Mining Geology Conference 2013, Cardiff, UK, 21-22 Oct 2013. Australian IMM. (Unpublished)

Gallagher, Orla; Ander, Louise; Young, Michael; Ofterdinger, Ulrich. 2010 Investigation of hydrochemical anomalies of the Roe Valley catchment, Northern Ireland. [Poster] In: SEGH 2010 International Conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health on Environmental Quality and Human Health, Galway, Ireland, 27 June - 2 July 2010. Galway, Ireland, Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health. (Unpublished)

Caven, S.; Beamish, D.; Desissa, M.; Patton, M.; Young, M.. 2010 Mapping depth-to-bedrock and shallow aggregate resources with airborne electromagnetics. [Poster] In: Mineral Deposits Studies Group 33rd Annual Winter Meeting, Glasgow, UK, 5-7 Jan 2010. Glasgow, UK, Mineral Deposits Studies Group. (Unpublished)

Barsby, Amy; McKinley, Jennifer; Ofterdinger, Ulrich; Young, Mike; Gavin, Anna. 2009 Trace element abundance & human epidemiology : the Tellus case study. [Poster] In: BUFI Festival of Science, Keyworth, UK, 12 Nov 2009. (Unpublished)

Young, Michael; Cooper, Mark; Donald, Alex. 2009 Regional interpretation of new airborne geophysical imagery of Northern Ireland. [Poster] In: Atlantic Ireland Conference 2009, Dublin, Ireland, 19-20 Oct 2009. Dublin, Ireland, Irish Shelf Petroleum Studies Group. (Unpublished)

Young, M.E.. 2009 Near surface geophysical surveying of Northern Ireland from the air. In: Near Surface 2009, Dublin, Ireland, 7-9 Sept 2009. Houten, Netherlands, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.

Rawlins, B.G.; Scheib, C.; Tyler, A.N.; Jones, D.; Webster, R.; Young, M.E.. 2009 The spatial distribution of caesium-137 over Northern Ireland from fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2009, Vienna, Austria, 19-24 April 2009.

Barsby, Amy; McKinley, Jennifer; Ofterdinger, Ulrich; Young, Mike; Gavin, Anna. 2008 Trace Element Abundance & Human Epidemiology: the Tellus Case Study. [Poster] In: GeoENV 2008: 7th International Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, Southampton, UK, 8-10 Sept 2008. (Unpublished)

Young, Michael; Appleton, James; Beamish, David; Cuss, Robert; Van Dam, Christiaan; Jones, David; Lahti, Mari; Miles, Jon; Rawlins, Barry; Scheib, Catherine. 2007 Airborne geophysical mapping of environmental features - examples from Northern Ireland. [Poster] In: Bicentennial Conference, London, UK, 10-12 Sept 2007. London, UK, Geological Society of London.

Young, M.E.; Earls, G.J.T.. 2007 New geochemical and geophysical data of Northern Ireland. In: 9th Biennial SGA Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, 20-23 Aug 2007. Dublin, Ireland, Irish Association for Economic Geology, 1275-1277.

Young, Mike. 2007 The Tellus Project : geochemical and geophysical surveys in Northern Ireland. [Lecture] In: Contaminated Land : Opportunities and Challenges in Northern Ireland, Belfast, UK, 16 Jan 2007. London, UK, CL:AIRE. (Unpublished)

Young, Mike. 2006 New regional surveys of soil geochemistry in Northern Ireland. [Lecture] In: Northern Ireland Soils Workshop, Belfast, UK, 19 Jan 2006. Edinburgh, UK, SNIFFER: Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research. (Unpublished)

Publication - Report

Nice, S.E.. 2010 Inorganic soil geochemical baseline data for the urban area of the Belfast Metropolitan Area, Northern Ireland. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 89pp. (OR/08/021) (Unpublished)

Scheib, A.J.; Dunlop, P.; Cooper, M.R.. 2010 Investigating glacial sediment provenance in Northern Ireland using principal component analysis of Tellus soil geochemical data. British Geological Survey, 24pp. (OR/10/017) (Unpublished)

Green, K.A.; Caven, S.; Lister, T.R.. 2010 Tellus soil geochemistry : quality assessment and map production of ICP data. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 142pp. (IR/11/001) (Unpublished)

Knights, K.V.. 2007 Tellus field campaign report : October - November 2005. British Geological Survey, 13pp. (CR/07/004N) (Unpublished)

Knights, K.V.. 2007 A report on the TELLUS urban field campaigns of Belfast Metropolitan areas and Londonderry, 2006. British Geological Survey, 19pp. (CR/07/006N) (Unpublished)

Knights, K.V.. 2007 A report on the Tellus field campaigns of summer 2005. British Geological Survey, 14pp. (CR/07/005N) (Unpublished)

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