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Amon, Diva J.; Gollner, Sabine; Morato, Telmo; Smith, Craig R.; Chen, Chong; Christiansen, Sabine; Currie, Bronwen; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Fukushima, Tomohiko; Gianni, Matthew; Gjerde, Kristina M.; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Grillo, Georgina Guillen; Haeckel, Matthias; Joyini, Thembile; Ju, Se-Jong; Levin, Lisa A.; Metaxas, Anna; Mianowicz, Kamila; Molodtsova, Tina N.; Narberhaus, Ingo; Orcutt, Beth N.; Swaddling, Alison; Tuhumwire, Joshua; Palacio, Patricio Urueña; Walker, Michelle; Weaver, Phil; Xu, Xue-Wei; Mulalap, Clement Yow; Edwards, Peter E.T.; Pickens, Chris. 2022 Assessment of scientific gaps related to the effective environmental management of deep-seabed mining. Marine Policy, 138. 105006.

Allen, John; Painter, Stuart; Martin, Adrian ORCID:; Iglesias-Rodrigues, Debora; Marcinko, Charlotte; Valiadi, Martha. 2012 Luminescence and Marine Plankton (LAMP)Final Report, National Oceanography Centre, Research and Consultancy Report No. 22. Southampton, NOC, 35pp.


Brown, Peter J.; Meredith, Michael P. ORCID:; Jullion, Loic; Naveira Garabato, Alberto; Torres-Valdes, Sinhue; Holland, Paul ORCID:; Leng, Melanie J. ORCID:; Venables, Hugh. 2014 Freshwater fluxes in the Weddell Gyre: results from δ18O. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A, 372 (2019), 20130298.

Brandt, Angelika; Gooday, Andrew J. ORCID:; Brandao, Simone N.; Brix, Saskia; Brokeland, Wiebke; Cedhagen, Tomas; Choudhury, Madhumita; Cornelius, Nils; Danis, Bruno; De Mesel, Ilse; Diaz, Robert J.; Gillan, David C.; Ebbe, Brigitte; Howe, John A.; Janussen, Dorte; Kaiser, Stefanie; Linse, Katrin ORCID:; Malyutina, Marina; Pawlowski, Jan; Raupach, Michael; Vanreusel, Ann. 2007 First insights into the biodiversity and biogeography of the Southern Ocean deep sea. Nature, 447 (7142). 307-311.


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Dowdeswell, J.A.; Evans, J.; Mugford, R.; Griffiths, G.; McPhail, S.D.; Millard, N.; Stevenson, P.; Brandon, M.A.; Banks, C. ORCID:; Heywood, K.J.; Price, M.R.; Dodd, P.A.; Jenkins, A. ORCID:; Nicholls, K.W. ORCID:; Hayes, D.; Abrahamsen, E.P. ORCID:; Tyler, P.A.; Bett, B.J. ORCID:; Jones, D.O.B. ORCID:; Wadhams, P.; Wilkinson, J.P.; Stansfield, K.; Ackley, S.. 2008 Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and investigations of the ice–ocean interface in Antarctic and Arctic waters. Journal of Glaciology, 54 (187). 661-672.


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Humphreys, Matthew P.; Griffiths, Alex M.; Achterberg, Eric P.; Holliday, N. Penny ORCID:; Rerolle, Victoire M.C.; Menzel Barraqueta, Jan-Lukas; Couldrey, Matthew P.; Oliver, Kevin I.C.; Hartman, Susan ORCID:; Esposito, Mario; Boyce, Adrian J.. 2016 Multidecadal accumulation of anthropogenic and remineralized dissolved inorganic carbon along the Extended Ellett Line in the northeast Atlantic Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 30 (2). 293-310.

Henson, Stephanie ORCID:; Cole, Harriet; Yool, Andrew ORCID:; Beaulieu, Claudie. 2012 Detection of global warming trends in satellite ocean colour data. [Keynote] In: Ocean Optics XXI, Glasgow, 08-12 Oct 2012. (Unpublished)

Henson, Stephanie ORCID:; Cole, Harriet; Yool, Andrew ORCID: 2012 Global warming impact on phytoplankton seasonal cycles. [Invited Paper] In: Challenger 2012 Conference, Norwich, 03-06 Sep 2012. (Unpublished)

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Marcinko, Charlotte; Allen, John; Martin, Adrian ORCID: 2013 Characterising Horizontal Variability in the Arctic Ocean. [Poster] In: The Forum for Arctic Ocean Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS) workshop, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, 22-25 Oct 2013. (Unpublished)

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Signorini, S.R.; Häkkinen, S.; Gudmundsson, K.; Olsen, A.; Omar, A.M.; Olafsson, J.; Reverdin, G.; Henson, S.A. ORCID:; McClain, C.R.; Worthen, D.L.. 2012 The role of phytoplankton dynamics in the seasonal and interannual variability of carbon in the subpolar North Atlantic – a modeling study. Geoscientific Model Development, 5 (3). 683-707.


Zubkov, Mikhail V.; Sleigh, Michael A.; Burkill, Peter H.; Leakey, Raymond J.G.. 2000 Bacterial growth and grazing loss in contrasting areas of North and South Atlantic. Journal of Plankton Research, 22 (4). 685-711.

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