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Askew, Richard R.; Melika, George; Pujade-Villar, Juli; Schonrogge, Karsten; Stone, Graham N.; Nieves-Aldrey, José Luis. 2013 Catalogue of parasitoids and inquilines in cynipid oak galls in the West Palaearctic. Zootaxa, 3643 (1). 1-133.

Acs, Zoltán; Challis, Richard J.; Bihari, Péter; Blaxter, Mark; Hayward, Alexander; Melika, George; Csoka, Gyorgy; Penzes, Zsolt; Pujade-Villar, Juli; Nieves-Aldrey, Jose-Luis; Schonrogge, Karsten; Stone, Graham N.. 2010 Phylogeny and DNA barcoding of inquiline oak gallwasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) of the Western Palaearctic. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 55 (1). 210-225.


Drewer, Julia; Finch, Jon W.; Lloyd, Colin R.; Baggs, Elisabeth M.; Skiba, Ute. 2012 How do soil emissions of N2O, CH4 and CO2 from perennial bioenergy crops differ from arable annual crops? Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 4 (4). 408-419.

Dadson, S.; Kirkby, M.; Irvine, B.; Nicholas, A.; Quine, T.; Boddy, L.. 2010 Impacts of Climate Change on Erosion, Sediment Transport and Soil Carbon in the UK and Europe: Final Report. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. (CEH Project Number: C03281) (Unpublished)

Dadson, Simon. 2010 Geomorphology and earth system science. Progress in Physical Geography, 34 (3). 385-398.

Dadson, Simon J.; Ashpole, Ian; Harris, Phil; Davies, Helen N.; Clark, Douglas B.; Blyth, Eleanor; Taylor, Christopher M.. 2010 Wetland inundation dynamics in a model of land-surface climate: evaluation in the Niger inland delta region. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 115, D23114. 7, pp.


Evans, Chris D.; Jones, Tim G.; Burden, Annette; Ostle, Nick; Zielinski, Piotr; Cooper, Mark D.A.; Peacock, Mike; Clark, Joanna M.; Oulehle, Filip; Cooper, David; Freeman, Chris. 2012 Acidity controls on dissolved organic carbon mobility in organic soils. Global Change Biology, 18 (11). 3317-3331.


Finney, D.L.; Blyth, E.; Ellis, R.. 2012 Improved modelling of Siberian river flow through the use of an alternative frozen soil hydrology scheme in a land surface model. The Cryosphere, 6. 859-870.


Nicholls, James A.; Preuss, Sonja; Hayward, Alexander; Melika, George; Csoka, Gyorgy; Nieves-Aldrey, Jose-Luis; Askew, Richard R.; Tavakoli, Majid; Schonrogge, Karsten; Stone, Graham N.. 2010 Concordant phylogeography and cryptic speciation in two Western Palaearctic oak gall parasitoid species complexes. Molecular Ecology, 19 (3). 592-609.


Oulehle, Filip; Evans, Christopher D.; Hofmeister, Jenyk; Krejci, Radovan; Tahovska, Karolina; Persson, Tryggve; Cudlin, Pavel; Hruska, Jakub. 2011 Major changes in forest carbon and nitrogen cycling caused by declining sulphur deposition. Global Change Biology, 17 (10). 3115-3129.


Quacchia, Ambra; Askew, Richard; Seeichi, Moriya; Schonrogge, Karsten. 2013 Torymus sinensis: Biology, host range and hybridisation. [Lecture] In: International Society for Horticultural Science - ISHS II. European Congress on Chestnut, Debrecen, Hungary, 9-12 October 2013. (Unpublished)


Schonrogge, Karsten; Begg, Tracey; Williams, Robin; Melika, George; Randle, Zoe; Stone, Graham N.. 2012 Range expansion and enemy recruitment by eight alien gall wasp species in Britain. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 5 (4). 298-311.

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Ward, Susan E.; Ostle, Nick J.; Oakley, Simon; Quirk, Helen; Stott, Andrew; Henrys, Peter A.; Scott, W. Andrew; Bargett, Richard D.. 2012 Fire accelerates assimilation and transfer of photosynthetic carbon from plants to soil microbes in a northern peatland. Ecosystems, 15 (8). 1245-1257.

Winfield, Ian J.; Fletcher, Janice M.; James, J. Ben. 2012 Long-term changes in the diet of pike (Esox lucius), the top aquatic predator in a changing Windermere. Freshwater Biology, 57 (2). 373-383.

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