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Publication - Article

Baron, Martin; Parnell, John; Mark, Darren; Carr, Andrew; Przyjalgowski, Milosz; Feely, Martin. 2008 Evolution of hydrocarbon migration style in a fractured reservoir deduced from fluid inclusion data, Clair Field, west of Shetland, UK. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 25 (2). 153-172.

Crampin, Stuart; Yuan, G.. 2008 A review of the new geophysics : a new understanding of pre-fracturing deformation in the crack-critical crust with implications for hydrocarbon production. Petroleum Science, 5 (1). 1-12.

Droujinine, A.; Pajchel, J.; Hitchen, Ken. 2008 A study of sub-basalt depth imaging using the local radon attributes on the Erlend Tertiary volcanic complex : north of Shetland, UK. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, 87 (2). 135-149.

Droujinine, Alexander; Buckner, Steve; Cameron, Ross. 2008 Sub-basalt converted-wave imaging : offshore west Ireland. Journal of Seismic Exploration, 17 (1). 1-18.

Franke, D; Schnabel, M; Ladage, S; Tappin, David; Neben, S,; Djajadihardja, Y S; Muller, C,; Kopp, H,; Gaedicke, C.. 2008 The great Sumatra-Andaman earthquakes : imaging the boundary between the ruptures of the great 2004 and 2005 earthquakes. Earth & Planetary Science Letters, 269 (1-2). 118-130.

Kimbell, Geoffrey; Richards, Philip. 2008 The three-dimensional lithospheric structure of the Falkland Plateau region based on gravity modelling. Journal of the Geological Society, 165 (4). 795-806.

Penney, Randall A.; Al Barram, Issam; Stephenson, Michael. 2008 A high resolution palynozonation for the Al Khlata Formation (Pennsylvanian to Lower Permian), South Oman. Palynology, 32. 213-229.

Reisberg, L.; Rouxel, O.; Ludden, John; Staudigel, H.; Zimmermann, C.. 2008 Re-Os results from ODP site 801 : evidence for extensive Re uptake during alteration of oceanic crust. Chemical Geology, 248 (3-4). 256-271.

Roberts, J.M.; Henry, L.-A.; Long, David; Hartley, J.P.. 2008 Cold-water coral reef frameworks, megafaunal communities and evidence for coral carbonate mounds on the Hatton Bank, north east Atlantic. Facies, 54 (3). 297-316.

Stephenson, Michael. 2008 Spores and pollen from the Middle and Upper Gharif members (Permian) of Oman. Palynology, 32. 157-182.

Stephenson, Michael; Angiolini, Lucia; Leng, Melanie ORCID:; Brewer, T.S.; Berra, F.; Jadoul, F.; Gambacorta, G.; Verna, V.; Al Beloushi, B.. 2008 Abrupt environmental and climatic change during the deposition of the Early Permian Haushi limestone, Oman. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 270 (1-2). 1-18.

Stone, P.; Richards, P.C.; Kimbell, G.S.; Esser, R.P.; Reeves, D.. 2008 Cretaceous dykes discovered in the Falkland Islands : implications for regional tectonics in the South Atlantic. Journal of the Geological Society, 165 (1). 1-4.

Tappin, David; Watts, P.; Grilli, S.T.. 2008 The Papua New Guinea tsunami of 17 July 1998: anatomy of a catastrophic event. Natural hazards and earth system sciences, 8. 243-266.

Vane, Christopher Howard ORCID:; Harrison, Ian; Kim, Alexander; Moss-Hayes, Vicky; Vickers, Barbara; Horton, B.P.. 2008 Status of organic pollutants in surface sediments of Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Estuary, New Jersey, USA. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 56 (10). 1802-1814.

Publication - Book Section

Holford, S.P.; Green, P.F.; Turner, J.P; Williams, Gareth; Hillis, R.R.; Tappin, David; Duddy, I.R.. 2008 Evidence for kilometre-scale Neogene exhumation driven by compressional deformation in the Irish Sea basin system. In: Johnson, Howard; Dore, T.G.; Gatliff, Robert; Holdsworth, R.W.; Lundin, E.R.; Ritchie, J.D., (eds.) The nature and origin of compression in passive margins. London,UK, Geological Society of London, 91-119. (Special publications, 306).

Ritchie, Derek; Johnson, Howard; Quinn, Martyn; Gatliff, Robert. 2008 The effects of Cenozoic compression within the Faroe-Shetland Basin and adjacent areas. In: Johnson, Howard; Dore, T.G.; Gatliff, Robert; Holdsworth, R.W.; Lundin, E.R.; Ritchie, Derek, (eds.) The nature and origin of compression in passive margins. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 121-136. (Special publications, 306).

Johnson, H.; Ritchie, J.D.; Hitchen, K.; McInroy, D.B.; Kimbell, G.S.. 2005 Aspects of the Cenozoic deformational history of the northeast Faroe-Shetland Basin and the Wyville-Thomson Ridge and Hatton Bank areas. In: Dore, A.G.; Vining, B.A., (eds.) Petroleum Geology : North-West Europe and Global Perspectives : Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference. London, UK, British Geological Survey, 993-1007.

Publication - Conference Item

McInroy, David; Hitchen, Ken. 2008 Geological evolution and hydrocarbon potential of the Hatton Basin (UK sector), north-east Atlantic Ocean. In: Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 13-15 August 2008. 132-143.

Publication - Report

Crummy, J.. 2008 Marine survey Data Management Handbook : BGS specifications. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 108pp. (IR/08/024) (Unpublished)

Morgan, David; Bee, Emma Jayne; James, Ceri; Slater, Margaret. 2008 The use of marine aggregate data to inform habitat mapping. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 41pp. (Marine Geoscience Open Report OR/08/003)

Stewart, H.A.; Gatliff, R.W.. 2008 Preliminary geological results of sea-bed sampling in the Hebrides area from the RRS James Cook in 2007. British Geological Survey, 227pp. (IR/08/004) (Unpublished)

Jenkins, Gareth Owen; Kessler, Holger; Jones, David; Poulton, C.V.L.. 2005 A desk study & BGS capability study in the Severn Estuary, United Kingdom. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 13pp. (CR/05/088N) (Unpublished)

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