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Publication - Article

Honour, Sarah L.; Bell, J. Nigel B.; Ashenden, Trevor A.; Cape, J. Neil; Power, Sally A.. 2009 Responses of herbaceous plants to urban air pollution: Effects on growth, phenology and leaf surface characteristics. Environmental Pollution, 157 (4). 1279-1286.

Plassmann, Katharina; Brown, Nigel; Jones, M. Laurence M. ORCID:; Edwards-Jones, Gareth. 2009 Can soil seed banks contribute to the restoration of dune slacks under conservation management? Applied Vegetation Science, 12 (2). 199-210.

Cape, J N.; van der Eerden, L. J.; Sheppard, L. J.; Leith, I. D.; Sutton, M. A. ORCID: 2009 Evidence for changing the Critical Level for ammonia. Environmental Pollution, 157 (3). 1033-1037.

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Cape, J. N.; Jones, M. R.; Leith, I. D.; Sheppard, L. J.; van Dijk, N.; Sutton, M. A. ORCID:; Fowler, D.. 2008 Estimate of annual NH3 dry deposition to a fumigated ombrotrophic bog using concentration-dependent deposition velocities. Atmospheric Environment, 42 (27). 6637-6646.

Cape, J. N.; Jones, M.; Leith, I.D.; Sheppard, L.J.; van Dijk, N.; Sutton, M.A. ORCID:; Fowler, D.. 2008 Concentration-dependent deposition velocities for ammonia – from lab to field. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, EGU2008-A-01929.

Mattsson, M.; Herrmann, B.; Jones, S.; Neftel, A.; Sutton, M.A. ORCID:; Schjoerring, J.K.. 2008 Contribution of different grass species to plant-atmosphere ammonia exchange in intensively managed grassland. Biogeosciences Discussions, 5. 2583-2605.

Reinds, Gert Jan; Van Oijen, Marcel; Heuvelink, Gerard B. M.; Kros, Hans. 2008 Bayesian calibration of the VSD soil acidification model using European forest monitoring data. Geoderma, 146 (3-4). 475-488.

Scholefield, P. ORCID:; Brazier, R.; Heathwaite, A.; Arnscheidt, R.; Jordan, P.; Haygarth, P.; Walling, D.; Hodgkinson, R.; Withers, P.; Beaven, K.. 2008 Uncertainty of stream nutrient transport estimates using random sampling of storm events from high and low resolution water quality and discharge data. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, EGU2008-A-08942. 2, pp.

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Leith, Ian; Sheppard, Lucy; Fowler, David; Cape, Neil; Jones, Matthew; Crossley, Alan; Hargreaves, Ken J; Tang, Yuk; Theobald, Mark; Sutton, Mark ORCID: 2004 Quantifying dry NH3 deposition to an ombrotrophic bog from an automated NH3 field release system. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4 (6). 207-218.

Sheppard, L.; Crossley, A.; Leith, I.D.; Hargreaves, K.J.; Carfrae, J.; van Dijk, N.; Cape, J.N.; Sleep, D. ORCID:; Fowler, D.; Raven, J.A.. 2004 An Automated Wet Deposition System to Compare the Effects of Reduced and Oxidised N on Ombrotrophic Bog Species: Practical Considerations. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4 (6). 197-205.

Smart, Simon ORCID:; Ashmore, Mike; Hornung, Michael; Scott, Wendy; Fowler, David; Dragosits, Ulrike; Howard, David; Sutton, Mark ORCID:; Famulari, Daniela. 2004 Detecting the signal of atmospheric N deposition in recent national-scale vegetation change across Britain. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4 (6). 269-278.

Williams, D.; Emmett, B.A. ORCID:; Brittain, S.A.; Reynolds, B.; Stevens, P.A.; Benham, D.. 2004 The GANE Roof Project: The impact of reduced N & S deposition and experimental warming in an acid grassland. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4 (6). 187-196.

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Pitcairn, C. E. R.; Skiba, U. M. ORCID:; Sutton, M. A. ORCID:; Fowler, D.; Munro, R.; Kennedy, V. 2002 Defining the spatial impacts of poultry farm ammonia emissions on species composition of adjacent woodland groundflora using Ellenberg Nitrogen Index, nitrous oxide and nitric oxide emissions and foliar nitrogen as marker variables. Environmental Pollution, 119. 9-21.

Sutton, M. A. ORCID:; Fowler, D.. 2002 Introduction: fluxes and impacts of atmospheric ammonia on national, landscape and farm scales. Environmental Pollution, 119. 7-8.

Leith, I.; Pitcairn, C. E. R.; Sheppard, L.; Hill, P. W.; Cape, J. N.; Fowler, D.; Tang, Y. S.; Smith, R. I.; Parrington, J. A.. 2002 A Comparison of Impacts of N Deposition Applied as NH~3 or as NH~4Cl on Ombrotrophic Mire Vegetation. Phyton (Austria) Special Issue: Global Change, 42 (3). 83-88.

Publication - Book Section

Dragosits, U.; Dore, A.; Sheppard, L.; Vieno, M. ORCID:; Tang, Y. S.; Theobald, M.; Sutton, M. ORCID: 2008 Sources, dispersion and fate of stmospheric ammonia. In: Hatfield, J.L.; Follett, R.F., (eds.) Nitrogen in the Environment - Sources, Problems, and Management. Academic Press, 333-393, 61pp.

Monteith, Donald T.; Evans, Chris D. ORCID:; Dalton, Catherine. 2007 Acidification of Lochnagar and prospects for recovery. In: Rose, N. L., (ed.) Lochnagar: The natural history of a mountain lake. Springer, 317-344. (Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research, 12).

Publication - Conference Item

Reis, S. ORCID:; Sabel, C.; Oxley, T.. 2009 Implications of different spatial (and temporal) resolutions for integrated assessment modelling on the regional to local scale – nesting, coupling, or model integration? In: 18th World IMACS Congress and MODSIM09 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Cairns, Australia, 13-17 July 2009. 2328-2334.

Publication - Report

Bealey, W. ORCID:; Cape, J. N.; Leith, I. D.; Long, S.; Kinnerlsey, R. P.. 2008 Air quality outcomes in pollution regulation: strengths, limitations and potential. Bristol, Environment Agency, 47pp. (Science Report SC030175/SR1, CEH Project Number: C02600)

Bealey, W. J. ORCID:; Long, S.; Spurgeon, D. J. ORCID:; Leith, I.; Cape, J. N.. 2008 Review and implementation study of biomonitoring for assessment of air quality outcomes. Bristol, Environment Agency, 170pp. (Science Report - SC030175/SR2)

Long, Sara; Lister, Lindsay; Hankard, Peter; Rothery, Peter; Ainsworth, Gillian; Rowland, Phil; Walker, Lee ORCID:; Wright, Julian; Turk, Tony; Bealey, Bill ORCID:; Leith, Ian; Cape, Neil; Spurgeon, Dave ORCID: 2008 The use of biomonitoring tools to detect ecosystem response following exposure to contaminants emitted from a regulated industrial source. Bristol, Environment Agency, 41pp. (Science Report - SC030175/SR3)

Hall, Jane; Bealey, Bill ORCID:; Wadsworth, Richard. 2006 Assessing the risks of air pollution impacts to the condition of Areas/Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the UK. Peterborough, JNCC, 66pp. (JNCC Report No. 387)

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