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Bell, Thomas; Gessner, Mark O.; Griffiths, Robert I.; McLaren, Jennie; Morin, Peter J.; van der Heijden, Marcel; van der Putten, Wim. 2009 Microbial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning under controlled conditions and in the wild. In: Naeem, Shahid; Bunker, Daniel E.; Hector, Andy; Loreau, Michel; Perrings, Charles, (eds.) Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, and Human Wellbeing: An Ecological and Economic Perspective. Oxford University Press.


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Hesketh, H.; Roy, H. E.; McCracken, M.; Pywell, R. F.; Hails, R. S.. 2008 Living on the edge: interactions between Lepidoptera and parasites. [Speech] In: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Imperial College, London, UK, 3-5 September 2008. British Ecological Society, 41.

Hesketh, Helen. 2008 Methods for studying pathogens in natural populations: recent developments and future thoughts. [Speech] In: 41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology and 9th International Conference on Bacillus thuringiensis (incorporating COST862 Action* Bacterial Toxins for Insect Control), Warwick, UK, 3-7 August 2008. Society for Invertebrate Pathology, 113.

Hunter, Stephanie J.; Goodall, Tim I.; Walsh, Kerry A.; Owen, Richard; Day, John C.. 2008 Nondestructive DNA extraction from blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae): retaining voucher specimens for DNA barcoding projects. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8. 56-61.


Kelly, Barbara J.; Chapple, Susan D. J.; Allen, Clare; Pritchard, Carolyn; King, Linda; Possee, Robert D.. 2008 Extended budded virus formation and induction of apoptosis by an AcMNPV FP-25K/p35 double mutant in Trichoplusia ni cells. Virus Research, 133 (2). 157-166.


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Raymond, Ben; Lijek, Rebecca S.; Griffiths, Robert I.; Bonsall, Michael B.. 2008 Ecological consequences of ingestion of Bacillus cereus on Bacillus thuringiensis infections and on the gut flora of a lepidopteran host. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 99 (1). 103-111.


Slater, Frances R.; Bruce, Kenneth D.; Ellis, Richard J.; Lilley, Andrew K.; Turner, Sarah L.. 2008 Heterogeneous selection in a spatially structured environment affects fitness tradeoffs of plasmid carriage in pseudomonads. Applied & Environmental Microbiology, 74 (10). 3189-3197.

Simon, Oihane; Williams, Trevor; Asensio, Aaron C.; Ros, Sarhay; Gaya, Andrea; Caballero, Primitivo; Possee, Robert D.. 2008 Sf29 gene of Spodoptera frugiperda multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus is a viral factor that determines the number of virions in occlusion bodies. Journal of Virology, 82 (16). 7897-7904.


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