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Foden, P. R.; Vassie, J. M.; Spencer, R.. 1993 RRS 'James Clark Ross/RRS 'Bransfield', 7 October - 4 December 1992. ACCLAIM: sea level measurements in the Scotia Sea and Drake Passage. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 24pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 17)

Foden, P.R.; Smith, D.. 1993 RRS 'James Clark Ross', 20 November - 18 December 1993. ACCLAIM: sea level measurements in the Drake Passage. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 17pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 23)


Harrison, A. J.. 1993 RRS 'Challenger' Cruise 85, 25 October 1991 - 12 November 1991. Current profiles northern North Sea. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 20pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 15)

Huntley, D.A.; Huthnance, J.M. ORCID:; Collins, M.B.; Liu, C.-L.; Nicholls, R.J.; Hewitson, C.; Green, M.O.; Dyer, K.R.; Jago, C.F.. 1993 Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics of North Sea Sand Waves and Sand Banks [and Discussion]. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 343 (1669). 461-474.

Huthnance, J.M. ORCID:; Allen, J.I.; Davies, A.M.; Hydes, D.J.; James, I.D.; Jones, J.E.; Millward, G.E.; Prandle, D.; Proctor, R.; Purdie, D.A.; Statham, P.J.; Tett, P.B.; Thomson, S.; Wood, R.G.; Radford, P.J.. 1993 Towards Water Quality Models [and Discussion]. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 343 (1669). 569-584.

Huthnance, John M. ORCID: 1993 Comments on “Tidal Rectification and Mass Transport over a Shelf Break: A Barotropic Frictionless Model”. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 23 (8). p1894.<1893:CORAMT>2.0.CO;2


Knight, P. J.; Harrison, A. J.; Lane, A.; Wilkinson, M.; Collen, D. G... 1993 Current profile and river bed pressure and temperature records. July 1992. River Mersey. Liverpool - Wallasey Transect. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 115pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 27)

Knight, P. J.; Wilkinson, M.; Glorioso, P.. 1993 Current profile and sea-bed pressure and temperature records from the northern North Sea. Challenger Cruises 84 and 85. September 1991 - November 1991. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 417pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 28)


Loch, S. G.. 1993 An efficient, generalised approach to banking oceanographic data. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 34pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 24)


McManus, J. P.. 1993 Dissolved trace metal inputs into the southern North Sea: source concentrations derived from multiple linear regression between distributions simulated by a dispersion model and observed in North Sea Project surveys. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 25pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 32)


Player, R. J.. 1993 Current profile, water level and temperature records. Cruises 'Challenger' 78 and 88. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 190pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 29)


Richards, J.D.; Windle, S.A.; Blackman, D. L.; Flather, R. A.; Woodworth, P. L. ORCID: 1993 Analysis of high waters and tides at Lawyer's sluice in the Wash, eastern England. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 26pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 31)


Shaw, S.M.. 1993 Class A Network Dataring gauges - 1992 data processing and analysis. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 178pp. (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Report No. 30)

Simpson, John H.; Bos, Wim G.; Schirmer, Florian; Souza, Alejandro J.; Rippeth, Thomas P.; Jones, Sarah E.; Hydes, David. 1993 Periodic Stratification in the Rhine ROFI in the North Sea. Oceanologica Acta, 16 (1). 23-32.


Williams, J. J.. 1993 RRS 'Challenger' Cruise 98, 29 November - 5 December 1992; RV 'Belgica' Cruise 92/14, 15 - 23 December 1992; RRS 'Challenger' Cruise 100, 25 February - 3 March 1993; and RV 'Belgica' Cruise 93/6, 18 March 1993. CSTAB - Circulation and Sediment Transport Around Banks. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 53pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 16)

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