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Schoening, Timm; Durden, Jennifer M.; Faber, Claas; Felden, Janine; Heger, Karl; Hoving, Henk-Jan T.; Kiko, Rainer; Köser, Kevin; Krämmer, Christopher; Kwasnitschka, Tom; Möller, Klas Ove; Nakath, David; Naß, Andrea; Nattkemper, Tim W.; Purser, Autun; Zurowietz, Martin. 2022 Making marine image data FAIR. Scientific Data, 9 (1).

Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Hartman, Susan ORCID:; Campbell, Jon; Cardwell, Christopher ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer; Flohr, Anita ORCID:; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Lankester, Steven; Lampitt, Richard; Miskin-Hymas, Charlotte; Pebody, Corinne; Rundle, Nicholas; Serpell-Stevens, Amanda; Bett, Brian ORCID: 2022 Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained observatory monitors the atmosphere to the seafloor on multidecadal timescales. Oceanography. 29.

Jones, Daniel ORCID:; Simon-Lledó, Erik ORCID:; Amon, Diva J.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Caulle, Clémence; Clement, Louis ORCID:; Connelly, Douglas P.; Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Durden, Jennifer; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Felden, Janine; Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Georgieva, Magdalena N.; Glover, Adrian G.; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Hollingsworth, Anita L.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; James, Rachael H.; Jeffreys, Rachel M.; Laguionie-Marchais, Claire; Leitner, Astrid B.; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Menendez, Amaya; Paterson, Gordon L.J.; Peel, Kate; Robert, Katleen; Schoening, Timm; Shulga, Natalia A.; Smith, Craig R.; Taboada, Sergio; Thurnherr, Andreas M.; Wiklund, Helena; Young III, C. Robert; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID: 2021 Environment, ecology, and potential effectiveness of an area protected from deep-sea mining (Clarion Clipperton Zone, abyssal Pacific). Progress in Oceanography, 197. 102653.

Durden, Jennifer; Putts, Meagan; Bingo, Sarah; Leitner, Astrid B.; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Gooday, Andrew ORCID:; Jones, Dan; Sweetman, Andrew K.; Washburn, Travis W.; Smith, Craig R.. 2021 Megafaunal ecology of the western Clarion Clipperton Zone. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.

Gates, Andrew ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer; Richmond, M.D.; Muhando, C.A.; Khamis, Z.A.; Jones, Daniel ORCID: 2021 Ecological considerations for marine spatial management in deep-water Tanzania. Ocean & Coastal Management, 210, 105703.

Durden, Jennifer M.; Hosking, Brett; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Cline, Danelle; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2021 Automated classification of fauna in seabed photographs: The impact of training and validation dataset size, with considerations for the class imbalance. Progress in Oceanography, 196, 102612.

Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Marsh, Leigh; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Gates, Andrew R. ORCID:; Jones, Daniel O. B. ORCID:; Benoist, Noëlie M. A. ORCID:; Pfeifer, Simone; Simon-Lledó, Erik ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer M.; Vandepitte, Leen; Appeltans, Ward. 2021 Recommendations for the standardisation of open taxonomic nomenclature for image-based identifications. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 620702.

Hartman, Susan E. ORCID:; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer M.; Henson, Stephanie A. ORCID:; Iversen, Morten; Jeffreys, Rachel M.; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Lampitt, Richard; Gates, Andrew R. ORCID: 2021 Enduring science: Three decades of observing the Northeast Atlantic from the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory (PAP-SO). Progress in Oceanography, 191, 102508.

Flohr, Anita ORCID:; Schaap, Allison ORCID:; Achterberg, Erik P.; Alendal, Guttorm; Arundell, Martin; Berndt, Christian; Blackford, Jerry; Böttner, Christoph; Borisov, Sergey M.; Brown, Robin; Bull, Jonathan M.; Carter, Liam; Chen, Baixin; Dale, Andrew W.; de Beer, Dirk; Dean, Marcella; Deusner, Christian; Dewar, Marius; Durden, Jennifer; Elsen, Saskia; Esposito, Mario; Faggetter, Michael; Fischer, Jan P.; Gana, Amine; Gros, Jonas; Haeckel, Matthias; Hanz, Rudolf ORCID:; Holtappels, Moritz; Hosking, Brett; Huvenne, Veerle ORCID:; James, Rachael; Koopmans, Dirk; Kossel, Elke; Leighton, Timothy G.; Li, Jianghui; Lichtschlag, Anna ORCID:; Linke, Peter; Loucaides, Socratis; Martínez-Cabanas, María; Matter, Juerg M.; Mesher, Thomas; Monk, Samuel; Mowlem, Matthew; Oleynik, Anna; Papadimitriou, Efstathios; Paxton, David; Pearce, Christopher ORCID:; Peel, Kate; Roche, Ben; Ruhl, Henry; Saleem, Umer; Sands, Carla; Saw, Kevin; Schmidt, Mark; Sommer, Stefan; Strong, James ORCID:; Triest, Jack; Ungerböck, Birgit; Walk, John; White, Paul; Widdicombe, Steve; Wilson, Robert Euan ORCID:; Wright, Hannah; Wyatt, James; Connelly, Douglas. 2021 Towards improved monitoring of offshore carbon storage: A real-world field experiment detecting a controlled sub-seafloor CO2 release. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106, 103237.

Leitner, Astrid B.; Durden, Jennifer M.; Smith, Craig R.; Klingberg, Eric D.; Drazen, Jeffrey C.. 2021 Synaphobranchid eel swarms on abyssal seamounts: Largest aggregation of fishes ever observed at abyssal depths. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 167, 103423.

Gooday, Andrew J. ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer M.; Smith, Craig R.. 2020 Giant, highly diverse protists in the abyssal Pacific: vulnerability to impacts from seabed mining and potential for recovery. Communicative & Integrative Biology, 13 (1). 189-197.

Mitchell, Emily G.; Durden, Jennifer M.; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2020 First network analysis of interspecific associations of abyssal benthic megafauna reveals potential vulnerability of abyssal hill community. Progress in Oceanography, 187, 102401.

Gooday, Andrew J. ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer M.; Holzmann, Maria; Pawlowski, Jan; Smith, Craig R.. 2020 Xenophyophores (Rhizaria, Foraminifera), including four new species and two new genera, from the western Clarion-Clipperton Zone (abyssal equatorial Pacific). European Journal of Protistology, 75, 125715.

Durden, Jennifer M.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2020 Subtle variation in abyssal terrain induces significant change in benthic megafaunal abundance, diversity, and community structure. Progress in Oceanography, 186, 102395.

Vieira, Rui P.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Jones, Daniel O.B. ORCID:; Durden, Jennifer M.; Morris, Kirsty J.; Cunha, Marina R.; Trueman, Clive N.; Ruhl, Henry A.. 2020 Deep-sea sponge aggregations (Pheronema carpenteri) in the Porcupine Seabight (NE Atlantic) potentially degraded by demersal fishing. Progress in Oceanography, 183, 102189.

Durden, Jennifer M.; Bett, Brian J. ORCID:; Huffard, Christine L.; Pebody, Corinne; Ruhl, Henry A.; Smith, Kenneth L.. 2020 Response of deep-sea deposit-feeders to detrital inputs: A comparison of two abyssal time-series sites. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 173, 104677.

Lecours, Vincent; Howell, Kerry L.; Davies, Jaime S.; Allcock, A. Louise; Braga-Henriques, Andreia; Buhl-Mortensen, Pål; Carreiro-Silva, Marina; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos; Durden, Jennifer M.; Foster, Nicola L.; Game, Chloe A.; Hitchin, Becky; Horton, Tammy ORCID:; Hosking, Brett; Jones, Daniel O. B. ORCID:; Mah, Christopher; Laguionie Marchais, Claire; Menot, Lenaick; Morato, Telmo; Pearman, Tabitha R. R.; Piechaud, Nils; Ross, Rebecca E.; Ruhl, Henry A.; Saeedi, Hanieh; Stefanoudis, Paris V.; Taranto, Gerald H.; Thompson, Michael B.; Taylor, James R.; Tyler, Paul; Vad, Johanne; Victorero, Lissette; Vieira, Rui P.; Woodall, Lucy C.; Xavier, Joana R.; Wagner, Daniel. 2019 A framework for the development of a global standardised marine taxon reference image database (SMarTaR-ID) to support image-based analyses. PLOS ONE, 14 (12). e0218904.

Durden, Jennifer M.; Schoening, Timm; Althaus, Franziska; Friedman, Ariell; Garcia, Rafael; Glover, Adrian G.; Greinert, Jens; Jacobsen Stout, Nancy; Jones, Daniel O. B. ORCID:; Jordt, Anne; Kaeli, Jeff W.; Köser, Kevin; Kuhnz, Linda; Lindsay, Dhugal; Morris, Kirsty J.; Nattkemper, Tim W.; Osterloff, Jonas; Ruhl, Henry; Singh, Hanumant; Tran, Maggie; Bett, Brian J. ORCID: 2016 Perspectives in visual imaging for marine biology and ecology: from acquisition to understanding. Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review, 54. 1-72.

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