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Publication - Article

Gunn, D.A.; Chambers, J.E.; Dashwood, B.E.; Lacinska, A.; Dijkstra, T.; Uhlemann, S.; Swift, R.; Kirkham, M.; Milodowski, A.; Wragg, J.; Donohue, S.. 2018 Deterioration model and condition monitoring of aged railway embankment using non-invasive geophysics. Construction and Building Materials, 170. 668-678.

Zhang, Yi; Meng, Xingmin; Jordan, Colm; Novellino, Alessandro; Dijkstra, Tom; Chen, Guan. 2018 Investigating slow-moving landslides in the Zhouqu region of China using InSAR time series. Landslides, 15 (7). 1299-1315.

Williams, Jack G.; Rosser, Nick J.; Kincey, Mark E.; Benjamin, Jessica; Oven, Katie J.; Densmore, Alexander L.; Milledge, David G.; Robinson, Tom R.; Jordan, Colm A.; Dijkstra, Tom A.. 2018 Satellite-based emergency mapping using optical imagery: experience and reflections from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 18 (1). 185-205.

Uhlemann, Sebastian; Chambers, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Paul; Maurer, Hansruedi; Merritt, Andrew; Meldrum, Philip; Kuras, Oliver; Gunn, David; Smith, Alister; Dijkstra, Tom. 2017 Four-dimensional imaging of moisture dynamics during landslide reactivation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 122 (1). 398-418.

Postance, Benjamin; Hillier, John; Dijkstra, Tom; Dixon, Neil. 2017 Extending natural hazard impacts: an assessment of landslide disruptions on a national road transportation network. Environmental Research Letters, 12 (1), 014010.

Uhlemann, S.; Hagedorn, S.; Dashwood, B.; Maurer, H.; Gunn, D.; Dijkstra, T.; Chambers, J.. 2016 Landslide characterization using P- and S-wave seismic refraction tomography: the importance of elastic moduli. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 134. 64-76.

Uhlemann, S.; Smith, A.; Chambers, J.; Dixon, N.; Dijkstra, T.; Haslam, E.; Meldrum, P.; Merritt, A.; Gunn, D.; Mackay, J.. 2016 Assessment of ground-based monitoring techniques applied to landslide investigations. Geomorphology, 253. 438-451.

Chen, Zuyu; Meng, Xingmin; Yin, Yueping; Dijkstra, Tom; Winter, Mike; Wasowski, Janusz. 2016 Landslide research in China. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 49 (4). 279-285.

Gunn, D.A.; Chambers, J.E.; Uhlemann, S.; Wilkinson, P.B.; Meldrum, P.I.; Dijkstra, T.A.; Haslam, E.; Kirkham, M.; Wragg, J.; Holyoake, S.; Hughes, P.N.; Hen-Jones, R.; Glendinning, S.. 2015 Moisture monitoring in clay embankments using electrical resistivity tomography. Construction and Building Materials, 92. 82-94.

Pennington, Catherine; Freeborough, Katy; Dashwood, Claire; Dijkstra, Tom; Lawrie, Kenneth. 2015 The National Landslide Database of Great Britain: acquisition, communication and the role of social media. Geomorphology, 249. 44-51.

Glendinning, S.; Helm, P.R.; Rouainia, M.; Stirling, R.A.; Asquith, J.D.; Hughes, P.N.; Toll, D.G.; Clarke, D.; Powrie, W.; Smethurst, J.; Hughes, D.; Harley, R.; Karim, R.; Dixon, N.; Crosby, C.; Chambers, J.; Dijkstra, T.; Gunn, D.; Briggs, K.; Muddle, D.. 2015 Research-informed design, management and maintenance of infrastructure slopes: development of a multi-scalar approach. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 26. 012005.

Pennington, Catherine; Dijkstra, Tom; Jordan, Colm. 2014 Hunting for landslides in St Lucia. GeoBlogy.

Dijkstra, Tom; Crosby, Chris; Dixon, Neil; Frost, Matthew; Gunn, David; Fleming, Paul; Wilks, Joanna. 2014 Forecasting infrastructure resilience to climate change. Proceedings of the ICE - Transport, 167 (5). 269-280.

Zeng, R.Q.; Meng, X.M.; Wasowski, J.; Dijkstra, T.; Bovenga, F.; Xue, Y.T.; Wang, S.Y.. 2014 Ground instability detection using PS-InSAR in Lanzhou, China. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 47 (4). 307-321.

Dijkstra, T.A.; Wasowski, J.; Winter, M.G.; Meng, X.M.. 2014 Introduction to geohazards of Central China. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 47 (3). 195-199.

Beetham, Paul; Dijkstra, Tom; Dixon, Neil; Fleming, Paul; Hutchison, Robert; Bateman, John. 2014 Lime stabilisation for earthworks: a UK perspective. Proceedings of the ICE - Ground Improvement, 168 (2). 81-95.

Cassar, J.; Winter, M.G.; Marker, B.R.; Bromhead, E.N.; Smith, J.W.N.; Toll, D.G.; Walton, N.R.G.; Entwisle, D.C.; Dijkstra, T.A.. 2013 Introduction to the stone cycle and the conservation of historic buildings. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 46 (4). 363-366.

Publication - Book Section

Dashwood, Claire; Pennington, Catherine; Bee, Emma; Freeborough, Katy; Dijkstra, Tom. 2017 Creation of a national landslide domain map to aid susceptibility mapping in Great Britain. In: Mikos, M., (ed.) Advancing culture of living with landslides. Volume 2, advances in landslide science. Cham, Switzerland, Springer, 973-979.

Jordan, H.; Boon, D.; Dashwood, C.; Dijkstra, T.; Freeborough, K.; Hobbs, P.; Jenkins, G.; Lee, K.; Pennington, C.; Reeves, H.. 2016 Landslide mapping for susceptibility and hazard assessment: North York Moors, UK. In: Aversa, S., (ed.) Landslides and engineered slopes: experience, theory and practice : Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Landslides (Napoli, Italy, 12-19 June 2016). Taylor & Francis, 9pp.

Pennington, Catherine; Dijkstra, Tom; Lark, Murray; Dashwood, Claire; Harrison, Anna; Freeborough, Katy. 2014 Antecedent precipitation as a potential proxy for landslide incidence in South West UK. In: Sassa, Kyoji; Canuti, Paolo; Yin, Yueping, (eds.) Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment. Vol.1, the International Programme on Landslides (IPL). Springer, 253-259. (Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment: Vol.1: The International Programme on Landslides (IPL)).

Bosco, Claudio; Rigo, Daniele; Dijkstra, Tom; Sander, Graham; Wasowski, Janusz. 2013 Multi-scale robust modelling of landslide susceptibility: regional rapid assessment and catchment robust fuzzy ensemble. In: Environmental software systems: fostering information sharing. Springer, 321-335. (IFIP advances in information and communication technology, 413, 413).

Publication - Conference Item

Hughes, Paul N.; Hen-Jones, Rosalind; Stirling, Ross A.; Glendinnning, Stephanie; Gunn, David A.; Chambers, Jonathan E.; Dijkstra, Tom A.; Smethurst, Joel; Flesjo, Kristine. 2016 Challenges in monitoring and managing engineered slopes in a changing climate. In: 3rd European Conference on Unsaturated Soils – “E-UNSAT 2016", Paris, France, 12-14 Sept 2016. EDP Sciences, 04009.

Publication - Report

Jordan, Colm J.; Dijkstra, Tom; Grebby, Stephen. 2016 Risk information services for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Caribbean : mainstreaming opportunities. British Geological Survey, 35pp. (OR/16/006) (Unpublished)

Grebby, Stephen; Jordan, Colm J.; Dijkstra, Tom. 2016 Risk information services for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Caribbean : service utility document. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 43pp. (OR/15/061) (Unpublished)

Jordan, Colm J.; Grebby, Stephen; Dijkstra, Tom; Dashwood, Claire; Cigna, Francesca. 2015 Risk information services for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Caribbean : operational documentation. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 69pp. (OR/15/001) (Unpublished)

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