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Publication - Article

Liu, Xiaowei; Keller, Virginie; Dumont, Egon L.; Shi, Jianghong; Johnson, Andrew C.. 2015 Risk of endocrine disruption to fish in the Yellow River catchment in China assessed using a spatially explicit model. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 34 (12). 2870-2877.

Johnson, Andrew C.; Keller, Virginie; Dumont, Egon; Sumpter, John P.. 2015 Assessing the concentrations and risks of toxicity from the antibiotics ciprofloxacin, sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and erythromycin in European rivers. Science of the Total Environment, 511. 747-755.

Dumont, Egon; Johnson, Andrew C.; Keller, Virginie D.J.; Williams, Richard J.. 2015 Nano silver and nano zinc-oxide in surface waters - exposure estimation for Europe at high spatial and temporal resolution. Environmental Pollution, 196. 341-349.

Johnson, Andrew C.; Dumont, Egon; Williams, Richard J.; Oldenkamp, Rik; Cisowska, Iwona; Sumpter, John P.. 2013 Do concentrations of ethinylestradiol, estradiol and diclofenac in European rivers exceed proposed EU environmental quality standards? Environmental Science & Technology, 47 (21). 12297-12304.

Johnson, Andrew C.; Oldenkamp, Rik; Dumont, Egon; Sumpter, John P.. 2013 Predicting concentrations of the cytostatic drugs cyclophosphamide, carboplatin, 5-fluorouracil, and capecitabine throughout the sewage effluents and surface waters of Europe. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 32 (9). 1954-1961.

Gudmundsson, Lukas; Tallaksen, Lena M.; Stahl, Kerstin; Clark, Douglas B.; Dumont, Egon; Hagemann, Stefan; Bertrand, Nathalie; Gerten, Dieter; Heinke, Jens; Hanasaki, Naota; Voss, Frank; Koirala, Sujan. 2012 Comparing large-scale hydrological model simulations to observed runoff percentiles in Europe. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 13 (2). 604-620.

Dumont, Egon; Williams, Richard; Keller, Virginie; Voss, Anja; Tattari, Sirkka. 2012 Modelling indicators of water security, water pollution and aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 57 (7). 1378-1403.

Ludwig, W.; Bouwman, A.F.; Dumont, E.; Lespinas, F.. 2010 Water and nutrient fluxes from major Mediterranean and Black Sea rivers: Past and future trends and their implications for the basin scale budgets. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 24, GB0A13. 14, pp.

Mayorga, Emilio; Seitzinger, Sybil P.; Harrison, John A.; Dumont, Egon; Beusen, Arthur H.W.; Bouwman, A.F.; Fekete, Balazs M.; Kroeze, Carolien; Van Drecht, Gerard. 2010 Global Nutrient Export from WaterSheds 2 (NEWS 2): Model development and implementation. Environmental Modelling & Software, 25 (7). 837-853.

Kroeze, Carolien; Dumont, Egon; Seitzinger, Sybil. 2010 Future trends in emissions of N2O from rivers and estuaries. Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 7 (Supplement 1). 71-78.

Seitzinger, S.P.; Mayorga, E.; Bouwman, A.F.; Kroeze, C.; Beusen, A.H.W.; Billen, G.; Van Drecht, G.; Dumont, E.; Fekete, B.M.; Garnier, J.; Harrison, J.A.. 2010 Global river nutrient export: A scenario analysis of past and future trends. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 24, GB0A08.

Ludwig, Wolfgang; Dumont, Egon; Meybeck, Michel; Heussner, Serge. 2009 River discharges of water and nutrients to the Mediterranean and Black Sea: Major drivers for ecosystem changes during past and future decades? Progress in Oceanography, 80 (3-4). 199-217.

Publication - Book Section

Galloway, James; Dentener, Frank; Burke, Marshall; Dumont, Egon; Bouwman, A.F.; Kohn, Richard A.; Mooney, Harold A.; Seitzinger, Sybil; Kroeze, Carolien. 2010 The impact of animal production systems on the nitrogen cycle. In: Steinfeld, Henning; Mooney, Harold; Schneider, Fritz; Neville, Laurie, (eds.) Livestock in a Changing Landscape. Volume 1. Drivers, Consequences and Responses. Washington, USA, Island Press, 83-95, 13pp.

Dumont, Egon; Williams, Richard; Keller, Virginie; Folwell, Sonja. 2010 Modelling water scarcity across Europe in terms of water quantity and quality. In: Global change: Facing Risks and Threats to Water Resources. International Association of Hydrological Sciences, 229-235. (IAHS Publication, 340).

Publication - Conference Item

Lofts, Stephen; Dumont, Egon; Keller, Virginie; Williams, Richard; Praetorius, Antonia; von der Kammer, Frank; Cornelis, Geert; Loureiro, Susana; van den Brink, Nico. 2016 A multimedia model for nanoparticle fate and biotic update in the environment. [Speech] In: International Society of Exposure Science 2016 Annual Meeting (ICES 2016), Utrecht, The Netherlands, 9-13 Oct 2016. (Unpublished)

Dumont, Egon; Williams, Richard; Keller, Virginie; Folwell, Sonja. 2010 Modelling water scarcity across Europe in terms of water quantity and quality. In: Proceedings of the British Hydrological Society’s Third International Symposium, ‘Role of Hydrology in Managing the Consequences of a Changing Global Environment’, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, 19-23 July 2010. British Hydrological Society.

Publication - Report

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, British Geological Survey. 2012 Water security in the UK : a pilot model-based study of current and future water security in the UK. Wallingford, UK, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 74pp. (CEH Project Number: C04352)

Maes, Joachim; Braat, Leon; Jax, Kurt; Hutchins, Mike; Furman, Eeva; Termansen, Mette; Lucque, Sandra; Paracchini, Maria Luisa; Chauvin, Christophe; Williams, Richard; Volk, Martin; Lautenbach, Sven; Kopperoinen, Leena; Schelhaas, Mart-Jan; Weinert, Jens; Goossen, Martin; Dumont, Egon; Strauch, Michael; Gorg, Christoph; Dormann, Carsten; Katwinkel, Mira; Zulian, Grazia; Varjopuro, Riku; Hauck, Jennifer; Forsius, Martin; Hengeveld, Geerten; Perez-Soba, Marta; Bouraoui, Faycal; Scholz, Mathias; Schilz-Zunkel, Christiane; Lepisto, Ahti; Polishchuk, Yuliana; Bidoglio, Giovanni. 2011 A spatial assessment of ecosystem services in Europe: methods, case studies and policy analysis - phase 1. Ispra, Partnership for European Environmental Research. (PEER Report No.3)

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