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Publication - Article

Cuevas-González, Maria; Gerard, France; Balzter, Heiko; Riano, David. 2009 Analysing forest recovery after wildfire disturbance in Boreal Siberia using remotely sensed vegetation indices. Global Change Biology, 15 (3). 561-577.

Mitchard, E.T.A.; Saatchi, S.S.; Gerard, F.F.; Lewis, S.L.; Meir, P.. 2009 Measuring Woody Encroachment along a Forest–Savanna Boundary in Central Africa. Earth Interactions, 13, 1-29.

Patiño, S.; Lloyd, J.; Paiva, R.; Baker, T. R.; Quesada, C. A.; Mercado, L. M.; Schmerler, J.; Schwarz, M.; Santos, A. J. B.; Aguilar, A.; Czimczik, C. I.; Gallo, J.; Horna, V.; Hoyos, E. J.; Jimenez, E. M.; Palomino, W.; Peacock, J.; Peña-Cruz, A.; Sarmiento, C.; Sota, A.; Turriago, J. D.; Villanueva, B.; Vitzthum, P.; Alvarez, E.; Arroyo, L.; Baraloto, C.; Bonal, D.; Chave, J.; Costa, A. C. L.; Herrera, R.; Higuchi, N.; Killeen, T.; Leal, E.; Luizão, F.; Meir, P.; Monteagudo, A.; Neil, D.; Núñez-Vargas, P.; Peñuela, M. C.; Pitman, N.; Priante Filho, N.; Prieto, A.; Panfil, S. N.; Rudas, A.; Salomão, R.; Silva, N.; Silveira, M.; Soares de Almeida, S.; Torres-Lezama, A.; Vásquez-Martínez, R.; Vieira, I.; Malhi, Y.; Phillips, O. L.. 2009 Branch xylem density variations across the Amazon Basin. Biogeosciences, 6. 545-568.

Cuevas-Gonzalez, M.; Gerard, F.; Baltzer, H.; Riano, D.. 2008 Studying the change in fAPAR after forest fires in Siberia using MODIS. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 29 (23). 6873-6892.

Rowland, C. S.; Balzter, H.; Dawson, T. P.; Luckman, A.; Patenaude, G.; Skinner, L.. 2008 Airborne SAR monitoring of tree growth in a coniferous plantation. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 29 (13). 3873 - 3889.

Balzter, H.; Rowland, C. S.; Saich, P.. 2007 Forest canopy height and carbon estimation at Monks Wood National Nature Reserve, UK, using dual-wavelength SAR interferometry. Remote Sensing of Environment, 108 (3). 224-239.

Rowland, Clare S.; Balzter, Heiko. 2007 Data fusion for reconstruction of a DTM, under a woodland canopy, from airborne L-band InSAR. IEEE Transactions on Geosciences & Remote Sensing, 45 (5). 1154-1163.

Publication - Conference Item

Balzter, Heiko; Burwell, Claire; Rowland, Clare S.; Tansey, Kevin. 2008 Remote sensing of forest structure using LiDAR and SAR. In: 8th Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Forest Engineering, Curitaba, Brazil, 7-8 Oct 2008.

Balzter, Heiko; Cuevas-Gonzalez, Maria; Gerard, France; Riano, David. 2008 Post-fire vegetation phenology in Siberian burn scars. In: 2008 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, Boston, 7-11 July 2008. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Balzter, Heiko; Weedon, Graham; Grey, Will; Los, Sietse; Gerard, France; Combal, Bruno; Bartholome, Etienne; Bartelev, Sergey. 2008 Climate, vegetation phenology and forest fires in Siberia. In: 2008 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, Boston, 6-11 July 2008. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Bradley, Andrew; Gerard, France; Barbier, Nicolas; Zelazowski, Przemyslaw; Weedon, Graham; Huntingford, Chris; Anderson, Liana; Eduardo, Luiz. 2008 Exploring the biophysical drivers of Amazon phenology: preparing data sets to improve dynamic global vegetation models. In: 2008 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, Boston, 6-11 July 2008. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Publication - Report

Warnaars, Tanya; Harding, Richard; Blyth, Eleanor. 2009 Water and Global Change (WATCH) Newsletter No.2. European Commission Sixth Framework Programme, 8pp.

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