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Publication - Article

Oliver, Tom H.; Smithers, Richard J.; Bailey, Sallie; Walmsley, Clive A.; Watts, Kevin. 2012 A decision framework for considering climate change adaptation in biodiversity conservation planning. Journal of Applied Ecology, 49 (6). 1247-1255. 10.1111/1365-2664.12003

Jackson, Sarah. F.; Walker, Kevin; Gaston, Kevin J.. 2009 Relationship between distributions of threatened plants and protected areas in Britain. Biological Conservation, 142 (7). 1515-1522. 10.1016/j.biocon.2009.02.020

Dapporto, Leonardo; Dennis, Roger L.H.. 2009 Conservation biogeography of large Mediterranean islands. Butterfly impoverishment, conservation priorities and inferences for an ecologica “island paradigm”. Ecography, 32 (1). 169-179. 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2008.05600.x

Majerus, Mike; Brown, Peter; Roy, Helen; Ware, Remy. 2009 UK Ladybird Survey Report. British Wildlife (20). 210-212.

Mauz, Isabelle; Fischer, Anke; Langers, Fransje; Young, Juliette; Bednar-Friedl, Birgit; Grunberger, Sigrid; Musceleanu, Oana. 2009 Perceiving biodiversity changes in daily life: Insights from an exploratory survey across Europe. eco.mont - Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research, 1 (2). 39-45. 10.1553/ecomont2s39

Smith, Jo; Potts, Simon G.; Woodcock, Ben A.; Eggleton, Paul. 2009 The impact of two arable field margin management schemes on litter decomposition. Applied Soil Ecology, 41 (1). 90-97. 10.1016/j.apsoil.2008.09.003

Walker, K.; Preston, C.D.. 2009 Terry Wells (1935-2008). Nature in Cambridgeshire, 51. 105-108.

Green, Rhys E.; Hunt, W. Grainger; Parish, Christopher N.; Newton, Ian. 2008 Effectiveness of Action to Reduce Exposure of Free-Ranging California Condors in Arizona and Utah to Lead from Spent Ammunition. PLoS ONE, 3 (12), e4022. 10.1371/journal.pone.0004022

Buijs, Arjen E.; Fischer, Anke; Rink, Dieter; Young, Juliette C.. 2008 Looking beyond superficial knowledge gaps: Understanding public representations of biological diversity. International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management, 4 (2). 65-80. 10.3843/Biodiv.4.2:1

Garbutt, Angus; Wolters, Mineke. 2008 The natural regeneration of salt marsh on formerly reclaimed land. Applied Vegetation Science, 11 (3). 335-344. 10.3170/2008-7-18451

Wajja-Musukwe, Tellie-Nelson; Wilson, Julia; Sprent, Janet I.; Ong, Chin K.; Deans, J. Douglas; Okorio, John. 2008 Tree growth and management in Ugandan agroforestry systems: effects of root pruning on tree growth and crop yield. Tree Physiology, 28 (2). 233 -242. 10.1093/treephys/28.2.233

Woodcock, Ben A.; Westbury, Duncan B.; Tschulin, Thomas; Harrison-Cripps, Jenifer; Harris, Stephanie J.; Ramsay, Alex J.; Brown, Valerie K.; Potts, Simon G.. 2008 Effects of seed mixture and management on beetle assemblages of arable field margins. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 125 (1-4). 246-254. 10.1016/j.agee.2008.01.004

Blaum, Niels; Wichmann, Matthias C.. 2007 Short term transformation of matrix into hospitable habitat facilitates gene flow and mitigates fragmentation. Journal of Animal Ecology, 76. 1116-1127. 10.1111/j.1365-2656.2007.01283.x

Spears, B. M.; Carvalho, L.; Paterson, D. M.. 2007 Phosphorus partitioning in a shallow lake: implications for water quality management. Water and Environment Journal, 21. 47-53. 10.1111/j.1747-6593.2006.00045.x

Wichmann, Matthias C.; Johst, Karin; Schwager, Monika; Blasius, Bernd; Jeltsch, Florian. 2005 Extinction risk, coloured noise and the scaling of variance. Theoretical Population Biology, 68 (1). 29-40. 10.1016/j.tpb.2005.03.001

Grimm, Volker; Revilla, Eloy; Groeneveld, Jurgen; Kramer-Schadt, Stefanie; Schwager, Monika; Tews, Jorg; Wichmann, Matthias C.; Jeltsch, Florian. 2005 Importance of buffer mechanisms for population viability analysis. Conservation Biology, 19 (2). 578-580. 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2005.000163.x

Publication - Book Section

Carss, David N.; Bell, Sandra; Marzano, Mariella. 2009 Competing and coexisting with cormorants: ambiguity and change in European wetlands. In: Heckler, Serena, (ed.) Landscape, process and power: re-evaluating traditional environmental knowledge. New York, Oxford, Berghahn, 99-121. (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology, 10).

Woodcock, Ben A.; Mortimer, Simon R.; Edwards, Andrew R.; Lawson, Clare S.; Westbury, Duncan B.; Brook, Alex J.; Harris, Stephanie J.; Brown, Valerie K.. 2008 Re-creating plant and beetle assemblages of species-rich chalk grasslands on ex-arable land. In: Schroder, Hans G., (ed.) Grasslands: Ecology, Management & Restoration. Nova Science Publishers, Inc, 20pp.

Carey, P. D.; Pywell, R. F.. 2007 An up-to-date cost benefit analysis of English agri-environment schemes: their impact at the landscape scale and the cost of adequate monitoring. In: Bunce, R. G. H.; Jongman, R. H. G.; Hojas, L.; Weel, S., (eds.) 25 Years of Landscape Ecology: Scientific Principles in Practice. Proceedings of the 7th IALE World Congress 8-12 July Wageningen, The Netherlands. Wageningen, IALE (UK) (International Association for Landscape Ecology), 70-71.

Elbersen, B. S.; Carey, P.. 2007 Large-scale biomass production and potential effects on farmland habitats and related biodiversity. In: Bunce, R. G. H.; Jongman, R. H. G.; Hojas, L.; Weel, S., (eds.) 25 Years of Landscape Ecology: Scientific Principles in Practice. Proceedings of the 7th IALE World Congress 8-12 July Wageningen, The Netherlands. Wageningen, IALE (International Association for Landscape Ecology), 80-81.

Publication - Conference Item

Hesketh, Helen; Hails, Rosemary. 2008 The influence of Bacillus thuringiensis on baculovirus transmission dynamics in the cabbage moth, Mamestra brassicae. [Speech] In: 41st Annual General Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathologyand 9th International Conference on Bacillus thuringiensis (incorporating COST862 Action* Bacterial Toxins for Insect Control), Warwick, UK, 3-7 August 2008. Society for Invertebrate Pathology, 44.

Wanless, Sarah; Thomas, T.. 2004 Rehabilitation and survival of oiled common guillemots Uria aalge in the UK. In: Oil Pollution and Conservation of Biodiversity, Porto Torres, Sardinia, 17-20 Oct 2002. MEDMARAVIS, 111-122.

Publication - Report

Wadsworth, Richard. 2009 Novel and practical conservation strategies following mining in Sierra Leone. Notes of “Wrap-up” Meeting Held at Njala on 17th February 2009. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 5pp. (CEH Project Number: C03141) (Unpublished)

Wadsworth, Richard. 2009 Novel and practical conservation strategies following mining in Sierra Leone. Field Report 25th January to 18th February 2009. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 8pp. (CEH Project Number: C03141) (Unpublished)

Wadsworth, Richard A.; Sundufu, Abu; Jalloh, Abdul. 2009 Report on Inspection of Mangrove Forest Adjacent to Sierra Rutile Operational Areas 5th - 6th December 2007. NERC/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, 6pp. (CEH Project Number: C03141)

Jones, John Iwan; Davy-Bowker, John; Murphy, John; Keller, Virginie; Williams, Richard; Davies, Cynthia. 2008 Review of the evidence for organic pollution thresholds to protect rivers with special designations for wildlife. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 213pp. (CEH Report Number: C03400/2008/1) (Unpublished)

Hesketh, Helen; Hails, Rosemary. 2007 Novel strategies to exploit existing natural infections: synergisms between baculoviruses and other toxins. Research Project Final Report. Defra website, Defra, 24pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Carss, D.N.; Marzano, M, eds. 2005 Reducing the conflict between cormorants and fisheries on a pan-European scale: REDCAFE - Summary and national overviews. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 374pp. (CEH Project no.C01749) (Unpublished)

Thomas, P.; Luu, N.D.T.; Gardner, M.; Dick, J.; Ingleby, K.; Canh, N.D.; Thanh, V.T.X.. 2004 Preservation, rehabilitation and utilisation of Vietnamese montane forests. Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. (CEH Project no. C01741) (Unpublished)

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