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Allen, P.M.; Bide, P.J.; Cooper, D.C.; Parker, M.E.; Haslam, H.W.. 1980 Copper-bearing intrusive rocks at Cairngarroch Bay, south-west Scotland. Institute of Geological Sciences, 25pp. (WF/MR/80/039) (Unpublished)

Auton, Clive. 1980 The presence of oil within the Ordovician limestone mounds of the Siljan district, central Sweden. Bulletin of the Geological Institutions, University of Uppsala. N.S. , 9. 1-4.

Bath, A.H.. 1980 Hydrochemistry in groundwater development: report on an advisory visit to Malawi. Institute of Geological Sciences, 107pp. (WD/OS/80/020) (Unpublished)

Beamish, D.. 1980 Diurnal characteristics of transfer functions at pulsation periods. Geophysical Journal International, 61 (3). 623-643. 10.1111/j.1365-246X.1980.tb04835.x

Beamish, D.; Hewson-Browne, R.C.; Kendall, P.C.; Malin, S.R.C.; Quinney, D.A.. 1980 Induction in arbitrarily shaped oceans. V, the circulation of Sq-induced currents around land masses. Geophysical Journal International, 61 (3). 479-488. 10.1111/j.1365-246X.1980.tb04829.x

Beamish, D.; Hewson-Browne , R.C.; Kendall, P.C.; Malin, S.R.C.; Quinney , D.A.. 1980 Induction in arbitrarily shaped oceans. IV, sq for a simple case. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 60. 435-443. 10.1111/j.1365-246X.1980.tb04819.x

Bennett, M.J.; Turton, K.; Rollin, K.E.. 1980 Investigations at Polyphant, near Launceston, Cornwall. Institute of Geological Sciences, 20pp. (WF/MR/80/032) (Unpublished)

Brown, G.M.; Hughes, I.G.. 1980 Report on advisory/liaison visit to Botswana, Swaziland and Malawi by Dr. G.M. Brown, FRS, Director and Mr I.G. Hughes. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 19pp. (WC/OR/80/002) (Unpublished)

Burgess, I.C.; Cooper, A.H.. 1980 The Permian and Carboniferous rocks of the Knaresborough district; description of field meeting 16th September 1978. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 43. 36-38. 10.1144/pygs.43.1.29

Carruthers, R.M.. 1980 Malawi Groundwater Project: UK Geophysicist : summary of work done and results, 14 October-15 November 1980. Institute of Geological Sciences, 11pp. (WK/AG/80/120) (Unpublished)

Cornwell, J.D.; Patrick, D.J.; Tappin, R.J.. 1980 Geophysical evidence for a concealed eastern extension of the Tanygrisian microgranite and its possible relationship to mineralisation. Institute of Geological Sciences, 19pp. (WF/MR/80/038) (Unpublished)

Cornwell, J.D.; Wadge, A.J.. 1980 Geophysical investigations in the Closehouse-Lunedale area. Institute of Geological Sciences, 27pp. (WF/MR/80/031) (Unpublished)

Johnson, C.E.; Smith, C.G.; Fortey, N.J.. 1980 Geophysical investigation of chromite-bearing ultrabasic rocks in the Baltasound-Hagdale area, Unst, Shetland Islands. Institute of Geological Sciences, 79pp. (WF/MR/80/035) (Unpublished)

Johnstone, G.S.; Gallagher, M.J.. 1980 Compilation of stratabound mineralisation in the Scottish Caledonides. Institute of Geological Sciences, 14pp. (WF/MR/80/037) (Unpublished)

Loudon, T.V.. 1980 Computer reports on open file at the British Institute of Geological Sciences. Computers & Geosciences, 6 (4). 463-465. 10.1016/0098-3004(80)90018-7

Loudon, T.V.; Wheeler, J.F.; Andrew, K.P.. 1980 Affine transformations for digitized spatial data in geology. Computers and Geosciences, 6 (4). 397-412. 10.1016/0098-3004(80)90015-1

Loudon, T.V.; Wheeler, J.F.; Andrew, K.P.. 1980 A computer system for handling digitized line data from geological maps. Computers & Geosciences, 6 (3). 299-308. 10.1016/0098-3004(80)90036-9

Ogilvy, R.D.. 1980 An appraisal of the VLF ground resistivity technique as an aid to mineral exploration. Institute of Geological Sciences, 27pp. (WF/MR/80/036) (Unpublished)

Patrick, D.J.. 1980 Mineral investigations at Carrock Fell, Cumbria. Part 1, geophysical survey. Institute of Geological Sciences, 21pp. (WF/MR/80/033) (Unpublished)

Tombs, J.M.C.. 1980 Results of a gravity survey of the south-west margin of Dartmoor, Devon. Institute of Geological Sciences, 19pp. (WF/MR/80/034) (Unpublished)

Tombs, J.M.C.. 1980 A study of induced polarisation decay curves. Institute of Geological Sciences, 12pp. (WK/AG/80/130) (Unpublished)

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