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Publication - Article

Milodowski, Antoni E.; Northmore, Kevin J.; Kemp, Simon J.; Entwisle, David C.; Gunn, David A.; Jackson, Peter D.; Boardman, David I.; Zoumpakis, Aris; Rogers, Christopher D.F.; Dixon, Neil; Jefferson, Ian; Smalley, Ian J.; Clarke, Michèle. 2015 The mineralogy and fabric of ‘Brickearths’ in Kent, UK and their relationship to engineering behaviour. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 74 (4). 1187-1211.

Goldobin, D.S.; Brilliantov, N.V.; Levesley, J.; Lovell, M.A.; Rochelle, C.A.; Jackson, P.D.; Haywood, A.M.; Hunter, S.J.; Rees, J.G.. 2014 Non-Fickian diffusion and the accumulation of methane bubbles in deep-water sediments. The European Physical Journal E, 37 (5).

Haslam, E.P.; Gunn, D.A.; Jackson, P.D.; Lovell, M.A.; Aydin, A.; Prance, R.J.; Watson, P.. 2014 Novel laboratory methods for determining the fine scale electrical resistivity structure of core. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 111. 384-392.

Hopper, C.; Assous, S.; Wilkinson, P.B.; Gunn, D.A.; Jackson, P.D.; Rees, J.G.; O'Leary, R.L.; Lovell, M.A.. 2012 Bioinspired low-frequency material characterisation. Advances in Acoustics and Vibration, 2012, 927903.

Busby, J.P.; Entwisle, D.; Hobbs, P.; Jackson, P.; Johnson, N.; Lawley, R.; Linley, K.; Mayr, T.; Palmer, R.; Raines, M.; Reeves, H.; Tucker, S.; Zawadzka, J.. 2012 A GIS for the planning of electrical earthing. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 45 (3). 379-390.​1470-9236/​11-023

Assous, Said; Hopper, Clare; Lovell, Mike A; Gunn, David; Jackson, Peter; Rees, John. 2010 Short pulse multi-frequency phase-based time delay estimation. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 127 (1). 309-315.

Assous, Said; Jackson, Peter; Hopper, Clare; Gunn, David; Rees, John; Lovell, Mike. 2008 Bat-inspired distance measurement using phase information. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 124 (4). 2597.

Northmore, Kevin; Jefferson, Ian; Jackson, Peter; Entwisle, David; Milodowski, Antoni; Raines, Michael; Gunn, David; Boardman, D.I.; Zourmpakis, A.; Nelder, Lavinia M.; Rogers, Christopher D.F.; Dixon, Neil; Smalley, Ian J.. 2008 On-site characterisation of loessic deposits in Kent, UK. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Geotechnical Engineering, 161 (1). 3-17.

Long, David; Jackson, Peter. 2007 Hydrate : fossil fuel or lurking menace? Earthwise, 24. 12-13.

Jackson, Peter; Long, David; Skinner, Alexander; Williams, Frank; Camps, Ameena; Lovell, Mike; Davies, S.; Milodowski, Antoni; Rochelle, Christopher. 2007 Investigating methane hydrates. Earthwise, 24. 14-15.

Jackson, P.D.; Northmore, K.J.; Entwisle, D.C.; Gunn, D.A.; Milodowski, A.E.; Boardman, D.I.; Zourmpakis, A.; Rogers, C.D.F.; Jefferson, I.; Dixon, N.. 2006 Electrical resistivity monitoring of a collapsing meta-stable soil. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology, 39 (2). 151-172.

Gunn, David; Nelder, L.M.; Jackson, Peter; Northmore, Kevin; Entwisle, David; Mildowski, A.E.; Boardman, D.I.; Zourmpakis, A.; Rogers, C.D.F.; Jefferson, I.; Dixon, N.. 2006 Shear wave velocity monitoring of collapsible loessic brickearth soil. Quarterly, 39 (2). 173-188.

Busby, Jonathan; Jackson, Peter. 2006 The application of time-lapse azimuthal apparent resistivity measurements for the prediction of coastal cliff failure. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 59 (4). 261-272.

Donnelly, L.J.; Culshaw, M.G.; Hobbs, P.R.N.; Flint, R.C.; Jackson, P.D.. 2005 Engineering geological and geophysical investigations of a slope failure at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and Environment, 64 (2). 119-137.

Publication - Book Section

Assous, Said; Lovell, Mike; Linnett, Laurie; Gunn, David; Jackson, Peter; Rees, John. 2012 A novel bio-inspired acoustic ranging approach for a better resolution achievement. In: Bourennane, Sarah, (ed.) Underwater Acoustics. InTech, 13pp.

Rochelle, C.A.; Camps, A.P.; Long, D.; Milodowski, A.; Bateman, K.; Gunn, D.; Jackson, P.; Lovell, M.A.; Rees, J.. 2009 Can CO2 hydrate assist in the underground storage of carbon dioxide? In: Long, David; Lovell, Mike A; Rees, John; Rochelle, Christopher, (eds.) Sediment-hosted gas hydrates : new insights on natural and synthetic systems. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 171-183. (Special publications Geological Society, 319).

Lovell, M.A.; Jackson, P.D.; Harvey, P.K.; Flint, R.C.. 2006 High-resolution petrophysical characterization of samples from an aeolian sandstone : the Permian Penrith sandstone of NW England. In: Barker, R.D.; Tellam, J.H., (eds.) Fluid flow and solute movement in sandstones : the onshore UK permo-triassic red bed sequence. London, Geological Society of London, 49-63. (Special Publication, 263).

Jackson, P.D.; Lovell, M.A.; Roberts, J.; Schultheiss, P.D.; Gunn, D.; Flint, R.C.; Wood, A.; Holmes, R.; Frederichs, T.. 2006 Rapid non-contacting resistivity logging of core. In: Rothwell, R.G., (ed.) New techniques in sediment core analysis. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 209-217. (Geological Society of London Special Publication, 267, 267).

Lovell, M.; Jackson, P.; Flint, R.; Harvey, P.K.. 2005 Fracture mapping with electrical core images. In: Harvey, P.K., (ed.) Petrophysical properties of crystalline rocks. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 107-115. (Geological Society Special Publication, 240).

Evans, Robert D.; Jefferson, Ian; Northmore, Kevin J.; Jackson, Peter. 2004 In-situ investigation of problematical soils. In: Jardine, R.J.; Potts, D.M.; Higgins, K.G., (eds.) Advances in geotechnical engineering : The Skempton Conference. London, UK, Thomas Telford, 1269-1279, 11pp.

Jackson, Peter; Gunn, David; Flint, R.C.; Beamish, David; Meldrum, Philip; Lovell, Mike; Harvey, P.K.; Payton, A.. 1997 A non-contacting resistivity imaging method for characterizing whole round core while in its liner. In: Lovell, M.A.; Harvey, P.K., (eds.) Developments in Petrophysics. Geological Society, London, Geoological Society of London, 1-10, 10pp. (Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 122).

Publication - Conference Item

Lemon, A.; Levesley, J.; Goldobin, D.; Jackson, P.; Hobbs, P.; Rees, J.; Lovell, M.; Long, D.. 2011 Submarine slope instability under earthquake loading and methane hydrate dissociation : a modelling approach. In: 7th International Conference on Gas Hydrates, Edinburgh, Scotland, 17-21 July 2011. (Unpublished)

Sellers, R.; Dixon, N.; Dijkstra, T.A.; Gunn, D.A.; Chambers, J.E.; Jackson, P.D.; Hughes, P.. 2010 Electrical resistivity as a tool to identify areas of progressive failure within UK infrastructure embankments. In: IAEG Congress 2010, Auckland, New Zealand, 5-10 Sept 2010. EAGE.

Jackson, Peter; Williams, John F.; Lovell, Mike A; Camps, Ameena; Rochelle, Christopher; Milodowski, Antoni. 2008 An investigation of the exponent m in Archie's equation : comparing a numerical modeling approach with laboratory data. In: SPWLA 49th annual logging symposium, Houston, USA, 25-28 May 2008. Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts.

Assous, Siad; Gunn, David; Hopper, Clare; Jackson, Peter; Linnett, Laurie; Lovell, Mike. 2007 An approach for correcting magnitude and phase distortion in wideband piezoelectric transducer systems. In: Oceans 2007, Aberdeen, Scotland, 18-21 June 2007. 1543-1548.

Jackson, P.D.; Northmore, K.J.; Meldrum, P.I.; Gunn, D.A.; Wambura, J.; Wangusi, B.; Hallam, J.R.; Ogutu, G.. 2000 Non-invasive moisture monitoring within an earth embankment : a precursor to failure. In: NDT&E Conference, Railway Engineering-2000, London, UK, 5-6 July 2000. London, UK, Railway Engineering.

Publication - Report

Busby, J.P.; Raines, M.G.; Jackson, P.D.; Nelder, L.; Morgan, D.J.R.. 2004 Detection of fracture dilatancy on the cliff top using the azimuthal apparent resistivity technique. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 50pp. (IR/04/020) (Unpublished)

Beamish, D.; Flint, R.C.; Greenwood, P.J.; Jackson, P.D.; Meldrum, P.I.; Peart, R.J.; Raines, M.G.; Williams, C.. 1995 Methods for the recognition of geological weakness zones and other surface discontinuities caused by underground mining in Carboniferous terrain. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 215pp. (Technical Report WN/95/037) (Unpublished)

Carruthers, R.M.; Greenbaum, D.; Jackson, P.D.; Mtetwa, S.; Peart, R.J.; Shedlock, S.L.. 1993 Geological and geophysical characterisation of lineaments in southeast Zimbabwe and implications for groundwater exploration. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 118pp. (WC/93/007) (Unpublished)

Greenbaum, D.; Carruthers, R.M.; Peart, R.J.; Shedlock, S.J.; Jackson, P.D.; Mtetwa, S.; Amos, B.J.. 1993 Groundwater exploration in southeast Zimbabwe using remote sensing and ground geophysical techniques (Project 91/8). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 21pp. (WC/93/026) (Unpublished)

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